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December Play List / Is This My Last Story

Sorry about the mis-leading title(2nd half)though you'll see why in a bit but first my playlist, I didn't get to play too much since I was mostly on here or watching some shows, though let's take a look at what I play this month, also I did a review on FlingSmash so go and read it my first new review since 2008 :shock:, apparently I'm the first person to review it *High Five* so I hope you enjoy the read and thump up If you dig it, so moving on here the other game I played.

Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010(PS2)- I have to say SVR 2010 is pretty much a great game, the create a wrestler mode is much more improved than the previous version(compare to 06 and 07), I was able to create the three wrestlers that I normally do and I'm proud of the results, this is the first time playing around with the create a finisher mode which is awesome, it's pretty deep so you can make some impressive looking finisher I just wish they had so you could make a submission finisher, In this version you can raise your created wrestler stat simply by playing matches after a match you get points that you can allocate to any attribute you want(provided If the limit went up), I really like how there not much of a hub except the circle meter that surround your character, you can apply abilities to your character like being able to perform aerial move from inside the ring to the outside or the ability to push the referee at your opponent(to name two).

The Royal Rumble is different from the last few entry and It's pretty darn fun(when you grab someone near the rope, a struggle battle occur where you have to press the button that the screen is telling you, after a few taps it changes to another button so you have to tap that a few time, and so on), I like how you can have two different theme song for your Stable(one for when only two people from your team come out, than another when three people come out to the ring), It disappointing that they don't have the Buried Alive Match which was really fun in the previous installments, the game has a Story Editor so you can make up your own dramatic tales I haven't messed around with it yet though it seem like there a lot of options for you play around with, So I can can't wait to try it out and make some crazy stories.

Ok I uploaded a new video for The Last Story If you want to see a better version than go here.


If you guys missed The Last Story Event that took place last Sunday Night than check out these videos of the event with Mr. Sakaguchi and gang Part 1(skip to 7:54), Part 2, Part 3, I watch it live on Sunday and it was totally awesome lots of great stuff :D, for some reason I didn't notice this before so enjoy Earth Seeker Debut Trailer, also I made some avatars and signatures on The Last Story that you can see here(click uploaded stuff to see the others), I use the background from the wallpaper as the base, seeing as the original image of the characters had all white background, I decided to use the Fuzzy Select Tool in Gimp to focus on the character themself than I went to Select and hit Invert, afterward I copy than paste the character into the background that you see now, I had to go a bit in-depth to remove white area or what not, so what I did was click and spead a little box over the tan background than copy, select Bucket Fill Tool and change fill type to Pattern Fill, after that I click the square where you choose a pattern from there I selected the first design(which contain the pattern I just copyand bang It was time to fill in the loose end, It's the first time I use this technique so let me know how I did, I plan to using most of those avatars/sigs starting tomorrow(New Year)so I will be switching between them, So that will be all I hope everyone have an awesome New Year :D, also Wow :shock: this is the last blog of this year.

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