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Back to College....Lovely

If you could not tell from the title, I dislike college. Sure, there is plenty to do here, but I find myself not really doing much mainly because by the time I finish most of my homework, it is too late. I cannot exactly go out and hit up the bars either because I do not drink. However, on the plus side, this is my last semester before I graduate so I am really happy about that. For those of you who are curious, I am a history major and unfortunately, I do not know what I want to do with it. I wish I did, but I cannot think of anything I would want to do. I have grown to hate the field during my tenure here. As expected, it is something that brings me a lot of stress as I cannot keep putting it off forever. I was thinking about working on game reviews on the side and see if something comes from that, but I have very poor motivation and self-confidence, so more often than not, I end up not writing anything. Hopefully I can fix this problem someday in the future. :( Anyway, I suppose you are curious as to what courses I am taking. :P I am taking History 144, History 420, Comm 118, and Music 005. Now, I am sure you are also thinking, "Thanks....that is so helpful", but do not worry, I will explain. :lol: History 144 is a course all about WWII. I do not need this course to graduate, but, I needed at least 12 credits to stay a full-time student and thus keep my student aid. I only took this because a friend recommended it and if he did, then it has to be good. He usually dislikes most classes. It does not seem too bad so far and the professor is hilarious. I am not too excited about the massive book report at the end, but whatever. It is nearly all routine at this point. :P History 420 is recent European history(1848-2000 according to the syllabus). I generally hate these courses(the 400-levels), but this is the last one I need in order to graduate so I might as well tough it out. The course has two plusses. So far, the readings are not too bad right now and I like the professor. He is German and he kind of looks like Biff from Back to the Future. :P He is a pretty cool guy, but he usually talks a lot. However, I really like the way the course is set-up except for the group presentation. I just hope I do not get stuck with people who do not want to do anything. The mid-term is essay(of course :lol:), but he gives you 3 questions beforehand and he picks one for the test. I would not want it any other way. The final is take home which makes it even better. :D Communications 118 is intro to media effects, but to my understanding so far, it is not like special effects and the like. It is more oriented toward the effect media has on people. For example, we talked about the 1938 radio play of War of the Worlds and the panic that revolved around that. Of course the stupid speakers in the class did not work so she could not play the clips she wanted to which was disappointing. I like this class because for one thing, it is not required for me to graduate, and because it is nice to get outside my field once in a while. When I used to have 3-4 history courses for my schedule, it was just tiresome. The class has 70+ people in it so the tests are multiple choice which makes it even better for me since I will be mostly focusing on the above. :P Finally, music 005. I would get more into this but I nearly passed out today since it was so boring. Granted, the professor is kind of funny and I like when he plays the music to get points across or for comparison, but when he is lecturing...yawn. This course is pretty much just an overview of music and it has 300+ people in the course. :lol: Some people might be bothered by having this many people in a course, but it has never bothered me. So that is pretty much an overview of what I am doing until December and hopefully for the last time. Comm 118 is the only course I have in the morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but that will change next week when I start work up back in the library. I hope the library is not too chaotic...especially with the stupid children books on the 5th floor. The floor is so out of order and nobody ever wants to do it. :lol: I wonder if we will have any new people this time around. I used to joke with my one co-worker that we should tell them to get out while you still can. :P I hope she is still there. She was fun to work with. I have recently beat Dragon Age and I must say. I wish I would have played it sooner. Sure, the game looks like it should have been on the original Xbox, but I am not playing it for eye candy. :P The game reminded me of KOTOR so much, but that makes sense considering the same people made it. The difficulty in the game felt just right and nothing ever felt impossible. I really liked all the characters especially Morrigan and Oghren. I loved Morrigan's conversations with Alistair and always making fun of him. :lol: The final battles in the game were really well done and it was tons of fun. A final note on this, the storytelling was one of my favorite parts of the game, I really love the origin stories and how it plays into so much of the game. It was cool having your choices come back to haunt you at times. I have been messing around in Blazblue as usual. I finally beat Mu's challenge mode(I swear dashing multiple times in between moves was not meant to be done on a controller). I tried messing about with ranked mode the other day, but I did not feel like waiting for a match. Honestly, how did they go from having an awesome ranked match system in the first one, to a very slow one this time around? I also picked up Alan Wake. I am eager to try it out soon as it looks fun and was something that did not sell well due to Red Dead. I usually try to pick games up where that happens cause I find that a lot of the time, they end up being better than the popular release at the time. :P Oh, I also got Elemental for the PC, but a lot of the early impressions of it are not good. Last time I pre-order something absurdly early. :lol: Finally, I want to make a Dizzy sig at some point since everything else on here is her. :lol: The problem is, I can never find a render I have not seen and I am too impatient to make my own. Oh well, I will manage. :P Take care and thanks for reading! ~ Seiryuu

