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Wind Waker HD? Looking good!

That also made me realise that it's been almost ten years since I pre-ordered a game for the first time. I simply had to have that Ocarina Master Quest disc! But to this day, The Wind Waker is most definitely one of my favourite entries in the series! Fantastic game!

The screenshots revealed so far for this HD remake look pretty darn good, and I'm definitely interested. The Wii U might not yet be worthy of a pickup for me, but it certainly shall be in the near future for sure! With games like the next Smash Bros, those two Zelda games Nintendo are discussing, and Bayonetta 2, I predict a bright future for the system.

On the topic of Zelda, I was on Mighty Ape (New Zealand online department store) and I found that they were taking pre-orders for the Hyrule Historia Encyclopedia. That huge art book that goes through the entire series. It simply had to be mine, so I went and put my name down for a copy. Shut up and take my money Nintendo!! I'm patiently waiting (but not really) for it to show up in the mail in a week or two. I can't wait to see how gorgeous it is!

That's about it for now I suppose! Yes i'm still alive!

Take care comrades!!

Something I only recently realised.....

You guys know that Playstation masterpiece, Alundra??? .......Okay you probably don't...... How about the ultra rad Legend of Legaia? ..........Yeah you probably don't know that one either.............

ANYWAY......I only recently realised (yeah sue me for not realising ten years ago) that this sad tune in Alundra....

Is pretty much just cut and paste into Legend of Legaia.....

........The games aren't even made by the same the hell does that work????

In any case, both games are awesome, and I demand you go and play them!

Random game ramblings


Oh well. I guess to be fair, we did get The Last Story first. Though honestly, I'd rather a new Tales game. xD

In other news: I got Battletoads on my recently acquired NES. I can't wait for it to arrive in the mail!!

My long awaited TOP 5 GAMES OF 2011!!!

Welcome to my Games of 2011 list!! I understand that I am terribly late on doing this, and for that I heavily apologise! I actually forgot to do so! But in any case, here it is at long last, and here we go!!

2011 has come to a close, and it's that time once again to reveal what I thought the best games were this year. I found that the year took a wee while to lift of with some games. However, as the year went on, we would be treated with some very special games, and some very anticipating c1assics (GAMESPOT STILL HAS THE DUMB PROBLEM!?). From the epic action-packed trilogy conclusion with Uncharted 3, the long-awaited dragon-infested land of Skyrim, and another long-awaited flight through the skies of Hyrule with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. We were in for a blast. And I have to admit that 2011's been a pretty good year for games. Not only did we see anticipating new franchise installments, but we would also see the release of Nintendo's new portable system, the 3DS, the announcement of the upcoming Wii U, as well as Sony's PSVita, which only Japan has thus far seen. I think it's safe to say that we are on the edge of out seats, with 2012's lineup on the way, and a pretty darn good lineup of games to await for.

But because we actually didn't see Diablo III, The Last Guardian, Mass Effect 3, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Resident Evil Revelations, or Tales of Graces f in 2011, I am here to announce what my Top Five Games are for 2011, in preparation for the games to come.

Keeping in mind that I have NOT played every good game of 2011. Therefore, many games will sadly be missed out on this list. But I do assure you that these games featured on this list are indeed worth checking out, and the top games especially are very impressive titles. These are original titles only. No ports. No remakes. Games that made original 2011 releases! Also, if you do notice your favourite game missing on this list, DON'T COMPLAIN! Tell me what your favourite games are of the year, as i'm very interested to know what you think. And friendly debates are most certainly welcome!!

Firstly, i'm gonna start off with an honourable mention, because this is a Top 5 List, and not a Top 6 List, and i'd feel bad for not mention this pretty darn good game.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS3)

Any PS3 gamer should be aware that the first two Uncharted games are absolute gems. They are exciting, and they keep you on the edge of your seat in terms of the exciting gameplay, and the intense cutscenes that follow. Uncharted 3 keeps this tradition going. While I didn't quite enjoy it as much as the other two titles, it still delivered without any disappointment, which is why it deserves a special mention, rather than being ignored entirely. Naughty Dog are an excellent game company, and since Crash Bandicoot, the hounds have kept the high quality games coming for quite the number of years now. Keep up the good work guys, and don't go changing on us! You deserve every penny!

