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Big Dumb Fun

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Army of Two, the coop shooter franchise from EA, has now spawned three games in the series. The third in the series, The Devils Cartel, is due for release very soon and has a demo now live on XBL.If a franchise hits three games, someone is obviously buying them. But who? I cant recall anyone ever waxing lyrical about either of the previous AoT games and thats probably because they are pretty dumb games. During the demo, you play as one of an Army of Two (clever title, eh?) grizzled, tattooed muscle bound ex-special forces men. You gunfight identical looking Mexican drug dealers who all seem to wear sweatpants. You fight through a dilapidated warehouse, up on to the roof where you jump in to a chopper & proceed to blow up more stuff.


Grrr. Bang Bang Bang. Not fun. 

Okay, normally I wouldnt judge a game entirely on its demo, but I think its safe to say Army of Two: The Devils Cartel isnt going to go much deeper than what is presented here. It truly is devoid of imagination. It doesnt even seem to get the basics right; movement feels sticky & the weapons lack impact.There is nothing wrong with big dumb fun. But if thats what youre after I would still look elsewhere. Try Bulletstorm - yes, its large angry men swearing and shooting a lot, but my god is that game fantastic fun & has the incredibly unique points based system encouraging creative kills. And it has a dinosuar that fires frikkin' lasers from its eyes. There's imagination for ya.


Grrr. Bang Bang Bang. Much Better