Greetings One and All

My activity as of late has been rather low compared to when I first joined, but that is because I have been playing a lot of Continuum Shift and I have recently started Dragon Age so I have been busy. That is not all though. I have also been working on a bunch of sigs and I finally completed a review of Portrait of Ruin that I was working on forever. You can find that here or on my blogger. Check them out if you want to. :P I am not sure how often I will get reviews out, but I will certainly try to get more out in the future. :) Here are the sigs: [spoiler]       [/spoiler] Then of course I made a new banner too, but I do not have to link to that for obvious reasons. :lol: I am also really looking forward to The Expendables this weekend. I will try to get a write up for that too, but I am not making any promises. I return to college soon so who knows what is going to go on. :lol: Thank you for reading and take care! :) ~ Seiryuu

BlazBlue CS Impressions

I love this game so much. It is all I have done the past 2 days. I completely finished everyone's story modes. I must say...they did get kind of boring at times. What bothered me was, some story modes only had like 3 fights and the rest of it was dialogue-tastic. I mean, that is fine, but could we throw a few more fights in there so I am not bored? Sometimes, it is like 10 minutes of talking before you do your first fight! However, I do have to say, the gag reels were hilarious and makes me wonder if the developers were on drugs or not. I mean seriously, they poke so much fun at different things and I was really glad to see giant gold Tager return. :lol: If you have not seen either of his gag reels in CT or this one, I highly recommend it. They are really funny. I also thought the cast poking fun at Bang so much was good too. Overall, the story mode needed more balance with fighting and text cause at times, it just gets dull. However, I did not see the end coming at all. It caught me off guard and now I have to wait who knows how long till the next! The world might end by then! :shock: The game still looks absolutely fantastic for a 2D fighter. It might be because I am playing this one off of the 360's s-video cable this time around, but it looks a lot better than the first. My friends have commented the same thing too, but whether it is or not, I do not have the foggiest clue. However, I just think it looks a lot better. The new stages are all varied and lively which is nice to see...even if you will not be paying much attention to them. It is just nice to see attention to detail like that. :P The gameplay is still the same from Calamity Trigger with some differences. The barrier gauge is gone and is now replaced with "guard primers". However, they still function essentially the same. If you keep blocking, you will eventually get broken and be wide open for attack. The difference is how many of these your character has. Tager has the most which makes sense considering his size and I believe Carl has the least. The 3 new characters also play all different from each other and are a lot of fun to play as. Even more fun if they fit right into your playstyle. I have not used Tsubaki or Hazama that much outside of story mode, but, I am having a blast using Mu. :P I have not played around with the other modes that much except arcade and mission mode. Arcade mode is pretty much what you expect, 10 fights with a final boss being the last. Mission mode is the game giving you combos to perform to pass on to the next one. I like this and hate this at the same time. It is nice to learn combos for your character of choice, but some of them are just really impractical to use. I also hate that you cannot scroll down to see the rest of the combo if it is a long one. I would like to see this fixed in the next one if this mode is present. The music in this game is just fantastic. I love all the new themes they added and I think they really fit the characters really well. Every time I heard Hazama's kick in in story mode I always thought to myself, "Oh boy, here comes the troll." Troll as in internet troll as he just toys with every character and it is quite funny at times. :P Overall, the game is complicated, but nothing you cannot pick up in about a week or two. I think they made this one a lot more accessible with tutorial mode and the beginner mode which dumbs the controls down so you can perform combos more easily. I would highly recommend the game and at $40 it is a good deal. Take care! ~ Seiryuu

A Brief Update...

