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Not So Happy Friday

Hey guys, how everyone been lately?, I got some news I wanna share with you, it isn't good news but thought I would anyway so here goes:

Friday was just a regular day, as my mom drove my dad to his dialysis treatment like she usually does every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, from what my mom was told *when she went to pick him up* the treatment went well, but than as my dad got up his heart stop beating so they perform CPR on him *which brought him back* and rush him to hospital, during the ride his heart stop again and went unconscious, my little brother and his girlfriend came to get me to go the hospital *at the time I was sleeping*, than the three of us went to the hospital and into the waiting room, where we all was hoping/wishing for the best for our dad, even some friends from church came to say a prayer to my dad, after some waiting we was told they try giving him CPR *I believe meds too* for twenty minutes to bring him back, my dad didn't response at all to their effort so they decided to take him off life support and now he gone, somewhere between all of that it seem my dad had a stroke due to not getting oxygen and blood to his head for a set period of time *what my mom was told*.

I'm not gonna lie I regret not being super close to my dad, it wasn't that he wasn't a great dad because he was, more like I'd push people away and didn't want to be social with them, also regret not being the best damn son he could've ask out of me , of course not perfect but close enough because who is right??

Feel free to leave your condolences, would appreciate it.


Merry Christmas Guy!!

I know I been away for such a good while now *I blame Vindictus*, hopefully that can change down the road but for now Merry Christmas to all my friends on GS :D, Hope everyone having a great Christmas/Holiday this year, don't eat too much we wouldn't want you to be out of shape come next year :lol:.

P.S. Just thought I make a new blog seeing that I haven't even made one for this year :shock:, also sorry for being MIA throught out this whole year pretty much.


Happy Holiday!

Just wanted to say hope everyone had a great Christmas/soon to be New Year day :D, so yeah been doing good myself still playing Vindictus a fair bit trying to complete some stuff on there *hard work* :?, man I really need to change my theme been like this for some time now haven't used Gimp in awhile either, and I made a banner like a few months ago I still need to use *just haven't uploaded it yet* :lol:, I notice the other day that Xenoblade getting release here :) so I'm really hoping I can get that, anyway what games you guys been playing or looking forward to?, I missed alot of news story on various sites so kind of lost now *facepalm*.


Back Online, Damn Vindictus Episode 9

Did you guys miss me?, well we finally got internet again after a few weeks of having none *got it back just yesterday*, so while away I had more time to play Monster Hunter Tri and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II- The Sith Lords both of which I completed already *awesome games*, though I got some extra quests in single-player mode I need to finish that was added after beating MT3 *not to mention complete the online portion of the game too*.

So far I beaten two out of seven of the extra quests I'm seriously wondering If I can beat the rest, since on most of them you have to hunt 2 monsters and it can take you awhile to do as a Gunner even with the best bowgun parts* you only get 50 minutes to do them too*, I did the hunt Rathian and Rathalos quest ended up running out of time while fighting the Rathian :lol: I was just able to slay the Rathalos *so gotta try it again*.

Also before losing our connection I was able to sign up on Steam and get Portal for free *was a limited time thing*, so I was playing that as well while away really cool interesting game, you guys should really check it out if you haven't yet.


So I was on the official Vindictus website yesterday, when I read that Nexon would be adding Episode 9 to the game today :shock: *Click the image below to see the trailer*.


Basically this mean new content will be added to the game like new Bosses, new armor sets and weapons to be obtain, etc, I'm pretty excited about the new episode :D but I'm also sad too, I really wanted to be well prepare for the new boss battle to come, due to no internet I was just able to get a new shield :( I was working on getting a new armor set and a long hammer before the away time, I guess I should atleast be glad I'm back just in time for the new stuff right :lol:.

So right now I'm waiting for Nexon to finish up the maintenance work on the patch for the game, and hopefully get a chance to play if my bro let's me >_>, I'm pretty sure some of my guildmates from *Forsaken Heroes* will be doing the new stuff so I really want to join in as well, kind of worry about Colru though one of my friend said you gotta have like 12,000 or over in attack to do pretty good damage to him, I got around 10,000 something *I believe gotta check* in attack so a bit of a disadvantage right there for me *wish me luck :lol:*, so for those interested you can checkout this preview on Episode 9 *enemy description, new armor sets preview* and this Prologue story leading up to the new content *you can view another trailer there too*.

