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Up is Down

This past week...well, was not the best. I finally finished up and have done everything I wanted to in ZHP. I even decided to review it which you can find here! It was truly a great game and never thought I would play it as much as I did. There was just so much to do and enjoy, but you can read about it there. :P After ZHP, I decided to finally start playing 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. This game was really light on the gameplay side, but it made up for it with a really complex and fantastic story. It always kept you guessing and it kept you feeling paranoid throughout most of the game. The game was just downright chilling at points. I intend on reviewing it at some point so keep your eye out for that. I then decided to pop in Ace Combat Zero. After my first session with it, just something feels off. It just does not have the same feeling 4 or 5 did. However, this is only after one playing, so that may change. One other thing I love and hate is a new mechanic they added in this. It is sort of a morality meter. You can go and destroy civilian targets or you can leave them be. Also, with some enemies you fight, you just simply neutralize them instead of destroying them. They are still alive, but they are just no longer a threat to you. I like the part of targeting civilians or not, but I dislike not being able to destroy all enemies. Granted, I can destroy the neutralized targets, but that is just wasting ammo. It just takes away the satisfaction of shooting down an enemy that has been on your tail half the mission. Overall, still having more fun with this one than I did with 6. It is also great that my wingman actually seems useful. Yay! In the world of sigging, I have made 3 versions of the same sig based off of a similar idea. I thought they all came out alright, but I am not sure which version I like the most. :lol: I also intend on making 4 more for the characters I will likely be using in MvC3 so I should be busy with that for a few days. :P Anyway, here are the sigs: Now for the crappy news. I would rather not get too into this as it is depressing, cat that I had for 15 year died on the 9th. I have been talking to people about it and just trying to keep my mind off of it, however, it only works for so long. It is going to take me awhile to get used to her not being around anymore or having her on my bed almost every night. I miss her dearly, but she gave me 15 fantastic years. R.I.P. Comet. Thank you all for reading! ~Seiryuu-