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THE BEST OF 2010 (Oh, and I'm back!)


It has been a while since I posted a blog (you know....with all the life junk getting in the way and such). College is going well, and I have fun things ahead. So I decided to kick off the the new year right by only looking at the good things from the previous year. Makes sense, right?

I decided to make the descriptions short and concise. After all, it makes it much easier to get though.


BEST OF 2010 (as I see it)



Every song on this thing is so good, I want to cry. If you haven't checked out the Black Keys yet, it is about time you do.


Cee-Lo Green

I kinda hope this picture helps you figure out what the song is...



The song is "The Glow" off of RJD2's Colossus album. Just check it out as see what you think.



This one needs no explanation.



I don't really like documentaries, especially political ones. But this film did a addressed a key issue in America.



Wow! What's up with words normally deemed as "bad words" being in mainstream media this year?


mafia 2

"Joe was not part of the deal..."



If this was any shocker, you probably did not play the game.


oh yeah

I'm sorry, but when a game captializes on my love of Clint Eastwood westerns AND is incredibly enjoyable, there is no comparison.


I was thinking of throwing in a TV category, but I am totally biased towards "The Walking Dead", considering it is the only thing I watch on TV besides sports and cartoons.

AND SO that ends my list of random things I thought of as I go. I hope to make another blog post soon considering my recent rate of about one every 1.5 years (counting this one).



What did YOU think were the best awards of the year?

(Silliness is appreciated!)







I am off to college; Horray?

Alas, the time for me has come. I will be leaving for college with-in the next week. Most of my friends have already left, but due to the quarter system, I start later (and get out later).

Am I excited? Yeah. I get More. However, I will also be gaining the next level of freedom, that includes such exciting things as:

a) my own bills

b) my own studying responsibility

c) my own alarm clock with uber-loud (air raid quality) siren

d) my own 1/3rd of a room (I have two roommates)

e) my own swine flu outbreak (It's like Resident Evil. But in real life!)

f) my own responsibility is response to impaired individuals

g) my own responsibility in general ( < ------- sucks!)


h) my own lack of a current-gen gaming system

Horray? Finally, reality is slapping me in that face and saying, "Time to wake up." I, however, am slapping back, saying, "Can't it wait till after Uncharted 2?"

At this point, I am thankful for Scribblenauts. That will (hopefully) replace the time I will lose wasting on my PS3 (yes, I am losing wasted time), for better (not likely) or worse (likely).

All aside, I plan to have a great time at college. I am bound to meet awesome people, and I am excited to begin my regin as A DOMINATE FORCE ON CAMPUS! MUH HAHAHAH!! (Wow, sorry. The Julius Caesar came out of me right there.) Amidst pursuing my education and trying out the crazy clubs around campus, I hope to keep-in touch with the gaming world. The StarCraft Club at campus is definitely calling my name :P.

My new home

This is my Risk board.

To everyone I have met on gamespot, I would like to thank you for being such an awesome community, and I wish everyone the best in their future endevors.

~SethSOMT 8)

Ranking the E3 Press Conferences!!!!

Hi guys.

I hope everyone is watching the E3 coverage (which is all over the web and on TV by G4). There is some really, really cool stuff being shown. I can count 4 times I caught myself with a hanging jaw (which I will describe in a little bit).

Anyway, the 5 press conferences (PCs) are over (counting EA and Ubisoft). Although 'fanboy-ism'/'fangirl-ism' is present no matter what, the PCs are easily able to be ranking from best to worst. There was only one chioce of position I had to actually ponder.

This is how I would rank the PCs:

1. Microsoft

2. Sony

3. Ubisoft

4. EA

5. Nintendo

It was tough putting Microsoft in front of Sony, but I feel it is only right. In terms of exclusives shown, the Sony PC would take the gold with no competiton. But the Microsoft showed really cool things (even tough they are multiplatformed.

The Reasons:

Microsoft- Beatles Rock Band. Tony Hawk Ride. Metal Gear Solid Rising. Modern Warfare 2. All are not exclusive. But all were displayed duing the PC. Project Natal is an interesting direction in gaming, especially with Milo. Need I mention Halo Reach?

Sony- Uncharted 2. Check. MAG. Check. New Team Ico game. Check. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Check. God of War 3 Gameplay. Check. Final Fantasy 14. Check. PS3 Motion Sensing Tech. Check. So why does Sony only take the second spot? It was an extremly tough call. But Sony's PC got kinda boring during the middle of its time. And the lack of more Heavy Rain bothered me as well. None the less, I was extremly staisfied with the showings.