So yeah how you guys been doing? :D


100th Blog, Sorry Again, Monster Hunter Tri

I think most of you notice I've been missing in action for few months now, due to spending that time on gaming instead of coming on here, so I believe back around May I started playing Vindictus *free to play action rpg mmo* which is the first mmo I actually got to play *1st one being Ace Online follow by Combat Arms*, didn't really get to play those two games since our laptop sucks >.>, so how I'm playing Vindictus than well my dad bought this new desktop computer so that how I been playing the game, anyway I been having a great time playing the game met some good friends along the way, currently my character *Ameru* is on level 69 *right now 70 is the max level* so I just have one more level to go :), working on getting some new stuff too *armors, accessories, weapons* which can be pain to get sometime.

Here some screen-shots

Paladin Transformation 1 -

Camping with a friend -

What's that? -

Awesome Pose -

I finally got Monster Hunter Tri *actually had it for 3 to 5 weeks now I think, had my bro get it for me :lol:* so I been playing that for a bit too, so If you have a Wii and want to hook up for some online play let me know :), I go by the same name on there too *Serbine* and I'm a gunner by the way, not only that I'm also playing through Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lord(PC) it my first time playing the game and it been really awesome so far.

Like the title said this is my 100th blog sorry it take alot longer than it should've, and for missing out on pretty much everything around here, hope everyone doing really well :D.


Look Out Pandora's Tower!!

If you was wondering what the new videos I uploaded was all about than read down below, I though I would blog about this game incase you guys was unaware of it, all the credits go to Anoop for each of the articles, also If you want to check out more articles on the game go into one of the links below(afterward on that page scroll down and click all articles on Pandora's Tower).

As detailed earlier, the game is centered on two characters, Ende and his friend Ceres.


Better Version

The setting of the game is the Graecia continent, where in the kingdom of Elysium the harvest festival has begun. Ceres has been chosen to sing at the event, but as she takes the podium, beasts appear in the area.

In the ensuing confusion, Ende manages to find Ceres, but she's unconscious. She's about to be taken into custody by the army as a witness to the beast appearance. With the help of a merchant named Graiai, the two manage to escape to an isolated tower.

Ceres ends up being cursed following the beast attack. Ende learns that to clear the curse he must gather the flesh of beasts that live within the tower. He decides to try his hand at the tower.

The three principle characters introduced in the magazine are:

Ceres - 15 years old. She was selected from a large number of girls to sing at the harvest festival. She's a devout believer of the Eos religion.

Ende - The game's 22-year-old main character. He was a former soldier of Athens during a war with Elysium. He's a man of few words.

Graiai - The merchant who helps Ceres and Ende. He appears to be of the dwarf race. He gives you the Orichalcum Chain, which lets its possessor know Ceres' state.

The Orichalcum Chain that Graiai gives you is the central gameplay element in the game. As mentioned above, it allows you to know Ceres' state. As you play, you'll see a timer in the lower left of the screen. This timer is an indication of how far Ceres' curse has progressed. When it reaches zero, the game ends.

You'll also use the chain to restrain the servant beasts you encounter in the towers and tear their flesh off for delivery to Ceres, and also to clear the various gimmicks that you encounter in the tower.

The tower is actually not just one tower -- there are twelve, of varying size. Each tower has a different theme. For example, there's the Red Flame Tower, which blocks your progress with fire.

If you reach the deepest point in each tower, Ende will encounter a boss. The flesh of the bosses of all the towers is required to completely clear Ceres of her curse. The flesh of the servant beasts can only temporarily halt the curse's progress.

Pandora's Tower is due for release on May 26 at ¥6,800. You can see the game's first trailer clip below. The clip appeared on the Everyone's Nintendo channel on Wii earlier today.

Retailers have shared a few additional details on Nintendo's new Wii action RPG Pandora's Tower.

The game's control scheme was previously somewhat of a mystery as many assumed the game's chain mechanics meant motion controls. This actually is the case, but only optionally.

Main character Ende wields a chain as his primary means of attack. This special chain is capable of tearing the flesh of the beasts that he encounters, something he must do because Ceres, the game's heroine, requires beast flesh to survive a curse which is slowly turning her a beast, both physically and mentally.

As you make your way to the boss that awaits on the top floor of each of the game's thirteen towers, you can use the chain in the following ways:

  • Grab and pull flesh and items from beasts.
  • Restrain the beasts with the chain and then go in for the kill with another weapon.
  • Restrain one beast with the chain, then swing it around to strike other enemies.
  • Use the chain to latch on to walls and swing from location to location.
  • Use the chain to manipulate switches.

