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Gamespot sure has changed a lot since I first started here

This site sure has changed since the days of basic profiles and unions! I too have changed since the days where my 14 year-old self thought Sephiroth was the coolest VG character of all time (is there a way to change my profile name? Just sayin'....).

Seeing that Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes was only a week away, I was brought back to Gamespot where it all began. I'm very excited to see a new entry in the series and can hardly wait to get my hands on a copy. My gamer brain is thinking "NEW MGS! MUST GET! MUCH EXCITED!", but I can't help feeling skeptical that the game may not live up to the MGS standard.

I have to be honest with myself... it's Metal Gear Solid... and there is no way I am not going to buy it the moment it comes out.

Kojima, you have strange powers over my mind.


desudesudesudesu. lol.

whats everyone upto these days? whats everybody want for xmas this year?

hmm... just checkin in to see what this site and peoples are upto... whatever happened to unions - are they still big on GS?

I totally miss the old'n days of union building/maintaining/posting/spamming/war/randomness/yeah. those were the times.... shoutout to all of you guys who still use gamespot! If this place is still pretty cool and fun to do stuff on let me know!

Oh btw, the xbox live tag i used to have up is not my tag anymore... I replaced it so hit up o SevenDeadly o . I don't have a gargantuan collection of games, but i have a few.

Take carez all

omg talking muffin.

Mass Effect 2.

-Awesome sequel and I love the series. It's legit.

CoD: Modern Warfare 2.

- Please would it kill ya, IW, to give us some new maps sometime??? Otherwise solid shooter.

Dragon Age: Origins.

- Wait a moment, did I honestly buy a Nintendo 64 game for x360? Not legit.

Chrono Trigger DS.

- Legend.

Final Fantasy 6 GBA.

- Win.

Shadow of the Colossus.

- Found my copy the other day after getting a random desire to play it through. Beautiful game and underrated.

Metal Gear Solid 4.

- I bought it. Now I must play it. My friends, let us fight together again...

Forever and a half, a shooting, plus Jeff.

Wow. That's all i can say to coming onto gamespot for the first time in about 4 months. The first thing i see is that Jeff is gone. I read the FAQ about the firing but i get the sense that it is one big elaborate coverup for something or someone. Now, I havent been reading reviews or watching on the spot, but from the sounds of things Jeff is not at fault. It seems to me that gamespot sold out Jeff because of a poor review of his for that Kane and Lynch game. Some company probably threatened or muscled gamespot to axe out Jeff and fix it. Gamespot was completely aware that Jeff was a great veteran employee and reviewer. In my opinion, they would never make a move like this unless they absolutely had no other alternative; a blackmailing maybe?

Whatever the cause or reason for the effect, I too can no longer trust any review or rating on this site anymore. But, it isn't that simple for me because Gamespot has always been that "site" that i always relied on and trusted when it came down to things like: "do I want prince of persia 1 or do i want splinter cell 3?". Everyone goes through those tough decisions because for most, games are pricey. During Greg's days, he got it right with his description of how gamespot should work and operate - "this site can be charged with bringing you trustworthy reviews and info" (to sum it up). In comparison between those words and how i feel this currently is -- gamespot is no longer worthy.

Although i feel gamespot has been "caught wanting", I do not forsee myself leaving this place forever and not looking back right away. I know i have not been in touch with many people on this site and havent spoken to many for long amounts of time, but I hope each and every one of you has been doing great. I often think back in my thoughts of this site and the people that i have met and the fun i had in some of the unions.

As for an update on things, I have started my sophomore year of college this year and finals are already right around the corner. I changed my major this year to Construction Management too, im hoping to get a good job in a related field sometime this summer. On the other hand, my girlfriend and I broke up after 3 years this past month. I dont know what to think of it still - the only thing that comes to mind is anger but I'm trying to stay positive about it. Part of me still loves that girl but part of me knew it was time and for the best. In short, I can't be with a person who is either cheating on me or just about to. Love is such a complicated thing.

**As I write this, I am praying and mourning for the loss of 8 people, only 50 miles away from me, in Omaha, Nebraska. Today some guy walked into the mall and let loose a rampage on a bunch of innocent people. He killed 8 poeple, injured 5 more (critical condition currently), and then took his own life. Right after writing the above, this took place and its been shocking - my dad sometimes eats in that mall; Im just glad that he wasnt there today.

Later gamespotters.

Level 22 and Images

It seems that i am now the Master of Blaster. :P Oh and I tried out the Images thing. I added some screens from my adventures in Oblivion... I hope you enjoy them if you look for them. If you havent played the game, maybe these will help you get it! :D


New banner and update

I had that castlevania thingy of a banner up there forever and decided to give it a rest. I replaced it with a funny manga short of G Gundam. It makes me laugh.

These days im out of school for the summer and im pretty much content with being lazy and seeing my friends. games are still in there too. Im playing elder scrolls 4 and guild wars right now - all for the PC. Before i bought oblivion i was very hesitant to do so because it looked, honestly, like not any fun (lol). But, im finding that its a really good rpg. It has qualities that i've yearned for in rpgs for a long time - things that you say to yourself "huh, i wish i could do this in such and such game...". I really enjoyed the mulitple story lines to be had in the side quests/guild quests. The theives guild quests were so enveloping and interesting for me. i really got a kick out of it. I recommend it for anyone looking for a good rpg to get into for the summer.




I finally made it over the hill that is lvl 20. woo woo we wa!

