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July Play List / Tactics Ogre is Back ^_^

Well let's take a look shall we, here what I play in July.

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance(GBA)- This is the third Castlevania game(the other two being Symphony of the Night and Circle of the Moon respectively)I played and I have to say it was a pretty awesome game, In this one you play as Juste Belmont who is out to save his friend Ladie from Dracula grasp, as you continue farther in the game you uncover of what happen to Ladie and how she end up in Dracula's Castle, this game is pretty much the easiest Castlevania in the series(though you can enter a password when registering a name for your file to make the game harder), one of the thing I really like about this game is Boss Rush Mode which can be alot of fun to play(especially if you're going for the fastest time), also collecting funitures through-out the castle to set them up in Juste's Room is pretty cool as well.

Gradius Galaxies(GBA)- I haven't play that many shoot 'em up lately, so it was pretty great change of pace playing through this game, It basically one of those side-scrolling sci-fi space shooter, I thought this game was pretty awesome though it can be pretty tough at time, the good thing is if you die they'll reset you to that spot if not close to it so it isn't too bad, one of the thing I though was really interesting is that in order to use certain power-up like Missiles, you have to pick up a certain number of red enhancer that some enemies drop, when you pick up two you can cash it in to use Missiles(just one will give you boost), or you can save it up so you use a different power up.

MechWarrior 4: Veageance(PC)- I decided to start playing this game again, as I didn't finish it the last time around, I got stuck on a level and was having a hard time completing it, well it great coming back to this game since it really awesome, so far I been doing pretty good everyone in my squad(including me)got some pretty strong Mechs that can dish out some pain, I'm playing on Normal setting so even with that we still need to work together or we'll done for because the CPU is pretty good(not to mention there sometime alot of enemy Mechs), also if the enemy blow up one of your mech(teammate that is)and you continue on you lose that Mech for good so you have to be careful(though you can load the game up before that mission, in case you screw up badly, I wish I knew that the first time I play this :lol: ).

So the other day I read that Square Enix was remaking Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for the PSP, at first I though it was a new game but oh well atleast Tactics Ogre is back in action :D Hooray(plus I haven't play this one so it all good), so here a few detail on the game.

Square Enix's US offices also formally announced the game earlier today. Here are the bullet points from Square Enix's English press release:

From the creators of Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story, and Final Fantasy XII. The original Tactics Ogre development team reform to revitalize their iconic title.

Tactical, turn-based battles are brought to life with shunning graphics, sounds and animation. New 3D Maps that enhance the concept of height and improved battle engine, offering more compelling and realistic battles than ever before.

Uncover the truth in a gripping tale of intrigue, betrayal and heroism. Near-endless customization and hundred of abilities to choose from. New characters not included in the original game.

New Battle Skill ability, adds to the range of play beyond Magic and Special abilities. New graphics, music, gameplay, and much more make this the definitive version of Tactics Ogre.

New and Improved visuals that create a Tactics Ogre experience with more detail than ever before. Re-arranged soundtrack from the original composers including 15 new compositions.

andriasang Click Here for more detail about the game plus Images

Teaser Trailer Click to watch the teaser trailer for the game

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Time for A New Season

Don't mind me I might've been thinking about anime/tv shows when I came up with this title :lol: season one/season two, anyway I just wanted to introduce you guys to my new look I'm really proud of it :D, though before that I'm going to show you my previous look(done by me)in case you forgot :P, also I just made it pass 10,000 posts :D So Hurray For Me.

Here the One Piece Avatar and Signature I had on before.

Full Version of the One Piece Sig

You might remember the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle: The Crystal Bearers Banner and Blog Header I been sporting around.

Full Version of The Crystal Bearers Banner/Header

Alright lets get to my new Avatar/Sig, it's of the upcoming Wii action rpg game call The Last Story from Hironobu Sakaguchi(Creator of Final Fantasy)company Mistwalker(Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey)and in collabration with Nintendo, the avatar/sig display the two main characters of the game Elza(guy)and Kanan(girl), I'm really looking forward to this game it look really awesome, btw I saw this the other day The Last Story 1st Trailer so if you haven't seen it yet do so now.

