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Back Online, Damn Vindictus Episode 9

Did you guys miss me?, well we finally got internet again after a few weeks of having none *got it back just yesterday*, so while away I had more time to play Monster Hunter Tri and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II- The Sith Lords both of which I completed already *awesome games*, though I got some extra quests in single-player mode I need to finish that was added after beating MT3 *not to mention complete the online portion of the game too*.

So far I beaten two out of seven of the extra quests I'm seriously wondering If I can beat the rest, since on most of them you have to hunt 2 monsters and it can take you awhile to do as a Gunner even with the best bowgun parts* you only get 50 minutes to do them too*, I did the hunt Rathian and Rathalos quest ended up running out of time while fighting the Rathian :lol: I was just able to slay the Rathalos *so gotta try it again*.

Also before losing our connection I was able to sign up on Steam and get Portal for free *was a limited time thing*, so I was playing that as well while away really cool interesting game, you guys should really check it out if you haven't yet.


So I was on the official Vindictus website yesterday, when I read that Nexon would be adding Episode 9 to the game today :shock: *Click the image below to see the trailer*.


Basically this mean new content will be added to the game like new Bosses, new armor sets and weapons to be obtain, etc, I'm pretty excited about the new episode :D but I'm also sad too, I really wanted to be well prepare for the new boss battle to come, due to no internet I was just able to get a new shield :( I was working on getting a new armor set and a long hammer before the away time, I guess I should atleast be glad I'm back just in time for the new stuff right :lol:.

So right now I'm waiting for Nexon to finish up the maintenance work on the patch for the game, and hopefully get a chance to play if my bro let's me >_>, I'm pretty sure some of my guildmates from *Forsaken Heroes* will be doing the new stuff so I really want to join in as well, kind of worry about Colru though one of my friend said you gotta have like 12,000 or over in attack to do pretty good damage to him, I got around 10,000 something *I believe gotta check* in attack so a bit of a disadvantage right there for me *wish me luck :lol:*, so for those interested you can checkout this preview on Episode 9 *enemy description, new armor sets preview* and this Prologue story leading up to the new content *you can view another trailer there too*.

So yeah how you guys been doing? :D