Without further ado. Here it is. My favourite five games of 2011. Here we go!


Catherine (PS3/X360)

Technically, I'm cheating here, because I haven't actually played Catherine yet, as it isn't officially out here yet (though it can easily be imported). But I've decided that I simply couldn't leave this one off the list. Yeah, I know. Sue me! I've seen plenty of clips, spoiler cutscenes, and such. And I highly doubt my opinion will change once I get around to playing it...............i'm pretty sure............yeah yeah, shut up! Pretend you didn't read any of that! In any case, Catherine is the latest quirky adventure by the team that brought you the Persona games. But rather than it being an RPG, Catherine's actually a puzzle/platformer. The gameplay, for the most part, revolves around solving puzzles in a certain amount of time, in order to reach the end of the level before being destroyed in your nightmares. On top of this, the game has a very quirky plot. Vincent, the main character, now has two lovely ladies in his life (the lucky man) and has to choose which one he wants to keep. It's either his long-time girlfriend, Katherine (spelt with a K), or the blonde-bombshell who's met at the bar, Catherine (spelt with a C). Certain decisions in the game will change the overall ending of which of the girls ends up with him. Catherine looks to be a really brilliant, and original title, that, aside not having played the full game, deserves some sort of place on my game of the year ranking. Now, hurry up Deep Silver, and stop jerking off to the game, and release it already!!!! Or I will import a North American copy, and you won't get your money!!!


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii)

After waiting 5 years for another big console Zelda, was it worth the long wait? Yeah! I'd say so. I found Skyward Sword to be a very impressive entry in the series, with some very cool ideas. While some of these ideas aren't exactly my cup of tea, there are still some really good aspects to be discovered within this latest entry. Such examples, like the new Wii Motion Plus features, when you can now swing your sword in any direction you desire, and controlling the motion of your bird when flying through the skies of Hyrule. While it didn't quite blow me away as much as many previous entries have, I was still very satisfied with how Skyward Sword turned out. I would go into more detail, but, really, I have a review up. So you can just view that. But in any case, here's to another 25 years of saving Hyrule (and of course the lovely princess that the legends are named after).


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PS3/X360/PC)

Dragons. Dragons. There are dragons in this game. And fire. And snowy mountains. Oh, and did I mention dragons? Much like Skyward Sword, we hadn't seen an Elder Scrolls title since Oblivion in early 2006. Throughout the years, we would wonder what would happen to the series. We would anticipate the day when Bethesda would finally announce that they were putting out an Elder Scrolls V. Suddenly, in the latter half of 2010, it hit the news. A new Elder Scrolls was finally announced, titled "Skyrim", with the release date of "11/11/11". See, that's how you announce a game, Square-Enix! You don't announce a game in early 2006, and put out a disappointing title in early 2010 (or keep getting distracted by making other games, like in the case of FF Versus XIII). Right, rant over! Skyrim is an excellent follow-up to Oblivion. It definitely holds the same values that Oblivion has. It has a beautiful atmosphere, a brilliant soundtrack, and it sucks you in for hours on end. Oh, and it has dragons. Lots of them! I would most certainly recommend that you go out and purchase this wonderful follow-up, but I'm just assuming you have the game already, and are already enjoying it as much as I am, if not even more so. But if not, don't worry if you haven't played the other games. You can care about them later. Just...........please for the love of god, don't chicken out and take an arrow to the knee.......


