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Boy, do I feel sheepish...

After throwing a tantrum in my previous blog entry, my copy of Dark Souls has in fact turned up on time. What happened was, my game had arrived much later in the day in a unnecessarily large cardboard box and of course wouldnt fit through my letterbox (and my rubbish housemate seems to have ignored the knocking at the door) so it was left with a rather helpful neighbour. GAME, I apologise, you are in fact back on two strikes....for now...

But its here. Dark Souls. And thats the main thing.

dark souls delivery box

^that big box really aint necessary!

After reading the wonderful blog of @Asagea_888 and hearing how his day one copy didnt quite match the package as advertised, I was pleasently suprised to find my 360 copy containing the actual CD soundtack & extras DVD. Quite why people are receiving different contents in their purchases is beyond me.

dark souls day one contents

Im going to play Dark Souls this evening and Im sure I'll be posting my first thoughts real soon. Oh, and I started Crysis last night; heres a photographic summary of my first play....

chicken cyrsis

^I feel bad for killing all those chickens. I kept expecting the chickens to take revenge, like in Links Awakening..

...and its late

Oh man, now I am annoyed. Why would a company declare they have a 'first to play pre-order policy' when they clearly dont have the ability to deliver on release day? This is third strike for GAME - they wont be having a single penny out of me from now on after failing three times this year to deliver on their promises. I would have thought they would be doing all they can to improve their shoddy reputation, especially after that stunt they pulled with the Deus Ex PC download codes.

*deep breath* Okay.....Im a bit miffed. That is obvious. But seriously, they shouldnt claim to provide a 'first to play' service if they can live up to that claim. Either I will order with another company from now on, or failing that, it would even be quicker just to wait until Saturday morning & take a walk in to the local high street shops. I could try Amazon, or maybe ShopTo next. Anyone have recommendations?

^What does a guy have to do to die on time?!!

Now to play the original

The first thing I did in Crysis was pick up a crab...and throw it. Instant acheivement. The second thing I did in Crysis was pick up a chicken...and then I threw it at another chicken. No acheivement the second time even though I felt it more deserving.

And so has begun my playthrough of the new downloadable console remaster of Crytek's 2007 first person shooter hailed as the one of the best looking pc games ever. Yes, the graphics will be scaled down on the 360 and yes, its the single player campaign only, but fortunatly Im not big on multiplayer shooters anyway and I will take solid storytelling and gameplay over pretty visuals every time. Having played Crysis 2 early on in the year, I have been excited to try out the original since it was announced that it would be making an appearance on xbox live, plus I needed a distraction to take my mind off the next painful 48 hour wait for dark souls (please GAME, dispatch my order on time, thank-you).

Starting Crysis, the controls feel immediatly familar, however I cant seem to do a run into a slide whilst firing like in the sequel- and I really enjoyed doing that. The guns feel solid with a real satisfying kick to them and accompanying deep hearty bangs & booms. The music really adds to the tension, but I have noticed it has a tendancy to stop and start abruptly which can be a bit jarring. Visually, the real star of the show is the lighting effects. The island is a great environment to explore and there is plenty of camouflage for both the player and the opposing NPCs to use to their advantage. Trouble is, Ive been playing a lot of Dead Island recently and I keep expecting a Zombie to jump out the bushes & make a swipe at me.

The AI has been pretty solid so far, but there have been a couple of times when the enemy soldiers have done something daft - whilst in Cloak mode, I witnessed an NPC fall over a fence, the character animation appeared to glitch and then he was immediatly back to his feet. Weirdo.

Im only an about one and a half hours in to the game, but so far its very fun. Plus, the added bonus of acheivements (which by the way I have recently unapologetically been referring to as 'cheevos')have been included to work towards. Coolio.

^The box art! If it had a box, that is

Pixel Perfect

blog bunker emblam

Here is my submittion for the new blogger emblem ^

I did a few designs, but the reason I chose this one was because I think it represents the bloggers in our community; its bright, bold and direct. I also think its aesthetically pleasing and has a nice warm glow to it. Hope you like it!

Level 20

Levelled up to 20 - Hooray!

Rather silly blog post, but Im happy! Was on level 19 for what seemed like forever!

RE4 memories

Be warned, if you havent played RE4 yet the following may spoil a nice suprise for you!!

I have recently finished RE4 HD and I relived a lot of fond memories with the game. One moment in particular was as tense and exciting as the first time I played RE4, and I wanted to share it with you.

