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Multiple Saves

You would have thought I had learnt my lesson by now.

Especially after that Elder Scrolls: Oblivion fiasco. 60+ hours deep in to my adventure, I was. After clearing out a cave full of trolls & god-knows what else, I leave the cave only for my game to crash as I exit back to the open world. I reload my save, try to leave the cave once more and it crashes again. I try again. And again. It quickly dawns on me that I have encountered an incurable glitch and that I have no other save files outside that bloody cave. My heart sinks.

Fortunately I loved that game, so although it was far from ideal I started again right from the beginning. "Ive learnt a valuable lesson" I told myself. "From this day on, I will make multiple saves. I wont be fooled again!" And I wasnt

....until now, that is. 

You see this afternoon, I was playing Resident Evil Code: Veronica X, and Steve & Clare had just taken off in a sea plane to escape the island. Claire was limping terribly and not having saved for a good hour, I took the oppertunity to do so on the typewriter in the planes cockpit. Phew! Claire then walked through the door to the next part of the plane and came face to face with the Tyrant. And died immediately.

I chose to retry, and again immediatly died. So I backed out to the main menu to load up another save. But it didnt exist.

I didnt even have a glitch to blame this time. 

I feel.. like such... an amateur.