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Vote for JRPG of the Year 2011

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Cast your vote for JRPG of the Year 2011!

Pick three 3 JRPGs that have come out in 2011 and I will tally them up and reveal the results in 2 two weeks. The JRPG that has the most votes wins!

JRPG lineup of 2012

Hey guys and gals back with another video!

Wondering what JRPGs are coming out in 2012? Wonder no more! I have made a video containing some of the JRPGs that will be coming out next year! If you think I missed a game let me know and I'll add it too the descripition.

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Stay Gaming, my friends ;)

God Eater Burst VIDEO Review. Skyrim Review?

What up gamespoters!

Hey people! Been kinda awhile since my last blog. I like to keep you guys up to date on what's been going on in my Internet life lol. So yea here goes.

Since my last blog, here are some of the videos I made

-Support Tales of Graces f

Seriously, if you love Tales of games and want to see future titles please support my video by Liking it or leaving a comment. It has over 760 views I expect it to get over 1000 next couple of days.

-Dragon Ball Z Ulitmate Tenkaichi Impressions

-God Eater Burst Video Review

Took me about 4 hours to get the review done and I think it came out pretty well. Its a good JRPG anime game to play. But gets repetitive fast.

-New York Comic Con Cosplay (Video has over 1,500 views already! :twisted: )

On another note I've been thinking about making a video for Skyrim its easy to record gameplay videos now but I havent completed the game yet and will probably be no where near the end till about two weeks.

Ihave a question for you guys, do you review a game or call judgement on it if you havent beaten it yet? I mean sure if your at least 85% done with the game then fine but if you just started and are reviewing it wouldnt that be a little pre-mature?

I want to get the Skyrim review out now while the iron is hot ya know? So I can get a crap load of views for it :twisted:

Also, if you guys can check out my Youtube Channel page and look at the background I made. It looks fine on my computer's screen but on others it might look weird. I didnt do anything special for it. I just took some renders and made a background with it. What do you think?

New York Comic Con Cosplay Pics

Went to New York Comic Con yesterday and it was AWESOME

Here are some of the pics I took.

More pics can be seen in this video but not as awesome as the above really

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Disgaea 4
Aliter Totori

Anime Currently Watching:
Caught up with Fairy Tail. And catching up with the Manga
Persona 4
Tiger and Bunny

YouTube Channel, Xenoblade, Persona 4: The Golden and other stuff

Hey guys, been awhile since my last blog been kinda busy. Working, saving up money, and getting ready for the next semester and what not and that's what the first part of this blog will be about. So I'll tell you now if you just like hearing about JRPGs, what games I'm playing, my YouTube channel (I hope some of you are about my channel) just skip down to part two.

Part 1
Anyway, life has been getting pretty serious. I've changed my major to Game Programming (use to be Computer Science) but its the field I'm very passionate about. However, it isnt easy getting a job in the game industry. I just hope my time won't be wasted. Best part is I can just take ****s related only to my major since I've taken all other ****s I was supposed to take (Math, English, Speech, Health, etc). But its taking a hit on my wallet. I can safely say (or sadly say) I have never been this broke before lol. And I plan to go to school all year around that's including Summer.

I'm also in the search for a better paying job. I like my current job but I just need more money. I have the work exp for it but the thing is my current job is very flexiable when it comes to scheule making. I can ask my boss for any days off and she won't have problem with it. So I can go to ****s in the morning and just go to work right after with time to between to study and what not.

Also, its been kind of scary as of late. I've been running into a lot of friends from my High School ****and some of them have kids. I can't even fathom having a kid right now lol and its not like they have graduated college and are ready for the world. They seriously don't have any idea what they're going to do. I can see it on their faces. And even worse part most of them that I have been running into don't even go to college and are just working. They all say to me the same thing: At least your still taking ****s.

So yea the weight of getting ready for world and life is starting to really bare down on me. I just hope like I said in the beginning my time won't be wasted pursing a degree in Game Programming. Wish me luck.

Part 2


My YouTube Channel (ShadowElite08) has almost 400 subscribers (currently 376) if I can reach 500 subs I'll be excited if I can reach 1000 that be awesome. And if somehow I exceed my expectations and make partner I could die a happy man lol. But just imagine it, getting paid to make videos on stuff I love. Man, that be great.

Anyway here are some the videos I've made since my last blog

-AnimeNext 2011 Free Hugs (Anime convention I went to a month back)
-Record of Agarest War Zero Review
-Operation Rainfall. I support 110%
-Record of Agarest 2 Impressions
-Super Robot Taisen Endless Frontier: OG Saga Reviewa
-Games of September 2011. Our Wallets are Screwed
-Xenoblade. The Best JRPG since Persona 4?
-Persona 4: The Golden

Next video to be Xenoblade Reivew

Games I'm currently playing

Xenoblade is surprising is a great JRPG. Too bad its not in North America. Damn you Nintendo of America! Anyway its an awesome game. Its the JRPG I've been waiting to play this generation.

