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What Would Gamers Do?...

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All my life I've been playing video games and now that I think about it, I was a bigger gamer when I was around three. Of course at that age I really didn't play games right in terms of the true objective of the game. My favorite example of this is when I played Crazy Taxi. Instead of driving people to their desired destinations, I would just run everyone over and be happy to have fun playing the game since that was all I cared about doing when playing games at the time. The only game I would actually play through the story was Pokémon. Now I don't have a lot of games to play other than Pokémon because of my brothers. In order to play the games I want, I will have to buy my own games and consoles despite there already being a Xbox 360 and PS3 in the house. As for the Wii, well I only use it for Netflix and once in a while to play yet another Pokémon game. With nothing but Pokémon to play I'm actually starting to get bored with the games. I was half expecting to get bored with them anyway, but I always thought that maybe since I'm so competitive with the games that maybe I would stay devoted to playing them. Also I thought "how could I possibly get bored with playing Pokémon since I don't have much time to play it during the school year?" Unfortunately, I am starting to lose interest in the only game I play. What would you do if your gaming life was starting to go downhill?