Argh! I had heard the shouts and the complaints about level 20, but i had no idea how well grounded they were. The most often thing that i came across in those complaints where the longevity of the level. I am almost positive that the time that i have spent at level 20 is probably close to 2 to 3 levels. Oh well, now that the days of 20 are gone, I can look forward to the exciting days of being a "Rescue Ranger" and what it brings. :)


As far as other things go, I finally saw Borat. I found it to be, in total, a above-average funny movie. To explain, there were moments where i was laughing really hard and then others that were like "hmm ok?". Maybe I expected too much out of it - a lot of people i know quote this movie like it was Anchorman. I'm inclined to say that that movie was no Anchorman.

You stay classy Gamespot!

Cheers -- Sephir0th_

An Incredible Band, An Incredible Concert - Mew

Mew is a band that hails from Denmark/UK and they are currently one of the pioneers & innovators of Dream Pop/Space Rock, and cover Prog/Post/Indie Rock and many others. If you want to know what they sound like: **"They could be called a mix of 80's hair band ballad, Guns and Roses 'November Rain,' Sigur Ros and 90's grunge. But, to tell the truth, Mew is all of the above. They combine the best of these efforts together to make a sound completely all their own- the 'November Rain' guitar solo with the vocals of Sigur Ros over it, White Snake mixed in with Kurt Cobain. But mostly, what you find is that it is all Mew, a shy boy from Copenhagen leading a band of punky Danes playing music with a passion..." **

Let me tell you, this band ROCKS. I mean, it's one thing to listen to their CD's and a complete 'nother to see them live.

Band Members of Mew

I saw Mew live on March 29; i guess that was 2 days ago now. Ive been listening to Mew for 5 months now - starting with their 4th album: And the Glass Handed Kites. Mew's music is incredible and they know how to do a gig. The lights go out and Silas Graae, the drummer, starts playing Circuitry Of The Wolf - a mostly instrumental song filled with blaring guitars and drums. The rest of the members: Silas, lead Guitars, and Jonas Bjerre, Rythym guitar and Vocals enter and immediately start playing. All the while the band is playing, a very interesting and bizarre animation compilation plays on the tarp. This animation footage features A cat playing a fiddle through a forest, animals with human heads, Bloodthirsty wolves, twilight giraffes, A swarm of fleshy sea aliens with nipples for eyes, A column of electric space lightning spasms laser bolts out of the screen, and Mew's twisted fairies.

The music goes through plenty of their greatest songs from their latest 2 albums, Frengers & And The Glass Handed Kites. Most notable are "Am I Wry? No", "Apocalypso", "Zookeeper's Boy", "An Envoy to the Open Fields", "Special", "Louise Louisa", "Snow Brigade", and "Comforting Sounds". This brings me to the song "Symmetry"; this song touched my heart like nothing ever has before. The song features Becky Jarrett (then 11 years old while singing) and Jonas Bjerre in a "duet-ish" ****song set to a soothing tone and sad lyrics. The song is a love song and the video accompanying it is Becky Jarrett singing.

Mew playing Comforting sounds

The last song of the night was "Comforting Sounds" and the encore. After they ended Special, someone yelled out that Mew should stay and play 20 more songs lol. Silas, the lead guitarist told the crowd not to worry, "the next song is like 10 all together". This song is remarkable in its own right - the song changes **** and is beatiful. The ending is very loud and the band goes all out. Bjerre sings with all his might and sings so high that it felt like needles were piercing your ears.

After the show, my friends and I went upto the stage and talked to the guy in charge of equipment and he gave me and my friend Jon 2 of the picks that Mew used that night!! (it was great b/c the pick was still sweaty lol). Next I checked out the merchandise and bought a T-shirt and keyring, along with their CD - Frengers. I hadn't seen their CD until they offered it there.

Walking out of Knickerbockers, i hooked a left to see what their tour bus looked like and it wasnt anything special - just a plain bus. my friends and I started talking about the concert and we turned around to find the vocalist Jonas Bjerre and the keyboardist coming back to the place. Jonas walked straight up to me and a few friends and i was completely wowed. Jonas and I shook hands and talked about the tour journey and such. He was a very, very nice and happy guy to us. His voice is so normal, soft and clear even though he sings so high (& flawless too). He told us that he was off to "someplace called Denver - some ellingwood". He had no idea what to expect from Colorado and was totally excited to travel some more. After a bit the keyboardist told us that he was gonna go get a beer and Jonas followed and told us goodbye and thank you.

This is a band that I recommend everyone and everybody check out and give a chance.  These guys are incredible.  If you check them out, their top 4 songs & ones that i recommend are: "Am i Wry? No", "Zookeeper's Boy", "Special", and "Apocalypso".  You can listen to some of their music at:

Cheers -- Sephir0th_

Mew - Tour dates

**Description taken from:

Gar, 3 years a member of GS

Well, it would seem that i missed my 3 year anniversary... :P But, i shall salvage a blog post out of its passing.

So, yeah.... 3 years.... w00t. i dont have much to show for it lol. Hope everybody is doing well!

(Haha, Ive never been one for good speeches/blog posts... erk.)

Games on the radar

These are some of the 360 games that are currently "on my radar", so to speak. Idk what your interests are, but i would recommend that you give each one a peek. :)

Battlefield: Bad Company               - Modern FPS
Two Worlds                                  - RPG
Bladestorm: Hundred Year's War  - Fighter
Project Offset                               - Fantasy FPS
Star Wars: Force Unleashed          - Action
Huxley                                          - Modern MMORPG
Lost Odyssey                               - RPG
Fable 2                                         - RPG
Elveon                                          - RPG
Armored Core 4                           - Mech Sim
Mass Effect                                   - Action RPG
Bullet Witch                                  - Sci-Fi Shooter
Assassin's Creed                          - Action
Tenchu Z                                     - Action/Adventure