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My new level 5

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all of the gamespot members who r on the 5th level lets see what is speed of my profile relative to them

bye bye bye

Best Of All Audi's

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Audi TT clubsport Quattro is the best ranking holder car in the Audi's history till now and Audi 2007 Rewie package is considered to be the most best car in Audi's history.

All of my friends this is for u

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i present my solemn thankyou for all my friends who helped me in understanding the website and those who became my friend at my request

i will mention the names who were with me all the time in my troubles on this site



and this guy was the first one to send me a friend request

drake_bell thankyou all of u for ur co-operation t

thanku from my heart

No matter

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i think the people on gamespot donot think that what they r posting and what they r trying to achieve i think i am becoming one of those what u people think tell me

My three emblems

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my three emblems are there

one gamespot registration emblem

second fraudness with tags

voting emblem

A lunar eclipse expected in USA on 5/7/09

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It is expected to be a lunar eclipse on 5th of August in USA


The eclipse will occur at 13 degrees of Aquarius at 8:55pm EDT. Here on the east coast, this lunar eclipse will take place shortly after sunset with the moon looming over the horizon.

This is a unique lunar eclipse in that it's the third lunar eclipse of the season, and second this summer.

For horoscope and astrology lovers, this rare occurrence will bring out the Aquarian influences in your life.

This full moon lunar eclipse brings the sun's rays shining in its home sign of Leo ruling matters of creativity, children, playfulness, leisurely activities, and love affairs; while the Moon will occupy Aquarius, the sign known for its futuristic take on life, humanity, science, knowledge, and social groups.

While it's possible that no major event may occur during this special time, your sensitivities are heightened as some lingering events may come to a close...quite unexpectedly.A lunar eclipse in USA

FERRY sinks in Tonga:dozens missing and feared death

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at such a high level of technology this type of mishap cannot be hoped by any field of life

Pirates really exists evennow and the level of security is also at its peak

technology and the sinking of boat donot matches