Full Version Wallpaper

Alright last but not least is my new Banner and Blog Header, It's of one of my favorite anime show call Wild Arms: Twilight Venom(sadly I haven't played the Wild Arms games :( ), I thought it would be a great idea to represent this great show especially as I haven't seen anyone else doing so(since it mostly Naruto or Bleach), If you haven't watch it than I recommend going Here, they have both english and japanese versions so watch whatever version floats your boat.

Full Version Wallpaper

Special Thanks to my friends over at The Castlevania Ultima Union :D:D, Katsuri for making the avatar and signature for me, and e1shw for doing the banner and blog header at my request.

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May/June Play List

Alright it been a while since the last one due to the connection problem and being somewhat lazy too :roll:, so here we go I'll start with the May games I played than the June games.

Rave Master: Special Attack Force(GBA)- I played this game a few years ago but mainly Vs. battle with my lil bro, so I decided to play it again so I could play thru the Story and Rank Battle modes which I didn't do the first time around(or rarely), Story mode is your standard eight round match with bits of story before/after each match, Ranking mode(basically you have to defeat 50 other teams to become number one)is play out like a chess game you can have up to five characters on the field at a time, as you move your characters on the field the enemy CPU will be on the move as well, when one of your party member touch the enemy(or vice versa)you enter into battle mode, win the match and you take out the enemy(ies)or lose and you lose your characters(s)the goal is to defeat all the enemy in that team to than move up in rank, as for the game specific it a four player fighting game pretty much like Super Smash Bros. or Jump Ultimate Superstars so if you're familiar with those games you're feel right at home with the game, not to mention it a blast to play with three other friends.

Urban Reign(PS2)- The best way to describe this game is that it pretty similiar to Def Jam: Fight for New York(just like Fight for New York you can use weapons in battles as well)except with less cut-scene that drive the story, so in Story you play as Brad Hawk you were hire by Shun Ying Lee to be an enforcer and basically beat up any gangs or anyone who messes with you, in the start you guys got frame and pretty much have to fight to survive and prove you didn't kidnapped a member from another gang, as the story progress you gain some new allies some of which was your enemy at first, the game is actually a fighting games since there no exploration in the Story mode just a map with red dots that you have to select to enter into each chapter and progress the story further, the fight mechanic is a combination of Tekken and Soul Calibur(it by Namco afterall)fighting hand to hand you get get that tight fighting gameplay you see in Tekken where as using weapons is a bit like Soul Calibur since you'll see some familiar moves in their, the game has other modes you can play as well and you can play up to four players in VS. mode so it can get pretty hectic with friends or families.

Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance(PS2)- This game is more of a Story driven action/beat em' up game their a two player Vs. mode as well, at the start of the game you can choose to play as one of five characters each with their own moves and start HP, once you start the game you find out that all five character was order to attend a drug deal though instead tey end up getting betray by the people who send them their in the first place, so everyone split up and go they're separate ways to escape the trap they fell into, afterward you take control of the character you chose the game is open-world like GTA except smaller in scale, so close to the beginning you acquire a blacklist containing info on all the ex-convicts in town that you can try to recruit(or Beat to death, though you'll need some helping hands)into your faction so you can get closer to your revenge, one of thing I like about the game is that you can customize you character appearance by going to the stores to buy different clothes or accessories to wear or going to the barbershop to change your hairstyIe and color(I'm a suck for customization :lol:, also changing looks play into your character laying low from gang members to the cops), anyway as you fight/beat up people(your character will get bruises, black eyes, and bleed some as you get knock around a bit)you gain experience points and once you level up you can cash in three points to improve either your Stamina, Strength, or Technique, you can take on side-missions as well to gain a good sum of money to buy things, I think the fighting mechanic is a bit loose than Urban Reign though it still pretty good nonetheless, I'm still playing this game doing a 2nd playthrough.

Super Mario Advance(GBA)- This game contain the cIassic Mario Bros. Vs. games(you know the one with the enemies coming out the pipe from the top of the stage and your goal is to take them out to earn points)and Super Mario Bros. 2, the main game is a side-scroller like the first game except now you have to go up and down levels too, one of the thing I like about this version is that Nintendo added voices to the main characters and bosses it just so funny egging Birdo in the face for the last time to hear "ugh I'll Remembbbbeeeerrrr This" :lol:, something that wasn't in the original game is that now you have to collect five Red Coins(Red Coin Challenge, Of it optional)on each level, if you collect all the red coins and beat the game you'll unlock the Yoshi Challenge(just beating the game give you the option to go back to previous levels), the goal here is to play all the levels again looking for two Yoshi eggs hidden within each levels.

