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My Favorite Anime Intro Song V4

Sorry about the delay was sick for a couple of days, combine that with being somewhat lazy and busy at times, anyway I'm feeling better now(for a few days now actually), anyway here the last part of this series I started way back in September I believe, where I post some of my favorite anime songs, for those new to my friend list the setup is as follow, click the images to see the intro for that specific anime, the link below the pictures are for the full song(Artist Name, Song Title), so listen to each one and tell us which is your favorite :D.

Previous Entry V1, V2, V3

For Those Curious(If one of the link doesn't work, than look up the song on Youtube)

Yugo The Negotiator - Just love this song it's really easy going and nice to listen too(Sorry couldn't find the first Intro that goes with this song).

Yugo The Negotiator

Eiichiro Taruki - Modern Size

Get Backer - I chose the 2nd Opening for this anime, it's a great song fits the intro well.

Get Backers

PIERROT -Barairo no Sekai(Rose-Colored World)

Blade of the Immortal - I like this song sound pretty cool, you have to hear over and over again to dig it(Sorry about the pervy-like intro :? ).

Blade of the Immortal

Makura no Sōshi - Akai Usagi

Tenjho Tenge - A cool fun song with a great beat gotta love it(Same as above sort of :? ).

Tenjho Tenge

m.c.A-T Feat. DA PUMP- Bomb a Head

Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars - I went with the 2nd Opening, this song just rock and sound really great, I love the beginning though the whole song is great.

Supr Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars

JAM Project - Rising Force

Tokko - "dB - Nothing" Extra # 4 - Just all-round sweet opening has a nice flow to it, too bad It isn't longer.


So that conclude this series, I hope you guys enjoy it and don't fell too bad If I didn't put one of your favorites on the list, I mostly wanted to go with the unknown or least popular shows, so I wish you all Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday :D. P.S. I didn't do the images below so don't sue me :P.

Merry Christmas, One Piece StyIe!!

Coming Up Next: December Play List(Let's Hope)