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Halo the Movie?

Does anyone know what ever happened to the making of that halo movie that was in development? A trailer was released about a year and a half ago and ever since the whole project went silent so is it still going to be developed or what?

Fallout 4

I am hoping fallout 4 will be a great game just like fallout 3 was. Bethesda did a great job with both of their games. I was not to happy though with the way New Vegas went. I think that Bethesda couldve done a lot better with their ideas while making the game. The game in my opinion was a bit rushed and my main problem was the fact that the city of Vegas was to small and the wasteland could have been better designed with a better lay out. Although New Vegas did have a good story I still give Bethesda the thumbs up for how far they have came.