Riviera: The Promised Land(GBA)- If you're a big RPG fan you'll definitely enjoy this gameplay is god old Turn-Based, unlike most RPG of that styIe this game doesn't have a over-world map that you roam around freely, instead the game take you to a dungeon or town automatically once their you can move around as you please, the way you move in this game is pretty different as you tell the main character where to go and he'll move to that destination on his own, the game has a weapon/item level system(similiar to Final Fantasy 9 in a way)where if you continue to use the same weapon(work on some weapons, accessories, and items)over and over again you can gain new attacks, spells, and support moves(learning new things raises your characters stats as well), you don't equip stuff on your characters either so everyone is free to use the same weapons, accessories, and items(Of course each charcter are better with a specific weapon than others), when you enter into battle you can only take four items with you for example let's say you take Sword, Bow, Cape, and Potion these will be the items everyone wili use for that battle(the way these items are use can vary from character to character, this happen with some items), I'm really enjoying the game so far the only thing that bug me is that all the characters(four to be exact)that join my party are female, which isn't bad but I'm hoping to see some guys to(beside the main character, and this other guy who the main character got separate from who currently not with us), also the conversation between the characters are pretty hilarious at time(Note: This game is also on PSP, so get it on either one).

Also I finish Final Fantasy 12 I manage to get al the Espers and got every character to level 99, currently all I have to do is defeat the last mark which is pretty tough even with my level 99 characters, I only fought it once but the battle can take you like 3 to 6 hours(it's that Freaking Epic I swear you would think it was Monsters Hunter Tri :lol: )I gave it my best shot took it down a great bit but lost in the end, I ran out on some require items that can save your tail in that fight, so hopefully I can take it down in round 2 if not after a few more battles.

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Sorry About That

Just wanted to tell you guys sorry if I haven't check out your latest blog out or the ones before that one or hang around the union I enjoy, if you been wondering well I been having a tough time getting my Wii online and I still am :cry:, I just use whatever signal the Wii can pick up since we don't have internet, recently the one I mainly use doesn't seem to want to go in :(, I keep getting an error when I test the connection out, I'm currently using a different signal but it pretty weak so I end up wasting more time online since the signal comes and go, it can get really frustrating to say the least :evil:.

Anyway hope you guys been doing good :D.


Nothing New

I said I was going to try and play some new games in the month of April though that didn't happen.

I ended up play Final Fantasy 12 alot(though I did play a bit Megaman X4 and Castlevania: Circle of the Moon again), made it pretty far I just got past the part where you battle one of the judges on Mt. Bur Omisace, so now I need to head for Archades though I think I'm going to train some more, I was fighting this Epser and got my tail whip good so I need to get stronger, as of now Ashe, Penelo, and Fran are on level 67 while Vaan, Balthier, and Basch are on level 64, so far I have 5 Espers so I'm doing pretty good, aside from that I took some time to watch some TV as well.

Haven't watch Super Robot Taisen OG: Divide Wars yet so I have to get on that(I sometime got this bad habit of once I finish up an anime I take a few days off before starting another one), after Lucky Star(still have to watch OVA)I decided to watch Pilot for Goddess(Pilot Candidates), I watch it awhile back when it air on Adult Swim, this was when it first started up and they was airing YuYu Hakusho as well(man I miss those days :( ), so I just recently watch the first One Piece on Tuesday if not Wednesday I believe it's pretty good I'm going to have to watch the other ones as well :D, I think later tonight I'll watch Resident Degeneration on Youtube(let's hope they didn't remove any parts)it been out for awhile now and I have yet to watch it.

One of my friend from The Castlevania Ultima Union *Poltergeist86* told me about this site he uses ** when on the DS to chat with people, so I decided try it and surprisely it works with the Wii as well, you can chat with people on Hotmail, Aol Instant Messager, and others of the like in one spot, so if you want to hit me up than try or if you feel like it of course :P.