Digital Devil Saga 2 I got off of GameFly and haven't really found the time to play it since I'm going long with Xenoblade. But it really is better than its pressodor. The battle theme, Battle for Survival, is awesome. Might buy it off of Amazon if its not too much

On another note I AM HYPED FOR PERSONA 4: THE GOLDEN AND PERSONA 4 The Animation. I havent been this hyped for an anime since High School of the Dead.

Also, a Persona fighting game that has the cast from Persona 4 and Persona 3 has been announced.

Hope they show more at Tokyo Game Show. I will also be making videos on Tokyo Game Show for my YouTube Channel

Well, that's it guys and gals. If you want to keep tabs of me sub to my YouTube channel. I've haven't been posting on Gamespot much and by Gamespot I mean the Toonami Union. Been too busy lately.

I might have to... Well, you can guess.

Song of the Blog: Sky's The Limit (Persona 4 the Animation Opening)

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Impressions. E3 Thoughts. AnimeNext

Hey guys, been a while since my last made a blog. What's up?

I've done some new videos on my YouTube but this blog will be about my latest one

My early impressions of Final Fantasy XIII-2

"Less Story Driven, More Player Driven"

Looks to be a lot better than the last game. More RPG aspects this time around is great, something that should have been in the XIII from the beginning.

Away from that, what did you guys think of E3? Ultimately, I thought it was lackluster and boring. Microsoft was REALLY boring. Got me a little interested in Kinect for the Mass Effect 3's voice recognition and the new dashboard update voice recognition, but when they started showing all those Kinectkiddy games I started to fall asleep.

Sony... OMG Sony... Just WTF. Really, they have a whole bunch of games to be released this year alone and they don't show them???? That's show Infamous 2 gameplay, a game that's coming out a day after the conference, instead of showing a new game like Twisted Metal? Final Fantasy VS XIII? ICO Collection? White Knight Chronicles 2? Hell, even that new Bleach game. Plenty of stuff they could've showed but just didn't... The PSV looks great and at $250, Sony has finally learned to stay competitive in the pricing gamelol.

On to Nintendo, I really don't care for at all. The Wii U looks pretty uninteresting to me. People are saying that's the controller but where is the console? Nintendo just as nothing to offer me so tbh I just didnt care about them.

All in all, a rather dull and boring E3... :(

On a last note, I'll be going to AnimeNext tomorrow with a couple of friends. Its a HUGE anime convention in New Jeresy. I'll be staying for two days and one night. Hope to get some cool stuff and cheap Blu-Rays. I'll be having A LOT of videos of the event on my Youtube.

ITS OVER 1,000! Unread Messages

I little goal I setup for myself on GameSpot to reach 1000 unread messages and it finally happened!

Ever since the incident awhile back where GS cleaned the site up and my unread messages went from 740 down to 685. That put me in RAGE MODE :evil: for about 5 mins. But now I think I've made history. Yup I feel proud of my GS achivement.

(YES, I read my PMs)

And if ya hadnt lately check out my YouTube Channel ;)

Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday VIDEO review

(Click Image To See Review)

(Click Image To See Review)

Finally got The 3rd Birthday video review up. And how fitting it is as my third review is the 3rd Birthday. Huh? Get it? Third review. 3rd Birthday? Yea that was lame lol.

Anyway, I believe I've done a better job this time around and building up to my comfort level. Hopefully, you guys can understand me and the background music isnt drowning out my voice.

So I hope you watch, give me some feedback, and subsribe if you have Youtube account.


ShadowElite Talks Episode 1

Hey guys?! What's going on?

I've made a new video on youtube pretty much of me just ranting about the lastest in gaming news on my Youtube

ShadowElite Talks Episode 1

I talk about Gears 3, PSN STILL DOWN, and JRPGs of course.

I plan to make this series of videos few and far inbetween but it really depends on the gaming community and what's going on. Like if Sony declared bankrupty tomorrow I'd probably make another episode (doubt that will happen to Sony though lol)

Anyway, my next review will be on Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday which I hope I can get done sometime next week.

Top 5 JRPGs I REALLY Want To Play.

There are a lot of JRPGs out there and sadly sometimes you can never play them all.

So here's a list 5 JRPGs I've always wanted to play but just never got around to getting them.

5 JRPGs I want to play video

What about you? Surely there must be a JRPG (or any game) out there you've wanted to play but never got a chance to?

If you dont want to watch (or hear me talk lol. But seriously I think I sound better this time around) they're all listed at the end of the video.