You can control the action either with the Wiimote and Nunchuck or with theCIassic Controller. When using the Wiimote and Nunchuck combo, the Wiimote directly controls the chain, allowing you to feel like you're swinging a real chain apparently. TheCIassic Controller option allows for pure button-based play.

For those wondering about progression, the retail listing describes the game as an "exploration-styIe action RPG." This is causing some speculation that progression could be along the lines of Metroid or Castlevania rather than a linear romp through the towers. We'll have to wait for more details from Nintendo.

Here's the second promotional video for Nintendo's new Wii action RPG Pandora's Tower. The video was released on the Everyones' Nintendo channel earlier today.


Better Version

After some initial chanting, we hear the merchant Graiai telling main character Ende that he has to make his friend Ceres eat beast flesh in order to rid herself of a curse that's slowly turning her into a beast. Next, we see lots and lots of gameplay as Ende makes use of his chain to navigate the stages of play and collect the recommended beast meat (which actually looks like beast hearts to me!).

Towards the end of the clip, we see pure little Ceres forced to eat the beast meat that Ende gets for her... raw! Oh by the way, did I mention that she's a vegetarian? Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!

Coming Up: ?


Here Your Chance, Punch Me!!

I'm sure you guys have notice I haven't really done much lately or as much as before, what started out as clocking in more time gaming and watching some movies/or anime here and there, ended up with me falling into the lazy zone again, so sorry about that I guess I got a bit burned out trying to keep up with most things on here.

The last couple of days/or weeks I've been on though slightly mostly around a few unions, so I'm going to try and get through some old PM I been too lazy to check and hopefully stop by some of your blogs, I hope I didn't worry some of you guys :), also I got tag awhile back so I might have to do a blog of that afterward.

TV Dinner Cupcakes lol

Coming Up Next: ?


December Play List / Is This My Last Story

Sorry about the mis-leading title(2nd half)though you'll see why in a bit but first my playlist, I didn't get to play too much since I was mostly on here or watching some shows, though let's take a look at what I play this month, also I did a review on FlingSmash so go and read it my first new review since 2008 :shock:, apparently I'm the first person to review it *High Five* so I hope you enjoy the read and thump up If you dig it, so moving on here the other game I played.

Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010(PS2)- I have to say SVR 2010 is pretty much a great game, the create a wrestler mode is much more improved than the previous version(compare to 06 and 07), I was able to create the three wrestlers that I normally do and I'm proud of the results, this is the first time playing around with the create a finisher mode which is awesome, it's pretty deep so you can make some impressive looking finisher I just wish they had so you could make a submission finisher, In this version you can raise your created wrestler stat simply by playing matches after a match you get points that you can allocate to any attribute you want(provided If the limit went up), I really like how there not much of a hub except the circle meter that surround your character, you can apply abilities to your character like being able to perform aerial move from inside the ring to the outside or the ability to push the referee at your opponent(to name two).

The Royal Rumble is different from the last few entry and It's pretty darn fun(when you grab someone near the rope, a struggle battle occur where you have to press the button that the screen is telling you, after a few taps it changes to another button so you have to tap that a few time, and so on), I like how you can have two different theme song for your Stable(one for when only two people from your team come out, than another when three people come out to the ring), It disappointing that they don't have the Buried Alive Match which was really fun in the previous installments, the game has a Story Editor so you can make up your own dramatic tales I haven't messed around with it yet though it seem like there a lot of options for you play around with, So I can can't wait to try it out and make some crazy stories.

Ok I uploaded a new video for The Last Story If you want to see a better version than go here.


If you guys missed The Last Story Event that took place last Sunday Night than check out these videos of the event with Mr. Sakaguchi and gang Part 1(skip to 7:54), Part 2, Part 3, I watch it live on Sunday and it was totally awesome lots of great stuff :D, for some reason I didn't notice this before so enjoy Earth Seeker Debut Trailer, also I made some avatars and signatures on The Last Story that you can see here(click uploaded stuff to see the others), I use the background from the wallpaper as the base, seeing as the original image of the characters had all white background, I decided to use the Fuzzy Select Tool in Gimp to focus on the character themself than I went to Select and hit Invert, afterward I copy than paste the character into the background that you see now, I had to go a bit in-depth to remove white area or what not, so what I did was click and spead a little box over the tan background than copy, select Bucket Fill Tool and change fill type to Pattern Fill, after that I click the square where you choose a pattern from there I selected the first design(which contain the pattern I just copyand bang It was time to fill in the loose end, It's the first time I use this technique so let me know how I did, I plan to using most of those avatars/sigs starting tomorrow(New Year)so I will be switching between them, So that will be all I hope everyone have an awesome New Year :D, also Wow :shock: this is the last blog of this year.