Thanks for Reading :D

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Hot Damn

Sorry to bug you guys again on such short notice and no I won't be talking about the eclipse song by the same name(which I happen to like :lol: ).

Ok enough joking I take back what I said last time, alright earlier today I was browsering the net on my Wii so I decided to go on I haven't been there in a good while, anyway I was just looking at the anime list they had when all of a sudden I saw something that caught my eyes :shock: "Super Robot Wars: Original Generation Divine Wars" :shock:, It turns out it's an anime base on the Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation game I was just playing it has the same characters and stuff(it might have some stuff on Original Generation 2, also I found out on wiikipedia they have a movie too), oh man this is awesome :D dreams do come true :lol:, I'm going to have to start watching it after I'm done with Lucky Star, the good thing is you can watch stuff from that site on your Wii which is a good thing, anyhow if you guys want to watch it just go to and enjoy ;), It going to be awesome :D.

Also on Thursday(I believe)I went on the Wii Shop Channel and to my amazement I found out they added Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber to the Virtual Console :D, I play a bit of this game before though I don't remember it too well(since it wasn't for too long)the only thing I can remember is that it's a really deep Strategy RPG, oh man if I wasn't broke I would definitely get this game "sigh", I play the one on the GBA call Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis(it was the 1st Strategy RPG I play I believe)for a few hours didn't beat it but it was a really awesome game :D wish I had a GBA(or a DS)with the game, the game is more about customizing your characters learning new physical and magic abilities(summon included), recruiting new allies, rising to new c1ass levels, resource and management, if you guys are familiar with the Final Fantasy Tactics/Tactics Advance series than you have an idea how the Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre games are very well like(the OB/TO series was created by Enix I believe and the people who work on them, if not some are the ones who are doing the Final Fantasy Tactics games), anyway if you guys have a Wii I recommand downloading it from the Virtual Console you won't be disappointed :D.

P.S. Hope I didn't make your eyes suffer this time :lol:.

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Beat Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation

Alright so on Tuesday(type too dang slow )I completed SRT: OG(GBA), it took me a good while because I had to redo Ryusei story since the first time around I end up wasting money on upgrading early mechs(and some weapons, though I kept using though)that later on got put on the back burner for better/stronger one, some characters get better mechs later in the game so it better to save up your money until Chapter 32 or higher(if you decide to play the game), so the 2nd time I did just that and use my money to just max out some of the stronger mechs which help alot toward reaching the end, most recently I was working my way through Kyosuke story which I finish up on Tuesday, man I must say this game is somewhat brutal(I felt like giving up a few time while playing this, though you gotta suck it up and be man about it :lol: ), but all in all it an awesome game, if you play a Fire Emblem game before than you know how tough those game can be, this game felt like that but crank up to the next level but the good thing is the game has a support system that helps, if you attack an enemy mech while standing near an ally who has the support ability than you can attack with both characters in the same attack phrase(same works when on the defense or getting attack from the enemy, in which case the ally who support you will step in the way of the crossfire, saving the main target from damage), which is ideal to beating this game without getting whoop so badly, so basically I'm saying you should have your team stick closely together to help each other rough it out just like in Fire Emblem, anyway as you defeat enemy mechs you'll gain money and pilot points(sometime weapons too)which can go into upgrading your mechs/weapons or characters ability/stats respectively, as you complete missions(mostly defeating the boss or main enemy of that stage, or other condition)which are split into Chapters, you might end up gaining new parts(and weapon I believe)to add to your mech to enhance your ability like increase mobility(having a high mobility make it hard for the enemy to hit that specific character mech)or longer range with weapons(to attack a bit farther, to name a few), each stage also has an achievement that you can complete if you choose to do so the more you complete the tougher the game get(from easy to hard depending the number you completed, you'll know the difficulty whenever you go to the upgrade screen)though I read if you complete them all you get a secret stage at the end when playing either main character I believe, I also heard that if you complete some the greater the reward for you compare to not doing any or minimal at best, last but not least if you'll a fan anime with mechs like Gundam, Rexephon, or Dai-Guard(to name a few)than you'll enjoy the story presented in this game it really deep and you get the sense you'll anime quality story with twist and turns, in fact I wish they had a anime base on this because it would be pretty awesome to watch, I'm going to stop now because it turning into a review or has it already :o anyhow I'm giving it a 9.5, I recommend it if you enjoy the Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, or the Front Mission games if not Strategy RPG or Mechs in general :D.

