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Tommy the Moth

Born and raised in Selkirk, Manitoba, my good friend Paul used to raise moths. He lived on a farm not to far away from the Red River. He didn't have many friends, nor did his parents have a lot of time to spend with him. There was, however, the moths. Every night Paul would turn on the lights in the backyard and wait for them to maneuver his way. The moths always seemed to enjoy Paul's lights, and he enjoyed them as well. Eventually, the moths would show up whenever Paul set foot in the back yard. This made Paul feel great. He had found numerous little friends. He couldn't be happier.

Over the course of 5 months, Paul became very acquainted with the moths. He gave each moth its very own name and never confused one for another. There was one moth that stood out from the others. His name was Tommy. Tommy was born was an underdeveloped wing, causing him to improperly fly. Paul could see Tommy's perserverance everyday. Tommy would not give up wanting to fly like all the other moths. Paul was greatly impressed with the little guy and he came up with an idea.

Every year in Steinbach, a city not too distant from Selkirk, would be held the Annual Bug Racing Competition. Paul thought it would make Tommy overjoyed if he were entered into the race. Paul mentioned it to Tommy later that week. Tommy had mixed emotions. Very much indeed he wanted to enter the race, but with his wing he felt he wouldnt bring any competition. Paul shook off those negative thoughts and decided to become his trainer.

Tommy and Paul trained for an entire year. For the first few months, Tommy's progression was quite slow. But it eventually grew exponentially. He flew faster, longer, and harder than all of the other moths in Paul's backyard. It was a long haul, but Tommy was now ready for the competition. The day registration began, Tommy had Paul sign him up.

The day of the race had finally arrived and Tommy and Paul made there way to the sidelines of the track. Tommy's competition was stiff. From Abbotsford, British Columbia was Victor the ant. From Corner Brook, Newfoundland was Ivan the slug. Laslty, from Owen Sound, Ontario was Halford the slug, the defending champion of the Annual Bug Racing Competition. Paul warmed up Tommy for the big race, he was more nervous than his moth friend was. Paul saw this like those scenarios in the movies when the main character triumphs over his hardships. The main character being Tommy.

Victor, Ivan, Halford, and Tommy all lined up at the start line. The fourth of them were pumped just waiting for the gun to shoot signalling them to begin. 3, 2, 1, BANG! The race was on. Tommy was the slowest to start, which discouraged him at first, but he pressed on. If there's one thing Paul had taught him, it was to never give up and always give it your all. So Tommy did. He flew over puddles, under and over tree limbs, and took left and right turns though the tall grass. It was now the last 100m of the the 1000m race and Tommy was still pushing hard, depsite being in last the entire race. Suddenly, Victor's left front leg gave out, causing him to limp off the track. This made Tommy feel better, now knowing he wouldnt come in last. He then got a small burst of energy to just pass Ivan who was holding second place. Tommy wasn't going to let a slug defeat him. As he passed him, he could begin to make out Halford the snail, moving at an incredibly quick pace for a snail. Tommy began to think he could finally win the race, not just for himself, but for Paul. His adrenaline was now pumping, and Tommy flew harder and faster than he ever did. They were now 1m from the finish line, Tommy and Halford neck and neck. Halford didnt want to lose his title that easily. He took of his snail shell and threw it at Tommy, causing him to hit the ground hard and roll over the finish line. Unfortunately, the shell hit was able to give Halford enough time to cross the finish line before the moth. Tommy had lost the race.

Paul ran up to Tommy, jumping and screaming with excitement for Tommy's phenomenal performance. He was cheering and holding Tommy up with the air with his hand. But Tommy did not respond. He was ashamed of himself for not winning the race.

So, to conclude, that was the first time Paul ever saw a moth cry.

I Gots Me a PS3!

I am now a proud PSWii owner! Yes my fellow Gamespotters, i now own a PS3! i bought it today after school. I drove to EB Games to trade in all of PS2 games (except GH3). I came out with a PS3! I also purchases Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion GoTY Edition. Time to watch Spiderman 3 on Blu-Ray!

School Time!

I can`t wait for this school year to start as it will be mylast year of high school! Very excited! I recently received my school schedule in the mail. To my surprise there were no errors! Unlike last year.... I`m also happy that i don`t have a first period this semester meaning i can sleep in a little longer each day and wake up more refreshed than the other students. My schedule is as follows:

First Semester - 1. None 2. Math: Advanced Functions 3. Physics (11) 4. Chemistry

Second Semester - 1. Physics (12) 2. Biology 3. Exercise Science 4. English

My first day begins September 4. I will have to make this my best year yet. Focus, Focus, Focus! Good luck to me!

