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100th Blog, Sorry Again, Monster Hunter Tri

I think most of you notice I've been missing in action for few months now, due to spending that time on gaming instead of coming on here, so I believe back around May I started playing Vindictus *free to play action rpg mmo* which is the first mmo I actually got to play *1st one being Ace Online follow by Combat Arms*, didn't really get to play those two games since our laptop sucks >.>, so how I'm playing Vindictus than well my dad bought this new desktop computer so that how I been playing the game, anyway I been having a great time playing the game met some good friends along the way, currently my character *Ameru* is on level 69 *right now 70 is the max level* so I just have one more level to go :), working on getting some new stuff too *armors, accessories, weapons* which can be pain to get sometime.

Here some screen-shots

Paladin Transformation 1 -

Camping with a friend -

What's that? -

Awesome Pose -

I finally got Monster Hunter Tri *actually had it for 3 to 5 weeks now I think, had my bro get it for me :lol:* so I been playing that for a bit too, so If you have a Wii and want to hook up for some online play let me know :), I go by the same name on there too *Serbine* and I'm a gunner by the way, not only that I'm also playing through Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lord(PC) it my first time playing the game and it been really awesome so far.

Like the title said this is my 100th blog sorry it take alot longer than it should've, and for missing out on pretty much everything around here, hope everyone doing really well :D.