SRT: OG Click Image for Gameplay Video

Ok guys I won't do a Game List for March, as I didn't get a chance to play any new games, due to playing SRT: OG for the pass couple of days, so you'll see one for April instead plus now that I finish up Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation I can get to playing Final Fantasy 12 again :D.

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February Games 2010

Alright here what I got to play in this month of February, I didn't get to play too much stuff just like in January but it really doesn't matter.

Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII - Alright remember the secret game I was talking about before, that distracted me away from the January games I was playing well this is it, I've play an hefty amount of hours in this game over 30 hours so far, most of the time I hear people say that this game isn't good or what not, though I really enjoy this game the exploring parts are like Legend of Zelda while the combat feel similar to that of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic(which I guess is why people feel that way since it feel more western than japanese), I really like the Gambit System it fun and help alot when use effectively, basically the gambit system is a tool you use in the game to give your AI characters commands(and they do a pretty great job with your command)like heal an ally when their HP get below 50 percent(which is cool since you don't want them to heal you if you just lost 300HP when you got let say 2000HP, there also other percent range as well so the system is really flexable)or use Gravity on a flying enemy so you bring them down so you can attack them real good, also I like the licence board it put a pretty interesting spin to the game, you have to use experience points you earn from battles to open up different license to improve your characters, like if you want a certain character to usea sword like Flametongue than you have to spent some point to open up the slot with that specific weapon to use it(if you buy a Flametongue but don't have the license to use it than you can't equip it and so on for other things), anyway I still got a long way to go in the game I haven't play it in a few days now(been busy with Super Robot Taisen OG), overall I think FFXII is a really well crafted game even if it's a bit different so I recommend checking it out if you haven't yet :D.

Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop

Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop - I haven't play a game in this series before but I got a chance to play a bit of this one(it one of my nieces game which she got along with a DS Lite), so far I really like the game I think it's a well made game that anyone can enjoy some of the cooking challenge can give you a run for your money, some of the challenge that I can think of right now is one where you have to cut some meat with a meat slicer, when you do the meat go flying in the air what you're suppose to do is cut it and hopefully get it on the plate that Mama is holding(she move her hand left to right)if you miss the plate you can pick up the meat and place it on the plate(it falls on the table btw), another challenge you have to tap a small container that has flour(I think)so you get it in a bowl, you can tap it on the left or right but if you tap it too much on the right side for example it'll spill over and you have to blow at the DS to clear off the flour, so it best to alternate tapping a bit on the left than on the right or vice versa, the game has this shopping mode where you're instructed to buy food from the grocery store but you have to be careful because there other people at the store too, when you run into most people you switch into a challenge you must complete if you fail you lose a live(you only have three lives once you lose all of them it game over, also some people will hurt you if you touch or bump into them), so basically you have to get the foods you need and avoid bumping into people(think Pacman)most of the time though you do rack up points if you bump into them and complete the challenge, anyway this is a pretty fun game to play if I get some cash I'll be sure to pick up the one on the Wii plus it pretty funny when Mama gets mad:D.

Also I'm still playing Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation though I'm stuck on Chapter 34 on Ryusei side, this chapter is really tough because you have to defeat Ingram mech the R-Gun but when you do it transform into it true form which is alot more stronger(R Gun Rivale), both form his has a barrier you have to disable by sucking away energy from him using special missiles or just dodge until he waste out of energy, you have to attack him when he has no energy so you can attack him with full force as the barrier reduce damage you cost him, though every enemy turn he regain some energy back so you have to repeat the process, it been pretty tough for me because you have to take out other weaker enemy as well that take a few turns, I'm mostly having a hard time because I waste out of resource(mostly energy and spirit)when fighting Ingram, so right now I'm trying to beat him atleast you get to keep the experience you earn from the last battle you lost to him(which helps a bit).

P.S. I also got to play a bit of this Baby game one of my other nieces has for DS and a dog simulation game that I though was pretty nice.

