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Remains of ancient temple found in Turkey

The remains of a centuries-old Jewish temple were found on the southern coast of Turkey. Excavations have revealed the first evidence of a Jewish presence in the ancient port city of Andriake in Lycia, now located in southern Turkey, ...

Happy Indepedence Day to all Pakistanis

i wish all the pakistani a happy independence day its 62th year of paksitan in a very bad political and economical condition but anyways this country is living on the world map till now so be happy and make other happy too

Toyota Prius : Harmony between Human,Nature and machine

Toyota eNews: The Making of Prius "Harmony" Commercial

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TOYOTA@TOYOTA: BEHIND THE WHEEL July 2009Prius Commercial: Harmony Between Man, Nature and MachineToyota PriusWith the 3rd generation Prius, consumers can get virtually