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Dead Island Review

So here it is without further a due, I'll begin with the Storyline, and Gameplay, sorry but this is all I have time for right now, if I get the weekend off I'll post a few more follow ups

Score: 7.7


Unfortunately this is where the game lacks so very much, like any other zombie movie or game for this matter it does not draw you into the game what-so-ever, which is a large disapointment considering the remarkable, and emotional driven trailer Dead Island had was so compelling that it confused most into believing there was some kind of dark, mysterious, and gloomy feel to the game. The game kicks off with you selecting one of four "heros", Xian Mei, Sam B, Logan, and Purna. Once done you're tossed into an interesting tutorial, possibly the most comfortable ones I've been through in a long time. You start by waking up in a hotel, all seems well and fine with nothing to complain about as the tropical sun fights its way through the blinds that are covering the far so good.

You're then prompted to leave your room, once you steadily walk into the hall way you get an instant feeling of an ominous energy. Luggage bags are unpacked and still craddled on the luggage cart, flicking lights dazzle in the far, scattered bottles, and paper give you a very firm grasp that something just isn't right. Moments later you hear a shreeking, and if you've ever watched 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead, or any other zombie movie, then you'd know what to do when facing a blood-soaken-babboon unarmed..yea, if you selected A) RUN LIKE might have saved yourself from being Mr. Chunk-Missing-From-Faces' dinner.

You're hurdled toward an elevator, and instantly torn downwards to the bottom floor with a crashing end due to the elevator malfunctioning but thats not all. Once off the elevator you have to keep on running, a voice shouts out that you must follow, several jogs later you burst through the door you figure the voice is coming from, knocked on your bum by zombies, just before dozing off from getting your arse handed to you by a mob of flesh eaters you catch a glimpse of a man, the man you must have heard, he trashes the zombies and just as he leans over you to check if you're alright..the screen goes black, thats one hell of a start to a hang over.

Upon the new screen you are standing before a life guard, John Sinamoi. He is one of many individuals that you will be doing odd jobs for, and for that matter I do not wish to list off all the individuals because it does go hand in hand when I am both lazy, and there are to many people to count in that game. Like stated above like any other zombie game or movie, it lacks in storyline..there is no meat on the bones for lack of a better term, its mostly a, "We heard there were survivors over there, lets go over there, I heard there was safety here, lets go here" kind of gig. Essentially there is a voice on a radio that promises he can get you off the island but you have to do a few jobs for him inorder to gain his trust, while working to meet this "voice" you do many hours of side quests and main quests..and just so we're clear the finale isn't exactly to die for.


Finally, something that this game does extremely well. What Dead Island lacks in unmotivated, and uninteresting tales it more then makes up for in combat. In my opinion it is probably the most inviting combat for melee I have ever seen in a game, it was superbly well done and it was richly fresh every time you decapitate a mindless walker, and it better be, taking into account you'll be facing A LOT of zombies..and the odd human to balance the madness out...did I also mention you can drive vehicles?

Lets begin with how it plays out, throughout the game you can pick up misc weaponry or random trash from bags (My advice to you is collect everything you see and do not sell it) you can use the weapons you find along with the random items you collect to make a unique weapon that is more powerful then the base line weapon you found, you can make anything from electrical surging machettes to sticky-bomb throwing knifes, and all the way to fire shooting shotguns the vast amount of modifications make it a treat to go out and scavenger around for random parts to see what you can make next.

Actually using these weapons is a whole other story, (For PC) holding down your right mouse button you enter into an ability that allows you to throw your weapons, a bright red X sort of thing pops up on the zombies, and depending on where you look the X will shift along with your movements. This X obviously indicates where you'll be throwing your weapon. Aiming at specific body parts will injure your targets, so if you throw a machette at their arms, they arms will become limp or be slashed off rendering them inable to give you a left hook. Aim for their legs and they'll be immobilized or dramatically slowed down and open for all sorts of attacks.