Dark Souls (PS3/X360)

Yes. I prefer Dark Souls over Skyrim. Haters gon' hate. Actually, that statement alone pretty much describes exactly what Dark Souls (and it's predecessor, Demon's Souls) is all about. It's all about challenge, and the extreme intensity that keeps you at the edge of your seat no matter where in the game you may be. This horrifying sequel does NOT play nice. It doesn't care whether you're new to the gaming world, or if you've been a gamer for 20 odd years. It. Will. Kick. Your. Butt. Regardless! Did you think Demon's Souls was hard? Well, Dark Souls will make Demon's Souls look like a children's game. There is a lot of thinking involved throughout the playthrough. Strategy is a key tip for when playing. And I think it's safe to say that Dark Souls is actually an improvement over the previous game. It's a bleak game with some incredibly stunning visuals. And while you do die a lot, it's very rewarding when you slay a demon. On top of that, the multiplayer is fantastic. It's not very friendly if you want to play with friends, but it's really cool setting up a game with an anonymous player. It gives you that "MMO" feeling, where you can co-op with others and help out slaying a demon, or PvP them and halt them in the process. Dark Souls is an intense title, and is certainly NOT for the faint hearted. Play at your own risk!!

And, here we go guys! My number one game of the year! My favourite game of 2011 goes toooooo.........


Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is it. Xenoblade Chronicles takes the crown for my favourite game of 2011! I understand that it isn't going to be a popular choice (especially considering the fact that Americans don't see this one until April) but I got very attached to Xenoblade. The exploration was excellent, the visuals were stunning, the battle system was well constructed, the soundtrack was very beautifully composed, and the plot and characters were pretty good too. On top of that, it's very lengthy. Not that many people might be very welcoming of that, but it only means you're getting what you pay for. If you want more detail, check out my review. That shall explain to you why this is my favourite game of the year!

And that concludes this list of my favourite games of 2011. Again, I didn't play every big title, and my list could differ after doing so, but this is what I think as of now. And also, if you didn't like my list, then comment! Tell me what your favourite games were. I like reading opinions of others! Thank you for reading, and here's hoping 2012 delivers some good stuff!!


A late happy new year post...

So yeah. Hope you all had a kickass Christmas, and an insane new year! Here's hoping The Last Guardian finally comes out this year!!

(And probably another three years waiting for FF Versus XIII.....)


Okay, so the day I properly check my Gamespot stuff for the first time in....I dunno, a month or two, I get welcomed with a 7.5 for Zelda: Skyward Sword!!!!???!!!!??!?!?!?!? .............Really? And I have the special collector's edition Golden Wiimote bundle all pre-ordered and everything for next week. Oh well, good to know the critics on this site haven't changed a bit.

In any case, I'm back for another brief blog again before I go back to slaying dragons in Skyrim.

I've been knee deep in gaming since Xenoblade launched, which I actually still haven't finished!! Hence why I haven't finished my review for it yet. But don't worry. It's coming! It's a brilliant RPG, and is jam packed with plot and quests. Of course that doesn't go without saying it has flaws, but overall it's worth the purchase.....or the import if you're an unfortunate soul living in North America. There, that's a brief preview of the hopefully upcoming review.

I've also been getting my butt whipped in Dark Souls. I don't think i'm anywhere near finishing that one, but I'll hopefully get there, as I slowly did with Demon's. Excellent game, which pretty much gets every good aspect from Demon's Souls, and improves it. And yes. It is A LOT harder. I'd personally recommend playing Demon's first, unless you're an X360 gamer.

And of course I just had to get my hands on Skyrim, as I played Oblivion religiously way back when. Of course I'm sure you already have this if you're a fan of any of the other Elder Scroll titles. But in case you haven't yet bought this beautiful piece of art, then DO SO! Personally, I don't yet think it's as memorable as Oblivion, but the graphics and atmosphere have most certainly improved. Pretty wicked stuff.

And yes, Skyward Sword comes out next week here in the cursed and damned continent of Australasia. And as always, we're the last to get it. Oh well, whatever gives me more Dark Souls time. But I have to admit. Skyward Sword is probably my most anticipated game of 2011, possibly even above Dark Souls and Skyrim.

One last thing before I go........what's taking so long with the PAL release of Catherine......SERIOUSLY? Are they too busy being selfish jerking off to the game and not realising that they aren't doing anything about the release yet? Well, that's it. Congratulations, you guys just lost a sale. I think I might just import it....

Until next time, thanks for reading, and take it easy!