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ShadowAssassin6 Blog

Wuts Happenin

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Okay Ima let u know wuts been goin on wit me lately Ive been playin The Timeshift Demo on my PS3 awsome the demo allows u to play the first lvl of story mode I believe it even lets u play online which I met and fought already 100+ ppl and made at least 20 new friends give me a total of 35 friends. there were a lot of players who recognized my skills and saw me crushin on the field one person even invited me into there group Group 51, there was even this girl tryin to flirt wit me on there but I had to shut her down because I dont do internet there was so many good players on the demo that they made me seem amatuer. I also have been downloadin many demos since my PS3 is still out waxk still waitin for my mom to get my stuff together so I can send it in. also I heard about the new PSP 3000 model which means I have to upgrade makin this mh 3rd PSP since 05, then theres the new PS3 160GB which mean my PS3 is no longer the top unit Ive been thinkin bout Upgradin it to a 200GB for awhile now but Ima do that once I get a job. The last thing school starts on Monday for me startin my 11th grade year meanin I wont b on GS much gotta b focused until 3rd quarter which between that time juch doesnt happen. but yep thats all.

Unions, Union Ideas & Union Help

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Well as u can c this Blog is all about Unions first off I've been thinking about making my own union, Yes I could've done one a long time ago but I was having trouble thinking of a theme and a name for it The Whatever You Like Union Or The TWYLU for short and don't steal it cuz if u do I will hunt u down and shut u down lol... no seriously I will though, In this union the name says it all its about Whatever You Like lol from Games, Music, Cars, Your Favorite Celebrities, some the newest Technology and the list goes on, another reason I Haven't started it yet is because its hard to start and manage a union from a PS3 but I know when I do Im gonna need some Loyal members which I should this union has everything u want. on to #2 The Dark Gamers Union u might have heard of it, it use to b one of the top Running Unions on GS but since the First Leader got banned and the Second Leader dissappeared the union has died but I wanna bring it back to its prime one day hopefully wit the help of u guys we can do that. #3 The Super Sayians Ultimate Power Union TSSUPU for short this union also fell wit the First Leader resigning, the Second one getting banned and the Third to disappear and come back again trying to restore it to its former glory The Leader GohanJay is looking for dedicated posters, a Union Designer, A Person Who can report all DBZ News or anything related (Funimation), He is trying to start a DBZ Burst Limit Tournament for PS3 and 360 Owners who ever becomes the top Fighter on either System wins an Officer Position and a Banner, Avatar, Sig or Blog Pic claiming them the DBZ Burst Limit PS3/360 Champ a date has not been set yet so join the Union and stay tuned or ask The Leader GohanJay. #4 Join KH Rox if u love Kingdom Hearts this is the place to b one of the longest last KH Unions on GS so join KIDD!!! lol. and last but not least #5 join The Megaman Axcess ane Battle Network Union TMAABNU for short if u r a big fan of Megaman, Battle Network or Star Force this is the union for u u can go here meet new friends, get the latest news on Megaman Games and challenge other players who have Star Force. Well thats all my rappin hope to c ya and Im Out

Im Back

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yeah Im back from South Miami Beach well really got back yesterday but yeah Ill give u the story later when I find a keyboard in this house that I can hook up to a PS3 and Ill also post pics from my trip then

Here 2Day Gone 2morrow

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Well tomorrow mornin Im leavin for Miami Beach so I wont b on GS till Late Friday I might post up pics from the trip so yeah c ya'll then and I like the title of my blog might turn it into a rap make some kind of beat for it on Traxxpad


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Well Monday I order a Verizon Chocolate Phone after one of the keys and navigation pad stop workin on my Motorola Razr my new phone came yesterday which was pretty fast and I also ordered this XBox 360 Halo 3 Earpiece off ebay which came yesterday after wiinnin the bid Sunday (Shouldn't have come no later the guy didn't leave that far from me). So This Friday Im tryin to get the XBox 360 Wireless Adapter for my 360 even though I want a Black 360 Adapter to match my 360 Elite so if u wanna add me on the 360 my name is Shiftz SA I made the account online so I'll still b able to accept. on PS3 its ShadowAssassin4 and I will soon add my Wii code later because one I dont remember the code 2 Im not ready yet still a lil shaky wit the controller as well, also hard to play when the sensor not sittin on high ground. This Weekend Ill probably pick up Ninja Gaiden II and hopefully after that the box will come so I can ship my PS3 of to get fixed after 5 months of no game playin on my PS3 witout the exception of Demos and downloadable games.