Greetings everyone! :) I just felt like writing something as I have something on my mind and what better place to get it out than here. :P Something I have taken a liking to doing lately is going to the bed by the window and just listening to the rain. I do not do it all the time, but it has a weird calming effect on me. I typically hate when it rains, but now I have a reason to look forward to it(in fact, some nights I had hoped it would rain :lol:). I can be in a horrible mood, but when it rains, I feel a little better as if what was troubling me is being washed away. It is kind of the same deal with snow as well, it is just calming when I see it snowing. Obviously, if it is a blizzard or a torrential downpour, it does not have the same effect. :P Anyway, I just thought I would share this with you all. Take care! ~ Seiryuu

Inception *spoilers maybe*

Probably the best movie this summer. Originally, I did not have any interest in seeing this movie. In fact, when I went to see the A-Team, and one of the previews was for this movie, I thought to myself, "Meh, big deal." However, I saw how well this movie was doing with reviews and then I looked into it more and I decided I had to see it. The whole concept just sounded to interesting. I am so glad I went to see it. It was an excellent movie and as much as I am looking forward to The Expendables next month, I doubt it will top this movie. This movie drew me in from start to finish and I cannot wait to get it on DVD. The movie is almost two and half hours long, but it did not feel like it at all. This movie was directed, produced, and written by Christopher Nolan of the Batman fame. I read somewhere that he had worked on this for nearly a decade and with how complicated the plot is at times, it sure feels that way. :P However, that is not a bad thing. It is one of those movies you kind of have to pay attention to, but, I honestly never felt lost during the movie(like some people in the theater :lol:). The main story is about a thief named Dom Cobb(DiCaprio's character), but, he is no ordinary thief. He has the ability to enter others' dreams by way of their subconscious mind. By doing this, he can extract information that would otherwise be nearly impossible to get. You can already imagine the uses this would have, but, the use of this ability has cost Cobb many things in his life. One of them is one that continues to haunt him to this day and in fact, disrupts his missions into others' minds.

Early in the film, Dom gets offered to do a harder task, Inception, or implanting an idea into someone's mind. Many claim it is impossible, but Dom claims that it is possible as he had done it before. The man who offers Dom this is a man named Saito who wants to do it to bring down a corporate rival and he gives Dom the incentive to by offering to give him back what he had lost, his family. Dom is then given time to assemble his team so that he can pull off the crime. The team consists of Eames, who is capable of forging his identity in a dream, Ariadne, who designs the dream world, Yusuf, who is a chemist who sedates them so they are able to go deeper into dreams, Arthur, who is a point man, and Saito himself. He is there to make sure they do their mission.

Their target is Robert Fischer Jr. and the idea they want to implant into him is to dissolve his father's corporate empire as his father is dying and he will soon be the ruler of it. They do this through 3 levels of dreams. The movie does this through a roller coaster ride of action, story, and great character development for DiCaprio's character. I really felt for him as I learned more about him during the movie. What he went through was really tragic and it relates to how he knew inception was possible. There also some funnier moments with dialogue between the characters so it is not all serious business all the time, but do not be mistaken, it is no comedy. The movie concludes in a very satisfying manner and is something that I would strongly recommend checking out. The soundtrack, which I am happy to say, was very good. Since it was done by Hans Zimmer, I was expecting to hear Pirates of the Caribbean-esque trumpets like you hear in so many of his works. The good news is, I did not hear it this time which made me happy. The music is superb and the ending song was really, really good. Dreams are something I love to read about and watch things about so this movie was right up my alley in the end. I am not a huge fan of DiCaprio but I felt he did a wonderful job in this movie. All in all, go see this movie as soon as you can. I do not think you will regret it. I am looking forward to Nolan's next non-Batman movie. The next film I will probably go see is The Expendables, but I am not expecting the same experience I had with this movie. In fact, with that movie, I expect to feel like I got booted in the face from sheer awesome. :P Anyway, I am going to wrap this up. Go see Inception. Now. :P Take care! :) ~ Seiryuu