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New Look

Alright guys I decided to change the look of my profile as well as my signature, and avatar(new tag/s on the way maybe), this time I'm going with Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece as My Avatar and Signature(I include 2 animated icon as well one of Luffy and one of brother Porgust D. Ace)since the show is really great and I'm enjoying it :D, Luffy is just so cool and hilarious at the same time through his adventure with his Strawhat Crew, was watching the Funimation Version there at the Alabasta Arc just right before the second fight between Luffy and Crocodile(One of the Seven Warlord of the Sea, In other word a group of really strong pirates who work under the Navy, The Navy are basically people who go after pirates think like the real Navy or Marine), I have to wait a bit so I can watch more episodes since the next DVD don't come out until March :(, as for My Profile Banner and Header I decided to use one of my other Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Banner/Header combo set I did awhile back on Gimp 2.6(A program that let you do special images like Avatar, Signature, etc.), also sorry I was going to post a link so you guys could see it in action but they cut our Internet off so I'm stuck using the Wii for now, so if you want just look up one of my previous post on the forum so you can see it in full swing(and sorry for not adding the colors in as well). Thanks :D

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January Games 2010

January Games 2010

Like I stated before I'm going to start listing the games I've play for that month so I won't forget so this first one, the following games are the ones I been playing in January, so enjoy :D.

One Piece GBA

One Piece - I had alot of fun playing this game it basically a side-scrolling Beat em' Up similar to Dragonball Origin, You play as Monday D. Luffy as you venture through different stages inspire from the Anime beating up the bad pirates along the way, you also gain some new crew members during your adventure that will come and suppose you in sticky situation(Crew Members aren't playable), if you as good as Luffy you're get the chance to collect the bouny on the toughest/meanest pirates like Captain Kuro or Don Krieg, you even get a chance to fight some their strongest crew member like Dejango the Hypnosis or Special Battle Commander Gin(and others), alway looking for a good challenge I decided to play it on Hard which was pretty tough so I recommend doing Normal if you choose to get this game :D, I gotten all of the collectible except one(not sure if I can get it.

Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation

Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation - Alright I decided to try out this game since Jaykho213 is alway talking about how much he really love this series so I had to check it out to see for myself, to No Surprise I really enjoy this game it pretty cool with all the mech fighting going on, I say No Surprise cause I should've known that I would enjoy Super Robot Taisen seeing that I seem to get all gitty inside whenever I play a Strategy RPG but for reason I lack those type of games in my collection :roll:, anyway in this game you can play as Ryusei or Kyosuke both with there own branching story I'm currently playing through Ryusei story and it been really interesting so far it like watching a sci-fi mech Anime, as you complete objectives you gain new weapons/support parts to equip to your Mechs, as well as money to upgrade your Mechs and Weapons to have better speed/defense/strength/etc. and to add more power to your current weapons so you can hit the enemy more harder, you also gain new allies or Mechs(or both)some time as you progress which be really help in later missions, I recommend trying these games out if you're an RPG fan :D, I'm currently going to Chapter 16 I believe I would've been farther but I got side-track being online alot, doing other things, and I been playing this other game too(I'll tell you what it is later since I started playing it in February).

Also I got a chance to beat up some people in Urban Reign and wreck some cars while speeding through the streets in Burnout: Dominator, I only play them for a bit though since I been on the internet alot, their my lil bro games by the way.

Bad News

Well it seem that 2 of my officers left The Crystal Chronicles Union and form they're own union since I remove one of them as an officer, all I did was tell them to be nicer to the new guy and it burst into a fight, my 3rd officer went to join them I'm not sure if he(or she)will still hang around the union, I knew this person from way back before the other 2 join the union and we been good friend never gave each other any problem, I'm not saying this is the end but it a shame to lose some great people over something so minor especially since it's a union I enjoy hanging around, it like they say nice guy do finish last, the best I can try to hope for is to keep thing going along but we'll see, so if you guys think you can help me out that would be great(only if you can that is)or if you know someone who enjoy The Crystal Chronicles Series than send them my way, I don't want to let the previous leader down or those who made the union what it is today it would just be an insult to them, Thanks.

Also you might notice I don't have anything on right now, I decided to remove my avatar and other images but don't worry I was planning on changing them anyway, I'll put on my new look either on Monday or Tuesday so be on the look out.

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