There are several types of zombies in this game which make the tactics more variable and random at times, especially taking note that everytime you level up, the surrounding enemies do as well which is very enjoyable to consistently have an evenly matched opponent instead of wondering every zone looking for a worthy challenge. There is a fat Bloat looking zombie which trys to cover you in acid, luckily though, this can work both ways though. If the Bloater spits the acid and misses or spews some love on his friendly dead pals and you just so happen to have a flammable utensil, you can light up where ever that acid hits, making for some good moments. Next in line is the Ram, a heavily fortified brute that charges towards you relentlessly with no regards for whats in his running lane. He does have a soft spot though, and no I'm not talking about him getting all emotional and calling you at night requesting to go out on a fancy dinner but more so that with such a heavily fortified front, his back side is completely open for an attack which optimizes all damage. There is a Suicider that is a toxic filled individual that basically looks like a human-like heart with beating toomers around his body that pulse, and once in his vicinity those toomer like things start beating until they advice is to ignore this fellow. I believe the last one is the Berserker who excels at close quarter combat with his relentless spew of unstoppable stream of attacks. When facing one of these, I always think back to that one Indiana Jones movies when Jones is pit against a well trained swordsmen that is doing all these fancy twirls and twists, front flips, back flips and what have you..only to be greeted with a lift of a handy pistol and to be shot right in the kisser.

This takes us to another feature represented in Dead Island, if you're having struggles with mass quantity of zombies, humans, erectile disfunctions or what have you, you can always hit the last resort button, "Rage", clicking on the designated button that activates it flings your character into a unholy ravaging stance of heightened power and accuracy. Every character has their unique ability that can be dispersed when in rage-mode but use it wisely, grasshopper..because it does have a limited use. Although having said that, you can upgrade Rage along with various other traits that each character seperately has, so you can be the ultimate survivor.

SIDE NOTE: even though this doesn't specifically sit into a category that was listed but the enviroment in this game is outstanding. The towns are full of characteristics that pulse with a story to be told, the city streets are engulfed with litter, torched cars, and unattended truly get a vibe like no other when roaming the streets or beaches in Dead Island, you can easily be swept away by its beauty.

The Good:

-Combat is outstanding and keeps fresh even when you're slaughtering something ever other second

-Visuals are outstanding as far as graphics

-The enviroments and layout of every zone is very well thoughout and extremely enjoyable, very immersive enviroments

-Weapon modifications are vast, keeping your choices wide open to fit your style of gameplay

-Vehicles are fun to drive, clobbering zombies as they mindlessly run into a 2 ton trunk is always fun to watch

-The skill tree is always fun to use when upgrading your survivor to become more powerful

-Surrounding zombies level up with you, so you're always against a top contender

The Bad:

-Storyline is uninspired and rather dull

-Finale wasn't much of a shocker, and a bit aggrivating rather then challenging

-Some areas have to much zombies and make it nearly impossible to maneuver if you're not cooperatively playing with friends.

The Ugly:

-The voice acting is almost painfull to listen to

Busy Busy Busy

Its been a long time since I've posted a blog, must be in part of the reason that I'm currently working two jobs, a security guard and a bouncer at a night club..both jobs taking up more of my time considering they're all night shift oriented jobs. Oh well, money is money and work is work. I guess I'll begin with what I'm planning to do with the next few weeks with my blog..hopefully, when I get additional time to do so, I'll be selecting the top games from "My Most Inticipated Games of 2011" list right below this blog post and possibly cordinate a review for the selected ones. I have already played Dead Island and I'll hopefully be working on a review the minute I post this if not, possibly when I wake up at about 6AM/EST cause I literally just walked in the door from work several minutes ago.

Possibly as a little treat I'll do a muchly awaited for review of Battlefield 3's Beta and possibly go in depth on what I experienced and all that sweet stuff, I'm glad to be back (sort of), and I'll try my best to hook you folks up with latest reviews, news, and all things that could be interesting to you and myself also.

Sarge out.

My most anticipated games for 2011

We're just about to turn the corner and be steps away from the best portion of the year with the best releases. There are a lot of games coming out within the small window between now and the end of this year. The best way to talk about each release is probably in an ordered fashion as to when they'll be expected to hit the shelf.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - August 24th, 2011

Although I'll admit I have never played the first prequel to this game but considering it has been given a lot of credit for its extensive customization and replayability this game will not go unmissed as one of the most inticipated game releases that I am most excited for, and hopefully getting my hands on it within the near future.

Dead Island - September 6th, 2011

As a huge fan of the zombie genre, along with cooperative option when playing a game, Dead Island truly caught my eye when I started following it back in 2009. Its going to be set on a tropical island where you must use the tools or items across the landscape inorder to help you survive against the many zombies that have mysteriously sprawled across the island. Dead Island will be show casing a new "Damage over time" feature for zombies, so if you bluntly "eliminate" a zombie, hours later they will ressurect and be living once more only to mirror the damage you delt to them. This game will also be featuring a custome weapon building system much like Dead Rising but the overall combat system seems much more challenging for you will have fatigue that you'll need to watch very closely so you don't engulf yourself with hordes of zombies and be given no tactics to evade them. As far as I've seen it will be a melee heavy based game and guns such as assault rifles or shotguns will act as gold because they're very powerful and hard to find. The towns or cities will have to be avoided as much as possible inorder to survive because they will be holstering the large populations, and if you've watched enough zombie films you will know that larger populated cities equal large undead civilians.

Driver: San Francisco - September 6th, 2011

I can't say I am truly excited for this game but if the developers state they're going back to the clasic Driver controls of vehicle maneuverability then I am truly keeping my eye out for this game because I really enjoyed the Driver series even if they were infested with bugs or glitches it made for an extremely enjoyable adrenaline filled driving experience. The new features will include; Shift, and a large variety of multiplayer modes that you can choose from. I'm not sure how they can incorporate this new Shift feature without making this game into something that isn't believable but regardless I will be keeping my eye out for Driver, regardless of its rating on release.

Rage - October 4th,2011

Rage seems to be the dark horse of this years releases, it hasn't exactly been trying to push a lot of hype but having said that it should considering the grand fathers of FPS' are behind this game and upon every video they make about the behind-the-scenes business about the game, it just pulls me in more and more. It seems they're the rare company that actually innovates on something that requires innovation. They have made it so AI is truly random, making 500 death possibilities for each enemy you'll encounter so if you shoot them in the chest they may tumble to the ground and seek coverage or they could bear down with the wounds they've been delt and charge full throttle towards you with no remorse. This is something I've always wanted from a game, where the AI is truly unpredictable rather then knowing if I shoot an enemy in the chest a couple times they'll tumble over or just make it easy for me to shuttle a bullet into their empty minds. Rage will definetly be a first release date purchase for me.

Batman: Arkham City - October 18th, 2011

Althoguh I have not been following this game as much as I'd like to, the combat system looks flawless along with the storyline and boss fights. It seems like Batman will truly get to spread his wings in this game and you'll get to see how deadly of a bat-ninja he can be.

Battlefield 3 - October 25th, 2011

If you know me you'll know I am all about DICE and the Battlefield series. Battlefield 3 will be showcasing a very long list of improvements from Battlefield 2. The most notable improvements and innovations would have to include the Frostbite 2.0 engine that was designed chiefly for Battlefield 3, along with a never before seen single player and cooperative in the original Battlefield series (Bad Company is not part of the original Battlefield series). There will be the returning, Rush mode, Conquest mode, Deathmatch, and lots of others. This will probably be one of my most wanted games for this year and next.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - November 11th, 2011

What can be said for one of the most successful RPG series ever to be created? "I can not wait". Between Battlefield 3 and Skyrim, I will find it extremely difficult to find any spare time in my social life. Not only is it a new place to adventure around in but there is lots of new content starting with dungeons being designed to stick out from one another, dragons to hunt, ability to create and made your own customized armor. Along with re-engineered combat systems where you'll be able to learn specific tricks for each individual ****you choose or custom create and have full capable movement for combat with both arms. Skyrim will be just as difficult to put down as Battlefield 3 will be.

Saints Row: The Third - November 15th, 2011

From its wacky and over the top origins, I hope they carry over that mentality in this new release. I miss being able to fling civilians onto incoming traffic, jumping off buildings to gain insurance fraud, chasing down rioters or theifs with rocket launchers, joining car derbies or getting into a fight club and learn new martial arts to take down enemies. This game truly has something unique to offer and in the same hand offers so much, I remember being sidetracked with all the mini side activities I could do in the game that I didn't even complete the storyline. I hope to be swallowed up by this sequel like I was with its earlier releases.

Thats my most anticipated releases for the remaining months of 2011, I'd like to know what yours would be so drop a comment below!

TF2 Gone F2P

I was rather shocked to say the least after Valves most recent actions towards one of its golden releases, Team Fortress 2. Team Fortress 2 has officially gone free to play a few nights ago and it only seemed fair that I'd go back in time with my memories of this particular series. Although I shouldn't be shocked completely about their actions considering a week before its announcement of transitioning into the free to play genre, they had pretty feirce endorsements on STEAM broadcasting all the "best" free to play games within the STEAM store and other locations as well. I was the few million (that sounds strange) who bought the Orange Box that contained Team Fortess 2 on October 10th, 2007 (which later on was sold seperately from the Orange Box) along with a large portion of other joyful wonders from Valve. The first time I played Team Fortress 2 was when it was originally called Team Fortress Classic, which was essentially a modification for Quake. It had to be one of my most favorite games of all time still to this day, there was no over powered classes (although on the original TF, if you were a medic and "healed" an enemy with your med pack you would poison them and render them uncureable unless you had a medic on your team who could reverse the symptoms, if not you would steadily die and go hunting for med packs to boost your HP back to full for a few minutes till it declined once again.) or perks, killstreaks, vehicles or other modern attractions you'll see in todays gaming world, it was the best and well balanced multiplayer I put my hands on. The classic version of the game, just as the most recent, had two teams, Red and Blue along with 9 distinct classes; Pyro, Engineer, Sniper, Spy, Heavy, Demo, Medic, Scout, and Soldier. Each of the classes have the arsenal to counter eachother as if it was some strange combat food chain pyramid that had no peak, although the dominant class would have to be represented by how well you played a character.

Although the rescent installment of Team Fortress removed some of the popular game modes such as the Hostage Escort, where one team would have a selected player who would have reduced health and only a nifty umbrella (Which sounded like a crowbar if you banged a wall with it, oddly enough.), the object was to escort this player to a point in the map inorder to win, if your civilian died then another player would respawn as the civilian until you successfully transferred the "umbrella civilian" to safety; whoever had the less deaths of the civilian would win.

Team Fortress 2 still packed a mighty punch in the FPS genre, it held onto its true multiplayer core of being balanced until the series turned into Hat Fortress 2 upon the "Sniper Versus Spy Update" where Valve introduced hats to the game, at this point the game sort of lost its appeal to me but I still stuck to it, then new weapons arrived for some classes, then some more hats, then some more weapons until there were to many to count or keep track of. The most silly thing was, people were buying these virtual hats for real life cash along with the weapons. Regardless, it came to a point for me where the game was more founded on hats then it was on its classic and well balanced multiplayer; so I took a break from the game for a couple months to let all the obsessed hat collectors to chill out. Upon my magestic arrival back from being neglected from this game, I got a warm welcome back by more weapons...and more hats, the weapons became more overpowered for individual classes yet the game was still enjoyable because I fought past all the "Shortstops", and "Backburners" and other countless weapons poured into the game.

Through all the strange routes Team Fortress 2 took, the Free to Play announcement was the most annoying. I know I may get a lot of critisism for this but my opinion on Free to Play games is that the majority of them (With few exceptions) are pretty bad and poorly moderated. The only reason the company transfers to Free to Play is to broadcast what they made for free inorder to get their name out on the street, and yet Valve doesn't fit any of these categories. It seems they're in it for the money, and I'm sure its a smart thing for them to do financially because I'm sure they made more money selling hats then they have actually made selling copies of the game. So, they must open the game up to regular Free to Play players (Not that I have a big issue with that) but when I purchased this game I felt special because I was apart of something that other people werent, a historical game and now that its Free to Play it seems like it has lost its glimmer and shine in my perspective. It kind of feels like I was cheated. As if you go to a music concert, you pay full price for the ticket, you find your seat (or find where your group of friends are hanging out) and then right before the artist performs his/her song they announce that the show is free and its open to all. Now I'm sure thats one hell of a horrible way to put it but it difficult to describe how it feels, the game is open to anyone that wants to join but those individuals don't appreciate the value of the game, it just feels hollow now. And the funny part of it is that for all the people who were part of the legacy from Team Fortress Classic to Team Fortress 2, Valve rewarded us with a hat...

The Return of The King

I'm surprised I haven't made any effort to even mention this arse kicker in my previous blogs before. Duke Nukem is back and it almost seems shocking that I say that, after all it has been 15 years in development and is coming out in less then a month from now. To be quite honest, from reading posts in response to the numerous trailers, interviews, and teasers a lot of people are trashing the game because of the not so visually appealing graphics it has going on. This is what is wrong with todays gaming apart from re-hashes of re-hashes, it seems that games are as only as good as they look in terms of visuals. The weird thing is, I've come from a generation and run a clan that has members who believe it should be game play before visuals, I still have friends who play Battletoads just because of the challenge it has, and I'm not sure if you've seen that game but I'm fairly sure the first Madden game looked more beautiful. That's the thing, I hope Randy Pitchford (Director of Gearbox / Developer of Duke Nukem) realizes that the Duke Nukem series was more then just looking at the visuals, sure its nice to have a game where a tree looks identical to a real tree but lets not stray away from the point, games are there to have fun with.

Duke Nukem was and hopefully will continue the trend of smooth game-play and a character that you don't need to read five books, and hundreds of website threads to understand and comprehend his complex biography. Thats what I miss completely, a character that your inner gaming ego feels at home with, a character that would rather choose brute force over tippy toeing around and not have any remorse for his actions, which is fantastic, games now have these silly morale standards you must abide by.. I don't want to think about my moral standards in a make believe world. I want to shoot things, kill things, and blow up whatever I want without the concern of offending another faction because of my behaviours. If I wanted all that I wouldn't buy a game, I'd just live my own damn life because developers are trying to twist the fabrics of reality and virtual reality, which in some cases are good but in other cases its just getting to the point where if you've got a good enough income to pay a monthly subscription or purchase a collectors edition for additional content within a game so you can spend more time playing a specific game, you could sadly live two lives. I'm sure you can take many games for example that stretch way to far in order to be realistic, the latest Grand Theft Auto(GTA) game developed by Rockstar, you can get drunk, go on dates with women, play pool, and other things. Of coarse in previous GTA's you could do some of the things listed above but it was still over the top, such as San Andreas, driving off buildings, crash landing with planes but diving out at the last minute, it felt like they were rewarding you for doing fun and ridiculous things but now they're trying to take a more serious approach.

This is why Duke Nukem is needed, and I'm glad Gearbox picked this project up and I'm glad Randy Pitchford (a previous helping hand of past Duke Nukem games) is leading the development because he knows what Duke is all about. Personally, this game could be very bad or very good but to me it wouldn't matter, Duke Nukem is Duke Nukem and its better to say that we finally got to see the original arse kicker come back then to inevitably be asking ourselves time after time again,"What if?". I wish you luck Gearbox and hope you bring Duke Nukem home, you have quite the responsibility on your shoulders, take your time and give us the return of The King (Just not another 15 years though).

How do you feel about this release?

The Rivalry Continues

Here I am sitting at my computer glancing at these various threads that are defending their beloved FPS games, Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty Warfare 3. Personally, I hate to be bias but I've always been a Battlefield fan, its difficult to get angry at DICE when all they do is succeed and raise the bar more and more upon every release of every game they've developed, battlefield being the most important. I think we can all remember Battlefield 1942 on September 10th, 2002 and the unique memories it gave us, the wide spread maps, weapons, and a large selection of vehicles to giggle and get goggle-eyed about. It didn't stop there of coarse, Battlefield 2 came out several worth-the-wait years later on June 21st, 2005. It once again proved it could excel and pass its previous ambitions by implementing fantastic team work effort, squad base tactics, and an optional Commander Mode which had its unique abilities; from dropping off vehicles to a specific area on the map, to supply squads in need of ammunition, and all the way to bombarding a vicinity with a shower of shells. Although in the past few releases that include Bad Company, and its sequel, Bad Company 2 which will be more predominantly remember for its invention of destructible environments, remarkable graphics, and not to mention a design in gameplay where team work is a must. I can only imagine how DICE can top off these features when they release Battlefield 3 (hopefully on its preset date somewhere in November) considering you could detail Battlefield 3 as a re-masking of its prequel, Battlefield 2.

Battlefield 3 is going to have an engine that will further the technology and destructibility that was in Bad Company 2 with their new frost bite engine. I can only drool at the future, and even if they just did a face lift of Battlefield 2 by just remodeling the maps, characters, weapons, and adding a few more features it would still be the best modern shooter because there will always be a warm and fuzzyspot in my heart for such a memorable game. To me, Battlefield is much like Starcraft..a game you can continuously play even if the graphics arent up to par because its reached its pinnacle, it has been tested through time, and I'm sure if I had the time I'd still play Battlefield 2 if the player count was there but now its swallowed up by the hard-harcore players who would involuntarily kick my ass continuously. The same could not be said for DICE's "rivalry", Call of Duty...and whatever company out of the two..or three..or five companies it takes to make that eye-soar of a game.

I've played Call of Duty all the way up to when it became a Madden Franchise of rinse-and-repeat gameplay, infact I'd find it hard to even call it a Madden franchise because at least with Madden the players change, along with the graphics. The first Call of Duty was released on October 29th, 2003. I remember playing the single player non-stop, it was - I'll admit - a unique experience because it had something DICE never gave their games until most recent times; single player. The single player had emotional driven moments that could not be mistaken from any other game, then from there came its glorious World War 1 and 2 genre styled game which was expertly crafted. Now to most recent dates, Modern Warfare 1 (MW1), Modern Warfare 2(MW2), and Black Ops(BO) and the soon to arrive, Modern Warfare 3. Modern Warfare 1, released on November 7th, 2007. It seemed to me like it was going to be a fantastic game because I enjoyed playing Infinity Ward and Treyarchs nascent work. I was mistaken and sadly awake when I spent more then what the product was worth on the Limited Edition.

