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Havent played OTR, but according to a couple of reviews I just took a look at its been stripped out of the game.

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congratulations! threads like this keep me confident in my attempt; Im 30 hrs or soin to my first playthrough, its tough but Im getting there.

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I never played Demons Souls & the constant talk of difficulty almost put me off picking up Dark Souls. And Im glad I didnt get discouraged. Im 30 hours or so in to Dark Souls and Ilove it. It has its difficult moments, but the game really rewards you for perseverance & hard work. Give it a whirl, I say

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You are a of of us....

The update should ping up automatically if its a backwards compatible game. I play a couple of old xbox originals like Jade Empire, Doom3 etc

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If you are really sure you wont be tempted by other d/l content I imagine 20gb should be okay. It will probably become an issue if you start expanding your game collection tho

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Im a 360 gamer primarily, but not a big Halo fan. Saying that, Reach was a great game I enjoyed it thoroughly. I would say yes, pick it up.

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deadly premonition is super weird rather than scary. Dead Space 1/2 made me jump out of my skin several times, its a safe bet.

Gamerchick up there^ mentioned Alan Wake. certainly moody & atmospheric, might fit the bill.

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according to this, yes, custom facial fluff. Not sure of the realiability of the article tho.

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I was browsing the forums when that question caught my eye- made me spray dr pepper everywhere I laughed so hard

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I was in NYC for the first time in July. I walked the bridge as it was on my then GF's 'to do list'. It was a beautiful day, so the views were nice. But major busy because it attracts all the tourism. We did all the famous sights, but my highlights were just walking around and exploring the less tourist heavy areas.

I still think there is nowhere quite like NYC. Great city.

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