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s.o.p.a .... WTH?!?!?!

As I put in my previous blog, the US government came up with a bill that would allow them to shutdown, or temporarily disable any website that could compromise US security (give out information the US government doesn't want you to know). I was unaware if it had been passed or not until about 5 min ago. So let me ask the US government: "WHAT THE **** DOES THE SKYRIM WIKI HAVE ON IT THAT COULD POSSIBLY PUT THE UNITED STATES IN DANGER?!?!?!?!" I try to be a good gamer, I try not to look ahead and see exactly what I have to do to get further in a game (not looking on the internet on how to solve every puzzle or problem a game has to offer). That being said, I was going to check the wiki because I was lazy. I had just upgrade my armor on skyrim earlier today, and rather than turning on the my Xbox to load up the game and look at the individual pieces I thought it might be faster to just look at the defense on the wiki. Low and Behold, SOPA has made the site inaccessible (you could check at this exact moment and it will be down. It may be up again by tomorrow or in the next few days). All I can say is this is stupid. The only reason I could possibly think of for why they would shutdown the wiki: The US congressmen are ragin that they have to sit and vote instead of being at home and playing the latest Elder Scrolls game. They are falling behind everyone else in the game, and think they might limit the leveling up of there citizens by shutting down a "how to site".

America could really screw up this time...

I just recently heard about this new SOPA Bill and so far it's looking pretty bad. For those of you who haven't heard, the US government is planning to pass a bill that could (from my understanding) allow them to shutdown parts of the internet do to "copyright". I was hoping some of the larger gamespot guys (the ones with larger friend lists) could help by forwarding this video; it does a much better job of explaining the potential problem than I ever could: Now after watching this video you'll see there is some pretty scary stuff with this bill and its potential. I'm not an American citizen and I have done pretty much all I can do concerning this, but I'm some of you are or at least have people on your friends lists who are. You guys can play a bigger role than I can in this. This part is just a last second conspiracy rant (feel free to ignore if you want). Recently The US government has also passed a bill that cancels out the bill of rights and gives the US military to arrest, abduct, and assassinate anyone they feel is a threat to America, in the borders of the United States. This bill starts with the intention of only being used on criminals, however at the end of the bill they add in that this could be used on regular US citizens as well. The US government also decides now would be a good time to pull its army out of the Middle East. This new SOPA bill would give them the ability to shutdown sites of mass communication (such as YouTube, and yes even gamespot). The Military is coming back at the same time they have the right to kill any citizen they see as a threat, and they could potentially control the large portions of media, you got to think something is about to go down and they are trying to be as discrete as possible.

Falling Out

Months of exploration have finally brought me to the end of fallout 3. With only 5 locations left, tons of insane weapons found, and all the achievements earned (at least all you can get in a single playthrough) I think I'm just going to do the last mission. To me this game is complete and it was a lot of fun (when I wasn't hoping something wasn't about to kill me from behind). First Semester of University is done (another "falling out") and I'm looking forward to the next one when maybe it won't be mostly review. But before that there are three weeks of doing nothing as well as an important thing I must attend to: This entry is going to be fairly short, so with that Merry Christmas to you all (Yes I said Merry Christmas. Not Happy Holidays or Season's Greetings... Shoot me for it).

An Achievement that took a Decade

After ten years of intense work in pokemon yellow, I can say "I have caught them all" (at least in the first generation). I could never forget my first pokemon game, I still have it and play it every now and then, but this achievement was not for playing a game for ten years, it is for finally catching the one pokemon that has confused trainers since the beginning... Mew. This isn't the first time I have "completed" the original pokedex, however today when I caught Mew it was the first time I had ever completed the game without the aid of a gameshark or cheating. For the Many people who have been wondering "wait??? what???? there is a way to get Mew without cheat??????", yes there is (Anyone who has caught Mew without hacking their game, please humor me. This was the first time I've done it, and I'm sure you too felt a great feeling of accomplishment when it happened). The Secret all lies back in the Cerulean gym and route 24/25. All you need is a pokemon with fly or teleport, and 3 or so trainers that you do not fight when you go through the area. First trainer that needs to be left (it can also be done with other trainers, the second part is more key than the first) is the trainer in the grassy patch to the left after you go over the top 5 bridge on route 24 where you encounter your rival for the third time. The trick is to stay just out of range of that trainer, and when you are ready to enter his range, press start immediately. Then use either teleport or fly, this triggers the trainer to see you and want to start a battle, but you leaving just before he can further act on it. At this point your start button should stop working. Now either head into the cerulean gym and fight the swimmer on the left. After your start button should work again. Walk back up to the bridge, and as soon as you enter route 24, your start screen will come up automatically. When you close it a fight starts and Mew should appear. This trick is said to be caused by the games programming remembering there was supposed to be a fight on route 24 and trying to compensate for it. I the process Mew is created. Mew is not the only pokemon that appears from this however. Many pokemon can be obtained in this fashion all depending on the last pokemon you fought. According to what I have read, Mew appears because of the base special stats (or special stats, I can't remember which) or the shellder used by the swimmer in the cerulean gym (there is a youngster on route 25 with a slowpoke that must have the same special as the Shellder seeing as both have the same effect). This is not a hack, it is a glitch (hack being: using a device to reprogram the game; while glitch: A defect built into the game, probably for a special purpose, in this case to get Mew). If there is still any confusion on how this is done, there are many youtube videos and websites that also describe the process. I guess if you feel particularly adventurous you could try the glitch using other trainers as the last pokemon you fought and see what comes up. Hope this has brought a close to the Mystery of Mew for some of you.

.....I Don't Want to Live on This Planet Anymore....

