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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas to everyone at Gamespot. Have a cracking new year, I hope you all get some really great gifts, don't forgot to go overboard on food and drink. :P

Finally got ym PS3 online

I got around to getting my PS3 hooked up to the internet, signed up to the network andd I'm raring to go. My PS3 ID is sedg87. Anyone is free to add me :)

Resident Evil website project

I've mentioned this in the past, but I've been wanting to start my own resident evil fansite for quite a while now. I've started a design and I've got myself a domain and some top of the line web hosting.

I'm also looking for a few people to help around the website. News posters mainly and someone to help be co-administrator!

I'll post more information on the project when I've got some more ideas :)

It's been a while!

Evening everyone! I haven't posted a blog in god knows how many months. I've been pretty much occupied with life, finding a job and other rather boring drivvle.

How's everyone been?

Did you all have a fun summer?

What are you playing currently?

It's time to read up on everything now! I haven't really kept up to date on anything lately.

Three years on Gamespot

Three years ago today I joined Gamespot, which is alot longer than I first thought. It's great to be a part of something like Gamespot and to be around people who also love gaming.


Anyone getting a new console this Christmas? I'm probably gonna be very happy on Christmas morning as I'm almost certain that I'll be receiving a Wii. Fingers crossed on that one.

What are you playing?

What are you all playing lately? I've started playing through Mass Effect and Assasins Creed. The feeling you get when you're stood on Earth's moon while looking back at Earth is quite epic. It's got fantastic dialogue too and great combat. I'm also playing through Assasins Creed, but I'm more occupied with Mass Effect currently. After that I'm gonna be playing Devil May Cry 3 and then the original. Devil May Cry 4 isn't far off and I'm very exited about the release of that title!


Sorry for the short blog and my inactivity lately, but I've been extremely busy for a while. Hope everyone is doing okay and getting all their christmas shopping done.

~ Blade.

Resident Evil Website... again

Anyone remember a couple of months ago when I brought up the subject of creating my own RE website? Well I've started to re-design it and hopefully my friend will be able to host the website complete with it's own domain name. I just need to find someone who's competant with HTML, CSS and PHP. I'm also looking for anyone else who'd like to cotnribute to the website. You can help in any way you like. I also need to find a suitable name for the website. Anyone got any suggestions?

If anyone has any ideas for the website then please let me know :).

P.S Probably launching the website around Christmas/early 2008 time.

R.IP Gemma

I woke up this morning to discover that my 14 year old Jack Russel dog had sadly passed away. She's grown up with me since I was a kid and I'm gonna have to get used to not having her around :(. That's really put a downer on Halloween and to be honest, I can't be arsed with Halloween now.

I'll miss her loads.

October Games

What games are you guys looking forward to in October? I'm not actually sure which games are coming out this month with the exception of Football manager 2008 which I buy every year. I've still got Halo 3 tofinish and I've yet to start stranglehold and I'm also buy re-playing Oblivion. I think November is gonna be a big month for games with Mass effect, Assassins Creed, Blacksite and much much being released that month.

So which games are you looking forward to this month?

I've been inactive for a while

As you may have noticed I've been inactive for a little while (not posting in friends blogs, forums and all that) but, I'm back on Gamespot after a hectice month or so in my life. I've hardly had time to do anything gaming related. I haven't even completed Halo 3 yet!

Anyway time to get cracking.

Blog Of A Thousand Things... Or A Few

Gamespot Subscription

I've been thinking of subscribing to Gamespot, but is it actually worth it? Unlimited guide PDF's, High defination game trailers and Gamespot chatrooms. The monthly fee isn't exactly pricey 'tho. Any subscribers out there that can give me there views?

More movie adaptations of games?

I recently saw a list (Was on Mrchiledonut's Gamespot user profile) which showed a rather lengthy list of films coming out within the next two to three years, which are based on popular games. Ranging from Devil May Cry to Halo and beyond. I'm all for movies based on games if the movies don't involve Uwe bloody Boll or whatever he's called All the films this guy has touched are simply horried. It's bad enough this guy has got his grubby little hands on the rights to the Far Cry film, which is bad enough. I just hope the likes of Capcom and Microsoft have enough sense to actually get someone with some form credability. Then again Capcom (I think?) turned down George Romero's script and chose Paul Anderson's., Romero could and probably would have made a good solid theme from the script which he wrote.

What do you guys think of this matter? :)


I'm still having second thoughts about the Wii. The only reason it appeals to me is because it has Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles coming out soon. That's probably the only single reason I can think of for buying a Wii. A lot of the games seem to be multiplayer orientated and I don't have a single friend who plays gaming and I currently don't have the connection to go online, which is a pitty because I want to get on LIVE for my 360 badly. I just need to dump my current service provider and buy the hardware and my dad pays the internet bill, so that's not going to happen soon :(

Come to think of it... I only bought my Gamecube for Resident Evil remake shortly before it's release and I turned out to quite enjoy the Gamecube. Just maybe I should gamble on the Wii and maybe the gamble will come did just as the 'cube did.

Halo 3

Halo 3 is almost here. I'm pretty excited and I'm not sure why. I've never completed Halo or Halo 2 and I've never been a huge Halo fan, but I'm still pretty excited for reasons unknown :shock: Anyone else really looking forward to this release?

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