Ubisoft- Let me get this clear. There is a large gap between Sony and Ubisoft. Ubisoft had an immpressive showing, but not nearly as immpressive as either Sony or Microsoft.

EA- Showed some cool things, but not enough to drop any jaws. The new MMA direction in EA sports is excited for a new item, but nothing else was 'new' (new seen before).

Nintendo- Ok, Nintendo. We understand you sell alot of units. I don't need to see your mind-numbing sales numbers during an E3 PC! Mario Galaxy 2 and the new Metriod are looking good, but Nintendo even neglected to mention that we will not see these titles till 2010. I guess my Wii will just have to contine to collect dust till that time.

Now, I hope everyone has seen at least something 'jaw dropping' so far. If not literally, than at least in a figurative sense. I had 4 jaw droping moments, including:

4. God of War 3 Amazing-ness. Tearing off the horn + stabbing in eye with the same horn = Major Win

3. How cool the PS3 motion technology was, as well as the apparent 1:1 motion detection.

2. Hideo Kojima walking out during a PC. But not any conference. It was Microsoft's! Followed by the annoucment of MGS Rising.

1. The lack-luster preformance of Nintendo, following a year of critism for last year's lack-luster Nintendo E3 PC. Reggie, quite alienating actual gamers!






Anyway, thats what I though of E3 so far. Much better than last years already.


How would you rnk the PCs? Any particular reason?



OMG! my 5th year at gamespot

Hello all,

As of a week ago, I have been signed up for Gamespot for 5 freakin' years. Yet inactivity has keep me at a mere level 16. Irreguardless, I have been well informed from this site the entire time.

(*Note: 'Irreguardless' is not a word. It is a double negative. Don't say it.)

In retrospec, 5 years is kinda a long time, think about it.

In 2004 at this time, the PSP was just being announced, and did not come out in Japan till the end of the year (not till May '05 in US).

So thanks you Gamespot for....umm.....being here to mindlessly suck time out of my hands and ensure I get nothing productive done. Through good times and bad, I had enjoyed the ride.

Also, thank you GS community. Seriously, you guys are something else. I have been at alot of forums in my time, and none of them have as many fun and enjoyable people as this one. Not to mention, normally all forums have extremely annoying people, but they are mostly absent from GS (thankfully).

Thats all!8)

~SethSOMT out

the way it should be (w/ new feature)

Hey everyone!


In case you have never seen one of my blogs, I'm sorry about the weird format I use. I just list random thoughts, opinions and stuff off the top of my head in a very random fashion. That's just kinda the way I think.


Looking for a great game to play on the DS? Well Crono Trigger is for you then. This remake of the SNES RPG was re-released for the DS last month. For most of you, like myself, you may not of had the chance to play it originally. If not, I highly recommend it on the grounds of its engrossing story and adventure.


The Inauguration (US)

To be honest, I voted for John McCain, and stand by that. None the less, I am excited to see the how the things work out for President Obama. I may not have voted for him, but that does not mean I not am going to support the endeavors that the US plans to pursue. So, here's to the future!


Sports (To Whom It May Concern)

Football (American)- Pitt will win the Super Bowl. But I wouldn't mind seeing the Cardinals win it. I like underdog stories. And, I'll tell you what, Fitsgerald is going to be one of the best receivers the game has to offer in the near future.

Basketball- I think it is not clear to say that the East is better than the West. After Orlando's sweep of the West Coast, and a season sweep of the Lakers, they have established themselves as the best in the league. As for Cleveland and the loss to the Lakers, they say, "you haven't beaten the Cavs till you've beaten them at home". I guess that means they haven't lost this season than....well anyway, I would rank the Cavs and Lakers tied for second best in the league. Boston is fourth.

Hockey- Just curious, how many people watch hockey?


Last blog I said I was feeling good about my two picks for GotY (MGS4 and Fallout 3). Well, I still am, and alot more considering both IGN and GS agree. IGN finally announced it's pick of F3, while GS went with MGS4. I could not choose.


Clint Eastwood is the man. Hands down. Unforgiven is one of my favorite movies ever. Gran Torino was really good. Despite some weak acting by the gangs, the movie's ending is great. RECOMEND'D!Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino Pictures, Images and Photos


2009 is set to be a great game year. Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 are at the top of my list right now. I am still not fully convinced of the release date of Starcraft 2, but that is going to be amazing. Need I mention the barley announced CoD: Modern Warfare 2?