Whilst exploring the los illuminados castle, Leon S Kennedy enters what appears to be a room during chapter 3-3, empty except for a treasure chest mounted on a pedestal in thecentre. Approaching the chest, Leon springs a trap and finds himself caught inside a small cage. The cage is quickly sorrounded by los illumantos followers with ball and chains and crossbows. Not only that, but a Garrador jumps down in to the cage with Leon. The Garrador stands tall and is equipped with long wolverine blades, so it has a huge reach and makes avoiding his fury swipes very difficult. Going near to the edge of the cage also means the los illumandos on the outside can attack with their spiked ball and chains.

Playing through this scenario again got my heart racing just like the first time, and is further evidence that RE4 still proves itself to be such agreat gameeven compared to modern standards. And the Garrador is certainly one of my favourite gaming enemies. I could have picked any number of fantastic set-pieces the game throws at you but this particular one was a personal favourite.

"Raarargh! etc"

Big Daddy

Thought I would add a couple of piccys of my new Bioshock Big Daddy figure which I picked up at the excellent Midtown Comics on a recent trip to New York City.


This figure joins my Xenomorph alien figure bringing my collection up to a grand total of.....2! I know, not very impressive, but I do try& resist the urge to buy more of this kind of cool stuff where possible. Would really like a Solid Snake figure though....

forward planning

With so many great games coming out over the holiday season & early 2012, I have had to do some planning and also practice a little restraint. In preperation, I have traded in a huge amount of games to raise some much needed credit to help purchase these new releases - obviously there are quite a few I just couldnt bring myself to part with, I will probably be replaying titles like Fallout 3 and Red Dead Redemption for years to come. Ive also created a couple of lists (man, I sure love writing lists!) of games I will be purchasing on release, and those I will wait for the prices to drop. I would love get to them all on release but I have to be sensible; it would cost a small fortune and also some of these titles will be very time consuming. I clocked up a couple of hundred hours on the last Elder Scrolls game and I expect Skyrim will be no different.


With Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dead Island and Resident Evil 4 HD, the flood of games has already begun. Ive completed Deus Ex & Dead Island but Im itching to have another playthrough with both. Hopefully after RE4 I'll get a chance before Octobers releases. Octobers day one purchases for me will be Dark Souls and Rage. I have never played Demon Souls, but from what Ive heard & seen Dark Souls really appeals to me. Its been a while since Ive felt properly challenged by a game and Dark Souls' unforgiving demonic swords & magic combat will be a refreshing change to what I have been Playing lately. Im confident Rage will be great game, Im a fan of ID software and still play Doom 3 nowadays. From the trailers Ive seen so far it looks like ID have branched out slightly with their approach to the FPS genre and have elements of strategic combat thrown in the mix. Also in October on the download front, Crysis single player will be available, so I'll will try and find time for that also. Controversially, I will be waiting a while before picking up Batman Arkham City...

November, obviously, is all about Skyrim. I dont need to say much, we all know it will be a vast dragon slaying adventure of epic proportions. I can foresee myself investing maybe 50 hours in the first month then maybe having to take a break to play the other new releases, but undoubtedly I will be returning to Skyrim numerous times throughout this year & next.I will also be picking up the Metal Gear Solid HD collection, it looks like a great deal with the collection including the two NES orignals, MGS 2 & 3 (the most complete versions), and also Peace Walker which was originally a handheld release. Metal Gear Solid on my 360...hell yeah Novemeber is a very busy month, so the other releases I plan on getting eventually will have to wait, these include Battlefield 3, Saints Row 3 and Silent hill: Downpour.

December will probably be catch-up month playing all the aforementioned games. I might even pick up a couple of earlier releases from 2011 which I have missed which includes Portal 2 and Shadows of the Damned. Looking ahead to 2012, there doesnt appear to be respite any time soon - Catherine, Mass Effect 3, the Witcher 2, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, the Darkness 2, Silent Hill HD collection, Metro Last light, Farcry 3, Prey 2....and theres even more to come. It will be a busy new year.

Bad John Marston

"Videogame Nonsense (1) Album Cover

"Snowflake..?Snowflake...?! SNOOOWFLAAAAKE!!!!"

Whilst killing time in RDR, I came up with a fun (if pointless) thing to do.

1) Stand on a bend in the middle of the road, preferably a road lined by a fence

2) As a wagon approaches, fire a warning shot just above the drivers head. He will panic & accelerate towards you

3) At the last moment run/jump out the way. The wagon, horses & hopefully even the passengers will hurtle in to & over the fence, flyingeverywhere dramatically.

Do it somewhere the wagons respawn, such as the Mcfarlanes Ranch, and you can create some quite funny pile-ups.