My Day

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Well my day I woke up 1:22 this afternoon I left out the house at 2:09 to go chill wit my folk and play some games but my friend pops wanted to watch T.V. so we watched wit em these movies on the Sci-Fi channel which for me was so predictable wut was gon happen next, so I left in the first 20 min of the second movie called Grizzly Rage at that time it was 3:30 I came home and tryin catch the metro train to the mall, on the way I caught the wrong line and had to turn back so I get to the mall at 5:30, the mall closes in the next 30 min so the only thing Im able to buy a oair of Jordans and 2 fited caps. I go inside Macys because the store stays open longer than the mall goin in thier to find no good clothe, my next best bet is to check Marshalls across the street goin thier to find 1 pair of shorts and a T-Shirt that I really liked but it was too big (5X) didnt even bother to pick it up. so then I go into Best Buy lookin for a game only to think that MMSF2 comes out Tuesday. so I get on the Train and then catch a cab home but on the way 2 Dogs run out in the middle of the street the cab driver tries to dodge em but hits one and the Dog is screamin, I look back and think damn poor dog and I mean the cab driver coulda stopped and check on the dog, but he didnt so I get to my house and think I hope that dog will be aight, then I come on here to c 2 new emblems then post a blog about my day which u are readin.

Long Time

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Well seems that Ive been gone for a while. The reason my PC crashed now Im hittin u from my PS3 while Ive been gone Ive been doing many things such as school, gaming, raps, looking for a job and also messing with girls tryin to c which one I want to b my girl but yeah thats been life and Im currentley going to the 11th grade yeah while Ive been gone these r games that Ive picked up since the last time u heard from me. Assassins Creed (PS3) Heavenly Sword Devil May Cry 4 (PS3) Def Jam Icon (PS3), Spider-Man 3 Collectors Edition (PS3), Transformers (PS3), Need For Speed Prostreet (PS3), GT5 Prologue, Motorstorm, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Metroid Prime 3, Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, Pokemon Battle Revolution FFVII Crisis Core, God of War Chain of Olympus, Narruto Ultimate Ninja 3 Naruto Rise Of A Ninja, Project Gotham Racing 4 Halo 3 Games Soon To B added: Dragonball Z Burst Limit (PS3), Ironman (PS3), Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Time & Darkness, Megaman Star Force 2 (Both Versions), GTIV (PS3), possibly Metal Gear Solid 4 Grid (PS3) The Bourne Conspiracy (PS3), Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (PS2) games Im looking foward to: Resident Evil 5 KH Birth By Sleep KH 365/2 Days Tekken 6 Madden 09, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, Prince of Persia Prodigy Need For Speed (upcoming game) and thats all Ican think of for now, if u want to hit me up on my PS3 my screen name is ShadowAssassin4 for my 360 dont have one not until I get the wireless piece hopefully soon. O yeah I forgot to mention my PS3 hasnt worked for 4 months so I havent been playin my PS3 games only demos but thats a bummer but Im sendin it in soon to get fixed also Im looking for Need For Speed Carbon Collectors Edition so if u know about a site thats sellin them for PS3 let me know and thats all

My Pokemon Journeys

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Im Just Bored So I thought I show you how far I am in my pokemon games all that I've done over the years some I just stopped playing as you can see but I will get back to that & complete those versions, well here you go my collection.

Red Version Stats:

Blue Version Stats:

Yellow Version Stats:

Silver Version Stats:

Gold Version Stats:

Crystal Version Stats:

Ruby Version Stats:

Sapphire Version Stats:

Pokemon Colosseum Stats:

FireRed Version Stats:

LeafGreen Version Stats:

Emerald Version Stats:

Pokemon X.D. Gale Of Darkness Stats:

Diamond Version Stats:

Pearl Version Stats: