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Havent been in here like a year almost but actually is 10 months lol

I been busy on xbox live lately so i been playing final fantasy 13 and i think it sucked me in to see how awesome it is :) i had a book too :) to help me with this difficult math game lol haha.

But so far i know Bennyishere added me so really he had some good points on halo and Forza 3 but he has some good skill i seen what he sent me the video on the same map i shared him on halo 3 as he had untouchable on a hog as i had a running riot, man i know halo 3 is cheesy than cod but i think it's awesome the fact if someone had online before there way better then the new people who play online lol.

I'm not sure if it is fact but i still love it when i earn achievments and reach i good thousand milestone :) but many good xbox game mean good gaming :)

So porbablyi need to spend more tim in here haha anyway so i miss the site hell alot and my friends i have :)

Wow i have never been in here for like a year :(

i got union messages about unions and them updates which some interest me and some of them i keep forgetting to leave but i have never went to this website for ages :(

i went to socialsing websites like facebook and myspace i couldn't find any xbox live users in thereso really i had hesitations and insults on one thing on xbox live is agression i had my first xbox live account about since at the end of July so you gotta stick with me i'm just new to to xbox live thats all it matters.

the games i enjoy alot are on my list (maily the ones i done for the achievments so bear in mind i focus on achievemnts for effort and if i had all of the achievements i just say i just play for fun for now on.

i will list you what games i can be bothered to play and not bothered and what game i dont have that was listed on my gamer tag.

Games i can not be bothered playing: Gears of war 2 (worst rank match system i seen dont get me wrong i got minus exp on level 1 so bear in mind i'm not drunk to be insane in this game)

Games i dont own in my gamertag: CoD4 (i actually sold it cause it bored me since i had all achievements so i'm not going to be having prestige mode so i'm not gonna tourture myself to addict myself with such pitiful waste) Gears of war 1 (it was my friends game so i had 2 achievments so i'm not getting the game) Fifa 08 and 07 (my friends game again but the achievements are lame to get for me)

Games i'm ok to play are: Soulcalibur 4, Forza 2, Star wars battlefront, Battlefield 1943 (this game is absolute funny) Street fighter 4

there few more if your interested so my gamertag is on my profile so enjoy it and if you want to add my gamertag let me know by message please if your from gamespot

My huge apologies of my 1 year absence

i was working on my 6th form college so i cant be on the net all the time so i do loads of thing.

All i think of is i'm very sorry. I'm going to try my best to be active as i can.

i might get xbox live next week :D

Regards to all of you


The Conduit

I SERIOSUSLY love the game!! I seen the trailer from my friend at youtube and it was amazing what High Voltage software used the Quantum3 engine, it's limitated to the Playstation 3 and the xboxb 360's visual graphics but it's very amazing and the techlonogy is absolutley outstanding, i've just pre-ordered it and i'm not sure where it will come out, i've only know in North America it's released on March 2009 but i dont know where the released in the UK so i dont know where it will be the same to north americas release date, i seen some recent shots from nintendo power and nintendo life, i'm so willing to get this amazing game with new wii acessories, i cant wait for the products to be like, virtual reality ^^


My hugest absence :(

Sorry guys i haven't got into Gamespot well because i was bored and my friends uh maybe some of them just wants to retire of Gamespot cause they think its boring. So for me i never been on this thing for almost 7 months but unexpected happened that my levels are unexcpected into awesomeness like i'm on now but i'm happy with it but i am just seeing if i get any callbacks from my old friends on Gamespot to see if they miss me or they thought they wasted me cuz i was friends with them.



PSP slim PWNS the orignal version.

It might be the same but tis' feature changes alot and the version can be up to 3.70 or higher (It's .90 at stores)

But when you fit an usb on the slim it can recharge the battery ^^ It's way better than the orignal trust me purchase the slim and trade yer old PSP.