What game are you most excited for in 2009? I mean, there has to be at least one (if not a one with zeros behind it).


There are just some people I have met on GS that are great people. Every blog, starting with this one, I am going to give a shout out to a reader for something they have done.


And the first ever is....


Cloud really helped me out when I first got my Wii. At first, I was ashamed to call myself a 'Wii owner'. However, Cloud told me what to get for the system to not make it suck, and ultimately helped me set up my online connection (without even knowing it). Despite the inescapable grapical shortcomings, I am now actually having fun with a Wii. So Cloud, this goes out to you, for you a true Wii gamer hardcore(I know, I know, 'Wii', 'hardcore' and 'gamer' should never be used in the same sentence at the same time)!


Who will be the next Reader of the [Insert Interval of Time Till Next Blog]? What will be the next Reader Question the Blog? Who really is SethSOMT? Those are all really good question that I don't even know how to answer! (This supposed to be like the 60s Batman endings, which leave tons of loose ends which never seemed to be tied. It my failing attempt to make an epic blog.)

At any rate, thank you all for reading this. Have a question? Feel free to ask.


~SethSOMT :D

My Opinionated Opinion for GotY (and more)!

Hey everyone.:)

First I would like to apologize to everyone for being so lazy in my blog posting manners. I have seem to developed a serious problem to a certain game.

And the game just might begin with a 'f' and end with 'allout'. And it just might be the third game.




Anyway, the reason you are here is to hear something about Game of the Year. I have played/own every game nominated for GotY by gamespot this year (with the exception of NHL 09, which will be replaced with Gears 2, for the sake of easing controversy).

We all need to face it, no matter what GS nominated, everyone should have know that either GTA4 or MGS4 would win. No doubt. However, I can really cut it down to 5 games.

MGS4, LBP, NMH, F3, GoW2.


MGS4- Metal Gear Solid 4

NMH- No More Heros

F3- Fallout 3

GoW2- Gears of War 2

LBP- Nuff' said.

Don't get me wrong. There were other great games as well, namely: GTA4, Fable 2, Resistance 2, CoD: World at War, and Dead Space. However, the five game above will be remembered beyond anything. GTA4 was outstanding while it lasted, but I couldn't help but feeling that the game really didn't put as much time as it should have into the side missions. Which were virtually non-existent (but the story defiantly deserves props).

If you are striking a big question mark on NMH, I DID NOT just do that because I felt bad for the Wii and it pretty weak game line up. That is a different story. NMH is a legitimately good game that is just sheer fun to play. If you are striking a big question mark for MGS4, who are you?

I'm sure everyone else has a different say for GotY, which you are completely entitled to. But this year, I'm feeling really good about my pick. It not only was a great game, but will be a great game forever.


Ok, I think I have stretched that out long enough, and now.......drum roll please...........................

My GotY tie? Yes. Honestly, I can not choose. The tie is between MGS4 and F3. MGS4 is considered one of the best games ever already, and if you have played it, you know why. On the other hand (as a fan of previous Fallout games), Fallout 3 really is a cool game. While playing it, you just have that feeling of addiction. The world is expansive, the environment is beautiful (in the gross kinda way), and the gore is the icing on the cake. It seems like Bethesda put so much into the game, that your head will explode with replay value.

I can sum the game up in one sentence. So, here we go:

Despite a very slow begining and occasional glithing bug here-and-there, Fallout 3 contines the Bethesda tradition of freedom in an open-world environment with a highly engrossing format and design, resulting in a outstanding game.

So.....yeah. IF you get the game, stick with it. I was considering trading it in after like an hour into it, just because it sucked. But after your weapon collection improves, the game takes a turn for the best. Very best. Anyway, the game is full of Easter eggs and bonus stuff to keep you playing for a while. And to all trophy/achievement wh.... hunters out there,give the game some time, and they will come in big chunks (but still take a while).

As for the other three games, I think LBP was the closet to next. It redefines alot about gaming.



(This is a segment I am going to start in my blogs for my readers:D)

What is your GotY in this packed gaming year? Why?


On a final note, I have decided that I am going to blog more often. It feels good to just type on and on. But anyone have suggestions on what I should blog on? Please let me know.

I really do love the feedback from you guys. No joke. So, thanks alot.

