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Its been a long while and I have barely been on here, but I finished up a good amount of college and recived time to qualify me gettin back on the spot. Hopin everyones still good and livin it up cause Seanronnies back.

Life Smacks you hard~

To think only 2 or 3 years ago I was a junior and now i've graduated, well it wasn't easy but I succeeded and now the im halfway to my goal. Next stop college, bigger relationships, and dream, will they fall or make it I don't know but doing nothin isn't gonna answer that for me. I look back at all my years of school and have to say I didn't do that quite bad, so I have no regrets. Im a 2010 Graduate Aiming to for success :D.

Junior So Far...

Well I can't say I didn't get cass I wanted this year but man I kinda miss my Freshmen year I had alot of my freinds in my cass but now seem's I have to make more freinds again. Bealive it or not its hard making freinds when your use to having enough. My locker is located between where all of by cass are at the 2 level at least I atit coming 20 level and jumping barrells loll, One good thing I can say tho is that a girl I like who (appreantly seems to like me) is in one of my cass and we talk more so I may ask the question if you know what I mean :). The only other bad thing I gesse I can say is I have a teacher again that I was so piss off at one day near the end of the school year I curse her out and left the cassroom 5 mins before the bell rang and now I have her again my luck :(.

Music is readable!

I like all kinds of music because they each have a diffrent kinds of meaning with in them. (Altho scremo is alittle hard) They can tell sad storys or good ones many kinds but I feel Rap tells more meaning then any of them but I speak for my self there. In turn I don't mean those artist out there that ruined hip hop. So what you should try one day is lesten to your music and understand their true meaning when relaxing and hear not the music but the words.

10 things about me!

I decided why not do this for my first blog. 1. I live in Maryland ( never no where) 2. Only know one person in gamespot in real life 3. Love pizza ( Papa Johns) 4. Have a huge love for video games 5. Like Basket ball and Football 6. On a track team 7. Im scared of SOME dogs 8. I skateboard now 9. Have three system's Ps3, 360 and Wii (nintendo) fan for life 10. My Favorite characters are Sonic and Mario Thats all you get (for now I gesse) if you have any comments just post them.