My Worst Best Buy Experience To Date

This evening my brother, father and I left the house to Best Buy for the sole purpose of buying my youngest brother a birthday present. However, multiple purposes arose. The three of us walked into Best Buy at 7:28PM. My brother and father headed in one direction, while i headed to the Returns and Exchanges desk. I was returning a game given to me as a gift. This process went smoothly. Best Buy took the game and I received store credit. While waiting in line at the Returns and Exchange desk, i browsed the flyer. On the last page advertised a HDMI receiver with a 5.1 Surround Sound System on sale. I asked a girl begind the counter if they sold the receiver seperately and she replied that i ask someone in the home theatre department. as i head over there i meet up with my brother and father and they tag along with me. i find an employee in the department and ask him if they sell the receiver without the speakers. He nods and shows me a receiver. I ask how many HDMI In/Outslots it has and he responds that it has none. I point out to him that the receiver advertised in the flyer has HDMI ports and told him this was the wrong receiver. He decides to bring me to the entire package that is set up near the back of the store. I ask himto check if this receiver had HDMI (2 In, 1 Out), it did. I ask him to check the model number and to see if there were any in stock. The answer was negative. The only way i was going to get the receiver was if i bought it with the speakers. I agreed. The employee said that this was the only model left and since it is the floor model i get a 10% discount. Fair enough. He says they don't have a box for it anymore and decides to get a replacement. He returns with a small box. He says he will be right back as he has to get a bag with various tools and manuals that accompany the receiver and speakers. He returns and says he has bad news (Note: 30 minutes have passed). The bad news is that the remote is missing. He goes off to find it. Minutes later he comes back with a remote. This remote is not the one that is suppose to be packaged with the system. He says i can have this remote or he can order another remote from Sony. I tell him to order another one. I ask if we can use this other remote for the time being, he replies no. He takes my information for the remote control order and begins to package the receiver in the small box. As he fumbles around with the speakers, he realises he needs a screw driver. He leaves and comes back only to leave again because he needs scissors to cut pieces of plastic. In this time he is gone, my father takes the speakers and the wires off the shelf and packages them. He comes back only to leave yet again to put the screw driver and scissors back. We now have everything packed and ready to purchase at a counter. (Note: I already have my youngest brother's birthday present with me) He begins to scan things through. He tells us the total and we give him 2 Best Buy store credit cards and AmEx to pay for the entire purchase (the surround sound and receiver package with my brother's presents and Shawn of the Dead on DVD). He rings through the first gift card without any problems and it deducts from the total purchase price. He rings the second card through only for it to completely cover the entire remaining purchase price (+$350). i told him that is incorrect. he begins the fiddle around with the card and calls over a few other employees to help him out. After a few minutesi realised i still had the receipt to the defunct gift card that shows the actual amount of the card. he leaves with it to find a manager to help solve the problem.the manager was found, but thehelphe neededwas not. (Note: 1 hour and 15 minutes in Best Buy).On the counter where i was patiently waiting to be rung though, and then leave, laid a Monster HDMI cable. My father was looking at it when the employee came back. He said thatthat cable istheir most expensive cable and that it was +$100. My father says he wouldn't pay anymore than $35 for an HDMI cable. The employee leaves only to return with a $75 HDMI cable. He asks my dad how much he wants for it and he replied $35. the deal was made. We asked for a second cable for the same price and a second deal was made. (Note: we have now been in Best Buy for more than an hour and a half and the manager was not happy. the employee was also embarrassedand very sorry). Instead of $150 for two cables, we spent a mere $70. he finally scans everything through butstill isn't able to get the second card working. he puts the purchase on hold and sends us to the Returns and Exchange desk where a different girl served us. she also failed at fixing the defective card and gave us the amount in cash. we sign the receipts and head to the exit desk for a few items to be demagnetized. a family managed to get their before us and, as i should have expected by now, were having difficulty with the demagnetizing. we make our way to the desk and are scanned. we finally leave at 9:23PM. We spent nearly 2 hours at Best Buy. 90% was watching the employee makes mistakes, run around and curse under his breath. To think our sole purpose was to get a brithday present and it turned out like this. what would make this better is if my receiver breaks. Best Buy doesn't carry that model anymore. therefore i would get a receiver that is better than my current one. but i don't want that to happen until the day before my warranty ends. ;)

to quote the comic book guy, "Worst episode ever!"

Mii, Wii and TVii

today will not only be remembered as the day that the Dominion of Canada was born, but it will be remembered as the day that I bought the Nintendo Wii. Through much debate with Me, Myself and I, it was conlcuded that the Wii best suited my needs and wants. I drove to the new Best Buy location in my city after i got off work early today. As soon as i arrived at the Video Game department, a young guy brought out three Wii's. What luck! i talked to the department head just to ask a few questions. Once i was out of questions, i picked up the box and asked if they took Visa. To be safe, i picked up the 3 year warranty. I'm very happy with my purchase and feel no regret. I can't wait to pick upResident Evil 4, Zelda and Paper Mario. More impatiently, i can't wait for Metroid and Smash Bros. to arrive!

This was to accompany the 32" LCD HDTV my dad gave me yesterday. The Story:Yesterday my dad visited Futureshop to scout the stock. He didn't have anything in mind until he saw the 42" Plasma HDTV on sale for a very affordable price. He couldn't help but pick it up. He brought it home and immediaely hung it on the wall. The TV that used to be hung on the wall he gave to me. Bottom Line: Awesome Weekend! :D However, i don't want to plug and play my Wii just yet. I want to wait till I'm done renovating a spare bedroom downstairsin the basementinto a small entertainment room. I'm still deciding on a colour for the walls!


W0o7!!11111!!!!!!(shift-1)!!!1111 Exams are done! HERE COMES THE SUMMER! IT'S ME TIME! now i can finally get caught up playing some of my old PS2 games! and ill get to spend more time on gamespot. i didn't realise how long it has been since i was last on. School and work kept me quite busy (and frusterated). but no more!