A Little About Me

One thing you should probably know about me is that I enjoy reading about horoscope characteristics. I find that a lot of it does speak the truth about me, but, I do not really buy the day-to-day stuff because I find it always tells me to not do anything. :lol: Anyway, I suppose it would be helpful if I shared my sign. I am a Gemini. I was born on the 21st of May, the very first day for Gemini. :P Some of the characteristics of it are being curious, talkative, versatile, and mentally active. Geminis also come with an easy understanding of opposites and may seem paradoxical at times, but a dual nature will do that to you. :P Geminis are known to have a very strong wit and are capable of having heated arguments. They find it easy to bounce from one topic to another as if a changing wind. Which fits as Gemini is an air sign. Air represents movement and thought is often the chosen avenue for a Gemini. They are thinkers as well as strong communicators. One thing to take away from a Gemini is that they can be restless and highly changeable which makes them talk and listen a lot, but not necessarily driven to action. That is just a brief summary of some of the things that come with this sign and I find a lot of it fits with me. Some of it does not fit all that well. It is hard to be a great communicator with many if you are introverted. :lol: The last part is especially true with me. There are so many things I want to do, but I usually do not end up doing it for whatever reason. This is something I really need to fix. I often have a lot of good ideas that I never put into fruition. I hope I can get rid of that part of me someday. :) Anyway, I hope you can see some of these characteristics in the future as I post more and if you already know me, what do you think? Oh and another new sig :P: ~ Seiryuu

Laharl Sig and Happy Indepedence Day!

 Just got done playing around with that. I think it could have been better, but I just got sick of working on it. I also just wanted to get a new one up. :P Anyway, I know it is a little late, but to those that celebrate it, I hope you all had a great Independence Day and made sure to have awesome cook-outs and blew things up. Personally, I just enjoy the holiday for the food anymore. :lol: As a history major, I have to recognize the sacrifices that many men and women have made in order to provide for this country and in some cases, others. While I do not agree with war, I cannot deny the actions these men and women performed in order to make the US safe. Without their sacrifice, the US might not even be around today and may still be just another part of the British empire. Who knows. Who knows where a lot of us would be...if we even existed. This site might not even exist! :o Which leads me to another thought, I love reading about, watching movies, or playing games about alternate takes on history. Something I can think of off-hand would be Freedom Fighters where the Soviets developed the atomic bomb first and eventually invaded the US. I love wondering what could have happened had the other side one. As a huge Napoleon fan, I wonder what would have happened had he not invaded Russia or not botched up in the Iberian peninsula. What if he had won the battle of Trafalgar? Not only that, but I also wonder about what if Nazi Germany never invaded Russia(I am sensing a theme here :P). I would love to see movies on this subject or even find decent books on it(which is hard enough...and I really should watch Red Dawn). Anyway, hope you had a great Independence Day(if you celebrate it, if not, hope you had a great day nonetheless) and I hope you celebrated by watching the movie. :P Speech :P Take care and thanks for reading! ~ Seiryuu


Today, I had to return library books that I signed-out in May(gotta love online renewals :P). I returned them to my old campus(it is a branch campus of the main university, so the libraries are all linked). Unfortunately, I got there after they closed, so I could not talk with my old co-workers in there, but thankfully, they have a drop box, so it is all taken care of. In the short time I was there, I really started to miss the place. I despise the main university with a passion(had to go there since the branch campus did not have the classes I needed). I loved the atmosphere of the place, the people, and in some cases, even the classes I had. I had so much fun at the place. I just remembered the one time my friend and I invented a game in the one lecture hall cause we got bored the one day. It involved throwing a soda bottle across the room into 2 different garbage cans. We called it Mexican ring toss. :lol: I wish I could re-experience it all again. Looking back, I am really fond of the place. It had two scenic look out points and the view was just...beautiful. I could sit there for hours just admiring the view. I used to do my readings for class there. It was so peaceful just reading, being outside, and admiring the view. Watching the sunset there could take your breath away. I miss it because the main campus does not have anything like that. :( I really miss my job in that library. This is not to say I dislike the job in the library at the main campus, but the other library just had a special feel to it...and getting paid to do homework was awesome. I love work-studies. :P I really liked the other people there too. I could spend hours talking to them. They were really fun people. I really need to pay them a visit next time I am in the area so we can catch up. It has been over a year now. :cry: Anyway, just thought I would blog about my experiences today. So much has changed at that place putting stupid speed bumps all over. Jerks. :P Hope you all are doing well! ~ Seiryuu

