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PAranormal Activity

PAranormal activity is one of the most terrifying movies in the world

do WATCH IT but at ur own RISK

I guarentee that u wll not be able to sleep for three nights

hahahhhahahha :)

I don't want to be like SRK

Bollywood actor Salman Khan waves during a news conference for his forthcoming movie Wanted. Check more pics of the conference. Salman Khan says he wishes Bollywood rival Shah Rukh Khan well, but that the actor has let fame go to his head

Fury over Jackson's funeral filming

Michael Jackson's brother Randy condemned as "surreptitious" the overhead filming of his brother's funeral. The family allowed a live video feed of guests arriving at the ceremony in Los Angeles on Friday - but it was cut abruptly for privacy reasons

Ancient toolmakers discovered fire treatment

Maybe it was an accident or perhaps an ancient experiment. Many thousands of years ago, early humans somehow figured out they could make better stone tools by treating the rocks with fire Fire used to make tools 75000 years ago Early humans forged tools with fire

Palm denies Pre privacy breach

Mobile phone giant Palm has responded to claims that its recently launched smartphone violates users' privacy. One owner of the Pre, which is not yet available in the UK, discovered that his phone was sending information back to Palm