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Is There Anything Gamers Don't Complain About?

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Sometimes the gaming community really sucks. They can be whiny entitled brats who are never pleased and find flaws with anything game developers do however good or bad. The latest example? Id's new Rage DLC. Now correct me if I'm wrong but haven't gamers spent the past five years complaining that developers should wait until after the game is released and patched to work on additional content? Haven't they yelled that developers are selling out when they agree to publisher demands for day one DLC? And those publishers are greedy asses who only want to nickel and dime the community by releasing unfinished games and then charging for content that should have been on the disc in the first place? Are these not the comments I see on the forums every single day?

Yet here is Id releasing DLC a year after the game is released, after putting out countless patches to fix gamers' complaints with the initial game. Here is a developer who fixed their game and then spent a decent amount of time putting together DLC after the fact and what do people do? Complain of course! Why didn't Id release the DLC when I was still playing the game? I already uninstalled the game! I am over that game, why wait so long?!

Are people serious? Do they even realize how utterly hypocritical they are? What, does a developer have a two week window where it is okay to release DLC and any time before and after is too early or too late? Or are people suddenly getting why DLC is made concurrently with the main game? If you don't plan your DLC in advance, and have it ready to be completed shortly after the release of the main game people have moved on. The whole point of DLC is to keep people interested in the game post-release. Releasing it months or years later IS pointless. That is what developers and publishers have been saying all along. Yet no one will accept it. But here we are and the truth is out there. Releasing DLC a year after release like all gamers claim they want is pointless because people have moved on. No one cares anymore. People have already sold the game on consoles or uninstalled it on PC. DLC doesn't work when you make it all after the fact. You HAVE to work on it (mind you not finish it but work on it) before the release of the main game or it will never get done in time to be worthwhile to anyone.

Of course gamers will forget about this within a week or two and will go back to complaining like they always do. And then this will come up again and someone like me will write another blog like this and people will see the flaw in their thinking for about a day before deciding to just complain about all of it. People wonder why great developers leave the industry. Often publishers get the blame. That isn't it most of the time. Most of the time it is the so called "fans" who spend more time whining about how some minor thing has completely ruined a game for them than actually enjoying the game. I assure you that if you know a developer by name then chances are he has a multi-million dollar contract. As soon as that contract is up he could retire happily. Imagine how much money Miyamoto makes in a year. And he's been doing this for decades. He doesn't do it for the money. None of the big names do. They have more money than they could ever spend. No they do it because they love making games, and they love making games because they love making people happy. And at some point if no one seems to be enjoying your games then there is just no reason to do it anymore. And usually it seems that way because of some tiny entitled minority, and this minority ruins it for the rest of us who realize that games aren't something worth filing petitions over. They aren't worth death threats. They aren't worth hate mongering. And I really hope that one day gamers learn to grow up and enjoy their hobby instead of bashing it at every chance they get.