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Not So Happy Friday

Hey guys, how everyone been lately?, I got some news I wanna share with you, it isn't good news but thought I would anyway so here goes:

Friday was just a regular day, as my mom drove my dad to his dialysis treatment like she usually does every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, from what my mom was told *when she went to pick him up* the treatment went well, but than as my dad got up his heart stop beating so they perform CPR on him *which brought him back* and rush him to hospital, during the ride his heart stop again and went unconscious, my little brother and his girlfriend came to get me to go the hospital *at the time I was sleeping*, than the three of us went to the hospital and into the waiting room, where we all was hoping/wishing for the best for our dad, even some friends from church came to say a prayer to my dad, after some waiting we was told they try giving him CPR *I believe meds too* for twenty minutes to bring him back, my dad didn't response at all to their effort so they decided to take him off life support and now he gone, somewhere between all of that it seem my dad had a stroke due to not getting oxygen and blood to his head for a set period of time *what my mom was told*.

I'm not gonna lie I regret not being super close to my dad, it wasn't that he wasn't a great dad because he was, more like I'd push people away and didn't want to be social with them, also regret not being the best damn son he could've ask out of me , of course not perfect but close enough because who is right??

Feel free to leave your condolences, would appreciate it.



Wow, gotta say you sure know what to say *thanks alot*, sure assuming I stick around more often. 


I'm so sorry man :( Really... I kinda understand your regret but I'm sure your Dad there in heaven doesn't want you to feel bad, and continue on with your life, if he was a great dad like you said I'm sure you were and are a good son, his perfect son, every dad loves his children no matter what, from that moment we are born our parents loves us :) Make your Dad there in Heaven proud of you :)

Rest in Peace.

P.S If you need someone to talk to here in Gamespot, I'm here :D