Oh Backlog...will I ever finish you?

Greetings everyone! This summer I was planning on finishing a lot of the games that I have purchased over the years. I have a bad habit of buying games and then not playing them. I have had Dragonquest VIII since 2006 and it has not even been put into the system yet. :lol: Anyway, I have been trying to get through what I can before my final college semester starts. So far, I beat Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin and Disgaea. The latter of which I honestly had no intention of ever playing again, but Siberian convinced me to. I am glad he did cause the game was a lot of fun, but it just frustrated me early on so I set it down for a long while. However, I can finally say I beat the game, but I got the normal ending. Oh well, I have no intention of running through it all again nor do I really want to work at doing all the extra stuff. I got other games to beat. The problem with my game backlog is that it is mostly RPGs, so it is hard to beat a lot of them over the course of the summer as they take time. I also get RPG'd out like I am right now. So I have to balance it with other genres so I do not get sick of a game for the wrong reasons(if that makes any sense). I am probably going to pick Scribblenauts back up as I have to finish that game off, but that one should not take me too long to complete. It will just be nice to have a change of pace. I will probably finish off FFXIII after that, but I have to be honest, that game feels too much like a chore sometimes, so I might favor something else instead. To finish off the gaming portion, I picked up Tales of Symphonia for $20 which made me happy, considering it goes for $70+ on Amazon. I love the Gamestop's around here. :P The only problem is, I need Gamecube memory cards, so I gotta wait a bit before I spend again, unless I get that part-time job I applied for, then it does not really matter. :lol: I not only have a gaming backlog, but I also have an anime and book backlog. Thankfully, neither of these are as long, but they still take time. The good news is, I can get through most animes in 2-3 days if I really rush through it. The last one I finished was Elfen Lied. The moral I got out of that one is that kids are mean. :P It was a good anime and I recommend it if you have not seen it yet. Nyuu is so cute. I am currently watching Cowboy Bebop. It was not an anime I was originally fond of when I saw reruns on TV, but to be fair, I never gave it a chance and most dubs nowadays make my ears bleed. :lol: I am not sure what I will check out after Bebop, but I am sure I will probably post it here when I do decide on something. As far as books go, I gotta read Brisingr, Spice & Wolf manga, and the 6th Temeraire book when it comes out next month. Thankfully, reading does not take me too long and it hardly feels tedious cause I enjoy reading for leisure(class not so puts me into a coma sometimes :?). I do not have much else to say here other than check out the Temeraire series. Dragons + Napoleonic era = awesome! I believe that is all I have on my mind at the moment, but if I think of something else I am sure I will edit. Hope you all had a good weekend and catch your around the boards. :) ~ Seiryuu

Naps and Yard Sales

Today, my friend and I went to a town wide yard sale this morning around 11. That may have not been the best decision since I have been going to bed at 5 AM for the longest time. So, I was quite tired the whole time we were there. :lol: I was hoping to score some games cheap, but unfortunately, I did not see anything good. We only checked the main strip in the town since we did not feel like walking around out. It was pretty warm out and my knee really hurt so we just came back home. It was a wasted trip, but it got me out and it never hurts to check. :) After we got home, I was still really tired and my knee was not feeling any better, so I just decided to take a nap. My knee feels a little better now, but I feel worse all around. I cannot win. :lol: I am hoping a nice pizza will make everything better. :P Have any of you felt worse after taking a nap? Hope anybody who is reading has a good weekend. :)