Last Story Director on Banana Peels, MMORPG Ties and Surprises

Strip Down to Your Undies in The Last Story

The Last Story: The Gurugu Race and Special Attacks

The Last Story is Complete

The Last Story Has 30 Hours Play Time

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Ornament Scavenger Hunt: 38 People, 38 Worldly Desire, 38 Blogs

Man, It took me awhile to find all of the GS Staff Members but I got it done, this was a really great challenge I end up falling asleep doing this :? though I got back up and continue on, afterward I was pretty much dosing off :lol: trying to find the last two to four members I was missing on the list, This is part of Ornament Hunt If you want to join in for a chance to win a new emblem go here to see the clues, and go here to read the rules, this Friday(January 31)is the last day you can send in your entry(after that you're out of luck), also you must make a blog about it like I just did so good luck ;).

Ornament 1 - Van Nyugen
Ornament 2 - Jody Robinson
Ornament 3 - Guy Cocker
Ornament 4 - Matthew Gravish
Ornament 5 - Chris Watters
Ornament 6 - Kevin Van Ord
Ornament 7 - Aaron Sampson
Ornament 8 - Alex Sassoon Coby
Ornament 9 - Wernher Goff
Ornament 10 - Jan Heir
Ornament 11 - Randolph Ramsey
Ornament 12 - Andrew Park
Ornament 13 - Mark Walton
Ornament 14 - Justin Calvert
Ornament 15 - Sophia Tong
Ornament 16 - Kurtis Seid
Ornament 17 - Giancarlo Varanini
Ornament 18 - Justin Porter
Ornament 19 - Ryan MacDonald
Ornament 20 - Tyler Winegarner
Ornament 21 - Maxwell McGee
Ornament 22 - Jame Kozanecki
Ornament 23 - Frank Adams
Ornament 24 - Sarju Shah
Ornament 25 - Shaun McInnis
Ornament 26 - Ricardo Torres
Ornament 27 - Tom Magrino
Ornament 28 - Dan Chiappini
Ornament 29 - Homer Rabara
Ornament 30 - Takeshi Hiraoka
Ornament 31 - Tor Thorsen
Ornament 32 - Jim Maybury
Ornament 33 - Carolyn Petit
Ornament 34 - Tom McShea
Ornament 35 - Dan Mihoerck
Ornament 36 - Jane Douglas
Ornament 37 - Brendan Sinclair
Ornament 38 - Laura Parker

Coming Up Next: December Play List(Tomorrow or Friday)


My Favorite Anime Intro Song V4

Sorry about the delay was sick for a couple of days, combine that with being somewhat lazy and busy at times, anyway I'm feeling better now(for a few days now actually), anyway here the last part of this series I started way back in September I believe, where I post some of my favorite anime songs, for those new to my friend list the setup is as follow, click the images to see the intro for that specific anime, the link below the pictures are for the full song(Artist Name, Song Title), so listen to each one and tell us which is your favorite :D.

Previous Entry V1, V2, V3

For Those Curious(If one of the link doesn't work, than look up the song on Youtube)

Yugo The Negotiator - Just love this song it's really easy going and nice to listen too(Sorry couldn't find the first Intro that goes with this song).

Yugo The Negotiator

Eiichiro Taruki - Modern Size

Get Backer - I chose the 2nd Opening for this anime, it's a great song fits the intro well.

Get Backers

PIERROT -Barairo no Sekai(Rose-Colored World)

Blade of the Immortal - I like this song sound pretty cool, you have to hear over and over again to dig it(Sorry about the pervy-like intro :? ).

Blade of the Immortal

Makura no Sōshi - Akai Usagi

Tenjho Tenge - A cool fun song with a great beat gotta love it(Same as above sort of :? ).

Tenjho Tenge

m.c.A-T Feat. DA PUMP- Bomb a Head

Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars - I went with the 2nd Opening, this song just rock and sound really great, I love the beginning though the whole song is great.

Supr Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars

JAM Project - Rising Force

Tokko - "dB - Nothing" Extra # 4 - Just all-round sweet opening has a nice flow to it, too bad It isn't longer.


So that conclude this series, I hope you guys enjoy it and don't fell too bad If I didn't put one of your favorites on the list, I mostly wanted to go with the unknown or least popular shows, so I wish you all Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday :D. P.S. I didn't do the images below so don't sue me :P.

Merry Christmas, One Piece StyIe!!

Coming Up Next: December Play List(Let's Hope)