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Look Out Pandora's Tower!!

If you was wondering what the new videos I uploaded was all about than read down below, I though I would blog about this game incase you guys was unaware of it, all the credits go to Anoop for each of the articles, also If you want to check out more articles on the game go into one of the links below(afterward on that page scroll down and click all articles on Pandora's Tower).

As detailed earlier, the game is centered on two characters, Ende and his friend Ceres.


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The setting of the game is the Graecia continent, where in the kingdom of Elysium the harvest festival has begun. Ceres has been chosen to sing at the event, but as she takes the podium, beasts appear in the area.

In the ensuing confusion, Ende manages to find Ceres, but she's unconscious. She's about to be taken into custody by the army as a witness to the beast appearance. With the help of a merchant named Graiai, the two manage to escape to an isolated tower.

Ceres ends up being cursed following the beast attack. Ende learns that to clear the curse he must gather the flesh of beasts that live within the tower. He decides to try his hand at the tower.

The three principle characters introduced in the magazine are:

Ceres - 15 years old. She was selected from a large number of girls to sing at the harvest festival. She's a devout believer of the Eos religion.

Ende - The game's 22-year-old main character. He was a former soldier of Athens during a war with Elysium. He's a man of few words.

Graiai - The merchant who helps Ceres and Ende. He appears to be of the dwarf race. He gives you the Orichalcum Chain, which lets its possessor know Ceres' state.

The Orichalcum Chain that Graiai gives you is the central gameplay element in the game. As mentioned above, it allows you to know Ceres' state. As you play, you'll see a timer in the lower left of the screen. This timer is an indication of how far Ceres' curse has progressed. When it reaches zero, the game ends.

You'll also use the chain to restrain the servant beasts you encounter in the towers and tear their flesh off for delivery to Ceres, and also to clear the various gimmicks that you encounter in the tower.

The tower is actually not just one tower -- there are twelve, of varying size. Each tower has a different theme. For example, there's the Red Flame Tower, which blocks your progress with fire.

If you reach the deepest point in each tower, Ende will encounter a boss. The flesh of the bosses of all the towers is required to completely clear Ceres of her curse. The flesh of the servant beasts can only temporarily halt the curse's progress.

Pandora's Tower is due for release on May 26 at ¥6,800. You can see the game's first trailer clip below. The clip appeared on the Everyone's Nintendo channel on Wii earlier today.

Retailers have shared a few additional details on Nintendo's new Wii action RPG Pandora's Tower.

The game's control scheme was previously somewhat of a mystery as many assumed the game's chain mechanics meant motion controls. This actually is the case, but only optionally.

Main character Ende wields a chain as his primary means of attack. This special chain is capable of tearing the flesh of the beasts that he encounters, something he must do because Ceres, the game's heroine, requires beast flesh to survive a curse which is slowly turning her a beast, both physically and mentally.

As you make your way to the boss that awaits on the top floor of each of the game's thirteen towers, you can use the chain in the following ways:

  • Grab and pull flesh and items from beasts.
  • Restrain the beasts with the chain and then go in for the kill with another weapon.
  • Restrain one beast with the chain, then swing it around to strike other enemies.
  • Use the chain to latch on to walls and swing from location to location.
  • Use the chain to manipulate switches.

You can control the action either with the Wiimote and Nunchuck or with theCIassic Controller. When using the Wiimote and Nunchuck combo, the Wiimote directly controls the chain, allowing you to feel like you're swinging a real chain apparently. TheCIassic Controller option allows for pure button-based play.

For those wondering about progression, the retail listing describes the game as an "exploration-styIe action RPG." This is causing some speculation that progression could be along the lines of Metroid or Castlevania rather than a linear romp through the towers. We'll have to wait for more details from Nintendo.

Here's the second promotional video for Nintendo's new Wii action RPG Pandora's Tower. The video was released on the Everyones' Nintendo channel earlier today.


Better Version

After some initial chanting, we hear the merchant Graiai telling main character Ende that he has to make his friend Ceres eat beast flesh in order to rid herself of a curse that's slowly turning her into a beast. Next, we see lots and lots of gameplay as Ende makes use of his chain to navigate the stages of play and collect the recommended beast meat (which actually looks like beast hearts to me!).

Towards the end of the clip, we see pure little Ceres forced to eat the beast meat that Ende gets for her... raw! Oh by the way, did I mention that she's a vegetarian? Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!

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