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FallOut 3 = Pure Entertainment

I've never found a game quite like this. Sure i've found Bethesda's other game Obliion/Morrowind, a game of epic proportions which i have found on many occasions to absorb me for hours on end.

But this started somthing inside me, as soon as i begun my life in the fault, i felt i was involved in, not just a story, but an event.
I felt that every person i spoke to, every bullet i fired, even every thing i picked up was going to in some way never be the same again.

And after now, 55+ hours of playing (only 1 visual glitch, no crash. 2 game crashes, but an old xbox360, so i rule that out) i am still finding myself enjoying a strole out in the wasteland. I say Enjoy, but what i mean is somewhere along the lines of cacking myself from a rocket flying past my head, to laughing as i sneak up behind a Ghoul with my Rail spike gun.

Whatever i do, i do find myself lost in the surroundings, i watch as dust whirlwinds blow out or hear the gunshot in the distance and it always puts a smile on my face.

I'm so glad there is still the effort put into games which enables them to be so indept and complex without you being able to see it on screen.

I wrote this because i felt Fallout 3 needs my opinion somewhere, i owe it to Bethesda for making such an enjoyable game.