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Review Score Predictions (07/2011)

What average scores are these big games going to recieve when released on xbox360?
Heres my guesses (out of ten). Official score are in black, and my prediction as to what I will personally think is in red.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution 9 10
Dead Island 7 7
Rage 9 9.5
Dark Souls7 7
Batman: Arkham City 9.5 9
Battlefield 3 9 8.5
COD: Modern Warfare 3 9 8
Skyrim 10 10
Saints Row: the third 8.5 8
The Witcher 2 9.5 9
Silent Hill: Downpour 7.5 8

I think its fair to say most of the titles on this list are going to score highly. Deus Ex has recived a positive response from PC gamers who have played the leaked press demo, and this morning I have seen the first review of the PC build awarded a 94% score. Dead Island recieved a huge amount of attention following on from the dramatic and moving teaser trailer, but I think expectations have dropped slightly since actual gameplay footage has been released. I predict it will still be a worthwhile expirience and recieve respectable scores around the 7-8 mark.

I really, reallywant ID softwares Rage to deliver the goods. I think I have finally gotten over my slight disappointment that it will be another post-apocalyptic setting; the steady release of gameplay trailers are looking impressive, promising tight, tactical combat against intelligent NPCs. Im sure Rage will be more than just a stop-gap whilst we wait for the next Doom installment.

Not having played Demon Souls myself, Im basing my prediction on footage and the general media impression for its spiritual successor Dark Souls. It sounds like a title that is aimed squarely at the 'Core gaming community. I predict respectable scores, but maybe some critisicm arising from the difficulty and resulting gameplay quirks. Arkham Asylum was a massive hit and Arkham City looks to provide more refinement of the already fantastically fun combat system within a larger & more expansive environment, as well an expanded cast of Batmans criminal nemisis. Im sure it will be one of the years most succussful titles, and I wouldnt be suprised to see a few perfect 10/10 scores. Battlefield 3 & Modern Warfare 3 are already waging a well publicised conflict against each other. B3 has the most to prove if it is goingto steal MW3's massive online fanbase, and if the recent E3 demo is anything to go by, it may well stand a very good chance. The Call of Duty franchise has been heavily critiscised for releasing slightly modified versions of the same game, but sales figures speak for themselves; if it aint broke.... I predict the critics will favour B3, but MW3 will conquer in terms of sales.

Skyrim will scoop up most of the years GOTY awards. Bethesda appears to have examined avery aspect of their Elder Scrolls legacy in order to make Skyrim the definitive installment, and it truly looks epic. Im certain Skyrim will be one of this generations high points. Can current gen consoles be pushed any further? A million miles away from Tamriel is the City of Steelport, home to the 3rd street saints. Volition have pushed to make the franchise as crazy and wild as possible, and I think with Saints Row: the third, comparisions to Rockstar's GTA series will finally end. Im predicting an 8/10 score but wouldnt be suprised after seeing the latest gameplay if it recived even higher marks. Its looks simply fun fun fun. The Witcher 2 had already recieved glowing reviews before the 360 release was even announced. I reckon it may be unfairly over-shadowed by some of the bigger franchises in terms of sales, but critically it will be applauded. I have heard it controls fantastically on a 360 controller and although the graphics have to be toned down it is still looking highly impressive. And finally, my last prediction on this list is for the new Silent Hill game subtitled 'Downpour'. Fans are hoping for a return to form after the lukewarm reception of the 'Homecoming' game and it will be interesting to see if the criticism's have been taken on-board by publisher Konami & the devloper, Vatra games. Its a series that I have previously described as being in need of a reboot, but like other games with survival horror roots it could go either way; Resident Evil 5 disappointed many when the series shifted towards fast-paced action, so I hope the developers have approached this new project with careful consideration and respect. Its hard to predict a score with the little information there is to go on, so Im settling around 7/10 mark for now.

When I die, I hope to come back as an HD reissue...

I just heard that the HD remakes (reissues?) of Silent Hill 2/3 will be PS3 exclusive. At first this made me pull a sad face and made my bottom lip start wobbling (Im currently a one-console man, faithful to the 360), but after some thought I realised this may be a blessing in disguise.

