Bought me an Xbox360

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Yup, that's right, I am abandoning my Fanboyisms for Sony thanks to a huge realization that fanboys are only kids who want both systems (or all three if you count the Wii) but can't afford it, or thir parent's won't let them have it (to quote a famous late cartoon character: "Ha-ha"). I know I don't have many people who read my blog but I just wanted to fill it up with some recent stuff, cuz only two blogs ago I was moving out of my parents house...that was over a year ago. My Xbox looks great next to my PS3 on my TV stand. Sony fanboys, do yourself a favour, buy an Xbox360. Xbox fanboys, do yourself a favour, buy a PS3. Support the gaming industry. Keep in mind buying a PS3 makes Xbox games better, and vice-versa, through the laws of Economics. Also, fanboys just sound childish and stupid for the most part. Fanboyism is a waste of time and energy, a needless waste.

Race Wheel: Logitech/Polyphony, please listen!

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This blog is about my dream racing wheel. Its as simple as that. I will describe it, and tell you why I want it, along with features that racing games should start adding to their games to conform to this racing wheel. I will put it in list form. Here goes.

My Ideal Race Wheel: (add all these features to the current Logitech Driving Force EX)

1. Clutch. I want a clutch. This will also have to be a feature for racing games to add. Make it something like, R1 for the controller, and obviously, a foot-pedal for the race wheel, as that type of clutch is more common.

2. Gear Shifting. I want a detachable 6-speed gear shift knob-stylethat you can put on the right or left side of the wheel, depending on what country the car you are driving is from, but I want to keep the paddle shifting option for Ferrari's and such other cars that use that. For cars with less gears than 6, any shifting above their maximum gear will just put the vehicle in neutral. Any vehicles that have more than 6 gears will use the paddle shifting.

3. Customization. Different center caps, different wraps, colours to choose from, etc. Different shift knobs, different pedals.

4. Price. Obviously, I want all this for as low a price as possible.

5. Wireless. Some living rooms are not set up for the optimum corded steering wheel(mine...I have a table in between my couch and T.V. and the T.V. is pretty far away from the couch). I want to be able to charge it in my laptop/PS3 just like the PS3 SIXAXIS controllers.

Bonus: The coolest, most useful and probably most impossible feature would be combatibility with Xbox 360, so I can use it to play Forza as well, instead of buying two wheels, or just not playing one game with a wheel.

Well, that's pretty much my ideal wheel. My most anticipated game for use with a racing wheel is obviously GT5, but NASCAR 08 might be cool too. Feel free to comment.

I moved!

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That's right, I moved away from home, finally.  Boohoo, sniff.  There thats done.  Now I am excited.  Unfortunately I didnt get to take my PS2, because my sibling at home gets to keep it - its apparently going to "distract me from my studies anyway".  But my place is all set up, including the furnishings, high speed wireless internet and phone bundle, and kitchenware including stove and refridgerator.  I really like it.  Its a basement sweet with a full sized living room, a huge bedroom (slash computer room), a full sized bathroom, and a little kitchen.  I will start University in two days, and am a bit excited about that too, though not the homework I will apparently have every night.  It'll all be a new experience, so its pretty cool.  I hope I will still be this excited by the END of the year!

Games-I-Want-to-Play list is growing, time is running out!

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Games I want to play:

Dungeon Siege II (because I havent finished it yet, it dodn't work well on my old comp, and I cant get it running on my new comp!)

Dungeon Siege II: Broken World

Dungeon Siege I mods like Ultima V: Lazarus, and The Elemental


Guild Wars

Need for Speed: Carbon (not out yet though)

LotR: Shadows of Angmar (MMORPG, but I dont wanna pay, just wanna play!)

Dead Rising (but I don't have a 360)

Halo 2 and 3

Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony (dont have PSP though)

Gran Turismo 4 (already playing, want to finish)

ProStroke World Tour 2007 golf

Gothic 3

Call of Duty 3

God of War II

Neverwinter Nights II

Neverwinter Nights

Supreme Commander

But I am leaving for University in a couple weeks, and I wont have as much time to play games anymore!  I am sad.

I am back from vacation!

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Got back from my three week trip to the west coast.  Had a great time, partied with friends and such, visited family, ate lots of frsh fruit, and fresh seafood.  For some reason, the praries don't get alot of Halibut, or crab, or lobster...strange.  Anyway, I had a good time, but am glad to be back, earning money at work, and basically sitting here, idling until I move away to go to university in the fall.  Scary thought, I'm sure, but not yet.  It is good to be back though.

Cloutier and Ed gone too?

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I saw the headline over a guy's shoulder in the waiting room at work, but I didn't get to see anything about it.  Anyone know where Cloutier has been traded to?  If you don't know who he is, you probably can't answer my question.  Its in one of my previous blogs, but in that Blog I stated he was taking a back seat to the new guy, but I guess hes off to somewhere else entirely!   And Jovanovski??!!  One of my favorite players in the entire league, and he was traded from my favorite team?  I'm Geez, comon!  Who are the Canucks now?  Who's next, Naslund?  Ohlund?  I may not even cheer for them anymore.  I like the Flames, despite the rivalry, maybe I should give them a shot...

Goin on vacation.

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I am headed to B.C. for three weeks.  I leave on saturday, and won't be back till July 30.  I can't wait to get away from it all, take three weeks off work and just relax.  I am going to stuff myself full of fresh fruit and fish, and my Grandma's homemade dinners including cream n' dill baby favorite.  *drool*  Anyway, I won't have access to a computer very often, if at all, so I probably won't see this site for a while, so I will see you all lataz!

P.S. the trip is nowhere near as extravagent as geosicdome's, but it will be good nonetheless.

Bertuzzi no longer a Canuck?

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Thats right, Todd Bertuzzi, the controversial Number 44 himself, has been traded.  Personally, I don't want to see him go.  He was my favorite player before the 'incident', (after which Naslund took his place as my favorite, because I lost a bit of respect for him in that moment), and is still a valued player on the team for his skills in front of the opposition's net.  He will be missed by me, because I thought that he helped the team at least as much as the other big names, such as Markus Naslund, Mattias Ohlund, Brendan Morrison, Trevor Linden, and Ed Jovanovski.  I don't want Todd to go, especially to the Panthers.  Also, Todd got traded for a goalie.  Roberto Luongo, who is a very good goalie (I hope), was traded for Todd on a four year, $27 mil. contract!  That means that this new goalie is paid higher than the current highest paid player, the team captain himself, Markus Naslund, who gets $6 million a year, if we do the math, Roberto will get $3 million more than the team captain in four years.  The contract also states that Roberto cannot be traded for the last three years of the contract, so we will be seeing alot of him, most likely (unless something goes wrong the first year).  I assume that at that salary, he will be the starting goalie, and Cloutier will have to watch for another year.

I got suspended.

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I got suspended for one day due to me not completely censoring a profane word.  I did not know at the time that that would be particularly offensive.  I accept that, I have no grudge against Gamespot, and infact encourage that, because it creates a better environment for the Gamespot community to come and spend thier time.  However, yes there is a "however", although the automated message informed me that my forum priveleges had been suspended for the time period of exactly one (1) day, I cheked back some thirty + hours later, and could still  not post on forums or make a blog.  Its not that big a deal, I just thought I would rant a bit about it, because it is a pet peeve of mine when people are tardy, and I personally expected a better service from this website.  Oh well I guess...
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