So enjoy your lives,


Holiday Blog: I got a Wii...yay???

Hello everyone,


Well, as the name implies, I did get a Wii for Christmas. At first I didn't know how I was supposed to fell: happy or insulted (sorry, wii onwers). Also got the games Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Party 8 (ugh), and some bowling game. I was wondering what anyone else with a Wii would suggest, as I am a total n00b to the system. I plan to already get Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and already have beaten Twilight Princess for the GC. How is the new Animal Crossing? No More Heros?? That looks pretty good. Any suggestions?


Anyone who has a PS3, and still hasen't added me, please do so. I have become very fond of Resistance 2 online later (as well as LBP). Anyway, my PSN is TheRepublic, or just leave yours and I'll add you!:)


How was everyones Christmas? I (honestly) would like to know. What was YOUR favorite gift?

So thanks everyone and Happy New Year,


Just to let you know...

Hi everyone,

 I just wanted to post a blog, considering it is nearing a month since my last one.


First of all, I finally got Resistance 2. I am sorry to say that I am a little disappointed with the textures of the game. Fireballs are very pixalated and it kind of annoys me. Beside that, the game is the most amazing thing ever. The multiplayer is awe-stunning, and the co-op online is even better. The single player just screams "EPIC" in your ear over and over again, while sucking the ever-loving time out of your hands.And the ending of the game.....ohhh man, it was really cool!

Resistance 2


Last week I went to a concert. It was for the ska band The Aquabats, who are the single greatest thing to ever happen to this Earth. I would advise everyone to check them out. I would also like to mention the band that played with them, Suburban Legends. When going to a concert, you usually figure that the opening bands are going to be complete n00bs. But this was defiantly not the case at this concert. Suburban Legends was extremely good, and I think everyone should hear their songs. Here is one of them:

Suburban Legends- Come Back Home


a s


On the topic of Rick Roll though, did anyone see the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade? The entire parade (let alone  anyone watching) was Rick Roll'd by Rick Astley himself!!! Yes, Rick Astley came out and sang 'Never Gonna Give You Up'. I was stunning at seeing it. It looks like the score is finally settled:

The Internet: 1

Not The Internet: 0

Here is the video if you are interested: (WARNING: MY CAUSE YOUR HEAD TO EXPLODE!)


So thanks to everyone for reading my pointless blog. I hope I meet anyone with a PS3 on the PlayStation Network (especially because I am in the Home Closed Beta, and it is looking pretty near completion). Everyone else, I hope I see you somewhere else (but see you none the less)! Thanks again!:D


My First LBP level is up! Please play it!

Yeah, so I finally published my first LBP. Any one who has the game, it would be greatly appreciated if you could play and heart it! It will be a suprise when you see it! My PSN is TheRepublic, so go ahead and add me!

And if you don't have LBP...well....I guess....ummm...yeah. I can't think of anything. No No, I got it! Go tell a friend that does have it to play my level. And...well... if you don't know anyonw with the game, you kinda just wasted your time reading this. You're the greatest friend ever (appling to everyone reading this, but particularly you!) :D


Three things I learned today!

Hi everyone!:D

Today was pretty much just a normal, nothing-epic day. Of course, I did learn three things that made me say, "Wow. I didn't know that at all." Normally, I don't marvel over trivial facts that I am unaware of, but I was just shocked today. I am not really sure if it was the facts, or just that fact that it was a Thursday. Call me crazy, but here are the interesting points:

1) Time Travel is (essentially) real!

Basically, the idea of time travel plays into the theroies of Einstien. But, hypothetically,if matter were able to reach a speed faster the speed of light, we would be "time traveling". An example of what could happen with this is time travel, but not like you imagine: If you went for a car trip faster than the speed of light, you'd arrive at your destination before you'd even leave, theoretically, Crazy, huh?

2) After being offered freedom, John McCain refused to leave imprisonment in Vietnam until everyone captured before him was released as well.

Love him or hate him, support him or opposing him, reguardless of political prospecitive, that takes guts (especially the way the Vietnamese would torcher their captives, ewww)!

3) Considering common trends, MGS4 should get a Director's Cut. And apparently the name of the game in going to be MGS4: Existence.

MGS2: Substance. MGS3: Substance. MGS4: Existence. I wonder what additional content will be add to an already stunning game? Another skateboarding mini-game?


Anyhow, thanks for listen to me talk about pointless material. Got a question? Fell free to ask me 8).

Have a great life everyone!