When you speak to a child and the conversation shifts to pokemon, at first you think "alright at least this something we can both relate to". The conversation goes on about pokemon black and white (which you don't mind, it is the newest edition after all), and the topic comes up about which pokemon is both you favourites. The child tells you his is Virizion (fair enough, it's a cool pokemon), you then tell the boy that you can't decide between Ninetales and Charizard. When the child quickly replies with "Who the hell are they," you can't help but think one thing.... I Don't Want to Live on This Planet Anymore.... I spend a night gaming with my friends, and we spend it playing the New DBZ ultimate Tenkiachi. It is a game DBZ fans have been waiting forever for because of the create your own character concept and because the Koreans won't give up Dragon Ball Online :( . I get home after having an insane amount of fun and go on to Gamespot to rate the game. The game was given a rating of 4/10 0_0 . I Don't Want to Live on This Planet Anymore..... Two "I Don't Want to Live on This Planet Anymore" moments in one week. The Dragon Ball Z one, I can let slide (I can understand not everyone is a fan). HOWEVER, A CHILD THINKING POKEMON IS AWESOME AND NOT KNOWING MOST OF THE FIRST GENERATION, I have lost a lot of faith in humanity (don't even know how he couldn't know how he couldn't know them... I mean you unlock the National dex after beating the game, you could at least know more than Pikachu)

Trying for weekly update (let's see how long that lasts)

So I had the most fun ever this week. I got to experience my first set of university midterms (huge tests that are pretty much your only mark). The week consisted of late night cramming and stressing out. Now I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow morning. At least now I've got nothing to worry about for another month. Other than that, found out one of my lab TAs is absolutely gorgeous (SCORE XD), and.... boom goes the dynamite. Game wise I finally decided to finish borderlands (after about 3 weeks of just screwing around near the end). Fallout 3 has just been sitting there since I got it and I really just wanted to move on, rather than take my time and finish every challenge. I'm not going to spoil the ending for those of you who haven't played it, however I found it extremely disappointing (I actually dropped my rating .5 because of it). Although, I found seeing my most hated character of the game get tentacle r@ped (don't know if that counts as swearing) oddly satisfying, and it made the ending suck just that much less. Now I have a "second playthrough" (ya right maybe later). I finally get to move on to fallout 3 and am really looking forward to it. Going to try something new and see how it goes: If anyone has any game recommendations it would be awesome if you left them in a comment below (just so that I can have something ready for when I'm done fallout 3). Also getting a "copy" of Oblivion for PC (sorry goron14, thought it would be easier than getting a "copy" for 360) so we'll see how that turns out (copy does not mean I went to EB games and picked one up for those of you who may be confused by that) Well I'm out, until next time

Guess it's been a while.

So ya, looking back it's been over a year since I posted anything. Just got home and thought "hey why not rant what I've been up to"? (Being tracked by a few more people so maybe I'll get a few comments on, so wth). Started my first year of university and... it's going fairly well. The advantages of taking Advance Placement classes is now my friends and I can sit in the back of the room and make stupid comments because we already know it all. Really glad I challenged myself in high school cause it's going to just make this transition that much easier. Met a lot of knew people and really just enjoying the whole experience so far. Just going off on a tangent, I heard from a friend (so don't quote me on this if it turns out I'm wrong) that yesterday they found particles in an atom moving faster than the speed of light. So I guess we'll now get to see if parts of futurama will become true ("Nothing can go faster than the speed of light", "Of course not that's why they increased the speed of light in 2011-2012 (modded for the occasion)). In another note I spent this summer really trying to get back into gamespot, joined a new union or two, met some awesome people. I also began following up on some recommended abridge series, some of the good ones included "antfish's jojo's bizarre adventure abridged", "Lanipator's yu yu hakusho" and "1kidsentertainment pokemon". One of the biggest events was finally getting a 360 in my household, and catching up on some games that I heard were really good, but never had the chance too. If you have a 360, and have not played either borderlands or fallout 3, now would be a good time to pick up a cheap copy for like $10 or so. Games still on my waiting for, or must get list are still Dragon age origins (supposed to be amazing and I really want to check it out), and like many other nintendo fans of course I'm waiting for Skyward sword. And ya that's pretty much it so far I guess. So presented to you: a random blog... to be continued??? I'm out, hoping to hear from a couple of you soon.

Whatever Happened to......

Whatever happened to Geno??? For those who don't remember him, he was that doll (or "Action Figure puppet thing") from Super Mario RPG, Legend of the Seven Stars. Geno was one of my favorite characters growing up, who wouldn't like an awesome puppet that fires projectiles from his arms, and some of his special attack (like summoning a giant sun) were really cool. As well as being a puppet in a blue cape, he was also the ultimate warrior (Quoted from Mario RPG).

I guess what I'm trying to say is I would really like to see a game with him again. Geno made his big debut in Mario RPG, and then other than a surprise appearance in Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga (He told you the rules in that arcade game for those of you who didn't notice) he hasn't been seen since. All I can ask is why?

New Kirby game

Ok, Hear me out here. We're used to Kirby being this linear (left and right) kind of game. I think its about time they made a new Kirby game for Wii, and this time make it with a 3D map. The Closest they have ever come to an idea like this was Kirby Airride, but it was really more focused on the racing portion then the fact that it was Kirby.

Creating a classic version of a Kirby game with a 3D map would "Revolutionize" the series. The game would not only be fun, but extremely challenging. We're used to following a path in Kirby games, but with a 3D map you wouldn't be able to just go back to where you went the wrong direction. Being able to use Copy abilities such as bomb or crash Kirby would be freaking Epic with the explosions, and the new Graphic capabilities of the Wii would only make it better.

Quick summary: It would revolutionize the series, be an awesome challenge, and be an awesome new way to play as everyone 's favorite pink puffball.