Post-E3 my gaming wish list has grown ridiculously long, and there is only so much time in the day (and my credit card sadly does have its limits). Deus Ex, Dead Island, Rage, Battlefield3, Skyrim...they are all crammed in to the last months of the year (and if Skyrim is anything like Oblivion, I just know 100 hours of my life have been spoken for).

And although a return ticket to Silent Hill has been snatched from my fingers, there is still the Metal Gear Solid HD collection to look forward to, and an oppertunity to try The Witcher2 (a game I never thought I would get to play. I currently dont have a PC, and my laptop crashes at the first mention of gaming.)

Aaaand, there is the wonderful thought ofRE:Code veronica & RE4 coming to Xbox live. Both are definite purchases for me, even if I did play both of them to death back in the day. So, even if some might say that HD reissues of classic titles is just big business milking the proverbial cash-cow, if it means I can play MGS on my360 in crispy high-def then Im all for it. It just means I have to find the time to replay my favourite games AND keep on top of the new releases.

Its a tough life.

Been there, done that

Im currently working my way through a whole bundle of new games Ive picked up recently, including Bioshock 2 and Dead Rising 2.

These two sequels have one key thing in commen; although both fantastic sequels and games in their own right, neither title has particulary pushed any boundaries or introduced anything new to their particular franchises.

Its been a long time since the first Dead Rising, but rather push the series in any new exciting direction, the developers appear to have just taken the tried and tested formula of the original and ironed out the wrinkles.

Again, I'd like to reiterate that Im finding both DR2 and Bioshock 2 superbly enjoyable games, but I would have thought the people behind these games would wish to push some in to some new boundaries.

Im positive Fallout:New Vegas will also be another great sequel, but from what I have seen and heard so far, I get the feeling it will be another title to follow in a similar vein. I sincerely hope future titles, like the newly announced Silent Hill game, recognise when a franchise has to try new things.

Im reassurred there is hope for the future however, having seen the early trailer for Bioshock Infinite.

Living Ice - defeated!

Just an update from my last post- I finally gave that Living Ice*** from Lost Odyssey a right good kicking.


Except, I have just run in to the brick wall that is the Magic Ice Beast.... argh.

Boss (cue dramatic music)!

There is a lot of talk about videogames being easier. Developers have apparently realised that gamers dont particulary enjoy being frustrated at being stuck on a level or on final level bosses. Because of this, the expirience of playing videogames has changed.

Im not the most hardcore gamer on the planet (by a long-shot), but its rare even for me to become stuck on a Boss/level/entire game like many of usdid regularly in the 'good old days'. So its rare to expierience the same sense of achievement of overcoming said obstacles based entirely on skill and practice.

Hmm, maybe that fight with the Army guy on top of the tank in Dead Rising qualifies...even if I did repeat the same move repeatedly....

And maybe, just maybe, when I beat that pain in the neck 'Living Ice' boss in Lost Odyssey I'll get the same sense of accomplishment....if I ever actually beat him, that is.

Perfect Dork....

Either Ive been studying to hard at the gaming curriculem, or the xbox version of Perfect Dark has been dumbed down.

Ive just played through Secret Agent difficulty in just two sittings, and despite enjoying every moment I wasnt exactly challenged at any point.

Also, the shooting range in carringtons institute seems easier, even with the dodgy aiming controls.

one step forward, two steps back...

I have to admit that despite owning my xbox360 for over two years, I have only just got around to trying xbox live.

And what does one do, when in possession of a state of the art games console thats hooked up to the internet witha world of gaming oppertunities at ones fingertips?

Thats right, download and spend hours playing archaic classic titles like Duke Nukem3D and Monkey Island!

Time well spent, methinks.

Guns & Ammo (2)

...just watched Bodycount video and the survey says....


Well, mostly ping. The action looks frantic &explosive, an array of weaponary & destructable environments, but Im not 100% on the art style and environments. Was kinda hoping for moody atmospherics.

Guns & Ammo...

So it looks like some wishes do come true! I have just read that a gun-ho FPS from the makers of 'Black' will be coming to Xbox. Okay, so Black wasnt the best FPS ever, but I personally loved the so called 'gun-porn' approach and have been salivating at the prospect of a sequal ever since.

One of my happiest original xbox memories was of loading up Black with a custom soundtrack of Isis, and then whiling the afternoon away blasting sh*t up. Rousing, indeed.

Fingers crossed then that Bodycount will deliver....