The Single Player was fantastic but it seemed that's all I was paying for, the multiplayer was sub par at the time...I didn't think much of it due to the excessive use of grenade launchers and corner humpers (campers) that seemed to plague the on-line atmosphere. Which is what brings us to Modern Warfare 2's release two years later on November 10th, 2009. Due to my extreme angry and violent disregard for Modern Warfare 1 I decided I was done with Call of Duty (Spent around $70 dollars on the limited edition and probably spent a month playing it) and was convinced I'd never buy their product again. So a few days passed, a few friends got it, another week passed and a few more friends bought it until finally I broke my oath, now bare with me I didn't buy it right away. Instead, I asked how it differed from Modern Warfare 1. The responses were, "Its changed a lot!", "Its soooo much better you have to get it, its so much fun!". It seemed convincing so one cold December night in Canada, I believe it was somewhere below minus 17, I walked 10KM to a local Gamestop store and purchased..yes..the limited edition of Modern Warfare 2. My teeth chattering in the snow and rainy blizzard as my testicles shut up into my stomach I was practically digesting them. I then got home, installed the game and uploaded it onto STEAM, awaiting me was my friend who pushed me to buy it.

I played it that night for approximately two hours then quit. After that probably 8 to 10 more times within 5 months, I could not distinguish what was different in that game compared to Modern Warfare 1, it was the same thing, same weapons, same everything just with a brighter glow, and a riot shield..definitely not worth walking in a blizzard for. I could not tell you what the difference between MW1 and MW2 was. So that brings us to our second last game from Treyarch; Black Ops. I assure you I didn't succumbed to the effortless howls of my friends reviews of Black Ops that were the same quotes as used to try and persuade me as they did with MW2. In fact I played Bad Company upon its release, and played Bad Company after its release. I found out several months later that a friend of mine got it, so I went over and played it, to my not-so-surprised it was exactly like MW1, and MW2 only a different company made it..oh and the guns just had an even more dramatically shiny contrast to them.

Apart from some (and by some I mean hardly noticeable) new weapons, new claustrophobic maps, and a new Storyline that's barely pushing the envelope of 5 hours long. So I saved myself a few dollars by listening to that small voice in my head saying, "nothing is going to change." and nothing will change. Modern Warfare 3 which has been announced to come out in November right after Battlefield 3 cought me off guard. Why? Well because they declared a rivalry towards DICE stating they would beat them at their own game, which they firstly declared upon Bad Company 2, as well and from my honest opinion, Infinity Ward fell straight on their asses. Infinity Ward stated they will be making MW3 with bigger maps, and destructible environments much like what DICE does more then very well. How is the what-seems-to-be a PlayStation 1 engine that Infinity Ward and Treyarch are still using be able to handle not only bigger maps, not only destructible environments but also do all that and handle as much player slots in a server? I can only say this..they're letting their false and unworthy reputation of being the best FPS of our decade going to their head and treading into an area that will destroy their franchise, and I only hope it will but in logical terms it wont because 9 year olds still need a Call of Duty they believe in, a home that never changes. (My bad if you're not 9 years old and play Call of Duty but upon every time I play the game there is a chipmunk singing in my ear).

But I guess whether which side you want to root for it all comes down to this; which game are you willing to walk 10KM+ for in a blizzard as your testicles are digested by your stomach for?

Times are a'Changin'

I've lost my place in gaming, throughout the years it seems games have had their highs and low but now a days it seems we're heading into that intoxicating low valley of shame. Usually, I wouldn't be to worried but now with all these set games that have been pronounced to be the king of a specific genre, I've lost hope. The one game in particular that I'm alluding too is the ever-so-great "Call of Duty". This game was so dreadful and soaking in its own filth, yet even if its founded on campers, hackers, greivers, and children shouting into their microphones; it's supposedly the best FPS of the decade.

Now, I'm quite aware every game will have the selected groups that tarnish the game from the inside out, from hackers to campers but Call of Duty pretty much secured its spot in exceeding all that could be wrong in a game.

I've spent countless hours wondering how in hell Call of Duty is the most popular game in the FPS series, I must have missed something along the way. Is selfishness, and lack of team work the new preset norm of modern gaming? If it is, then by all means Call of Duty deserves the Game Of The Year Award.