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Do I still exist? YES

Well I have not been on for a while and now I want to check in now to see if everyone is doing alright :) It's been officially a year since I've been on and I hope to get on more. So yeah I still exist XD

So I'm Giving This Blog Thing a Shot Again

Well it officailly has been FOREVER, since I made blog. I guess I have been really busy with school (I'm a straigh A nerd:P) so here I am again.

I guess another reason is that I am soooooo BORED here now, I am being inconsistent with my goals. 2 months ago, I wanted to be Tom and Jerry editor but within 2 days I got bored of it, but I have 124 points, that's kinda a lot. My main focus is the editor for Ed Edd n Eddy. The editor has 700 more points than me so I'll have to bet on the editor retiring instead of trying to bypass.

Oh and one more thing.


but whatever, I left this site for a year and returend in September 2008 so I didn't celebrate my first either. So that's my life how is yours?

Finally a New Blog

It;s been weeks since I've posted a blog. Mainly I'm busy with the massive amount of homework given, and all of my finals (7 in total).

After next week I will be able to come back on with the relief of not having to study:)

So see ya


Am I The Only One Who Feels This Way?

Okay I have been at this site for way over a year now and I have to say it is boring me so much. I mean I still come on, on regular basis, I'm just saying:) it doesn't have the excitment it did when I joined Februrary 2007:(.

Oh well, I'll I guess I'll have to tough it outXP

So what do you think of my new avatar?


Oh Cool :D

I am officially on the top contributor list for Tom and Jerry:D

That makes three shows..

1. Ed Edd n Eddy

2. Courage the Cowardly Dog

3. Tom and Jerry

See for yourself:D

I guess I've become more effective at this now that I have started focusing on show contributing rather the peron contributing.


Random Picture:

Haha gotta love the 1940's shows:D (Sorry for the small size :()

Yours Truly,



December ( style)

Yay it's the holidays (I celebrate Christmas).

For a banner I have Spongebob and Patrick with Santa Hats and Candy Canes

For my avatar I have a Tom and Jerry (An awseome show) Avatar with Jerry holding a Candy Cane, I must love Candy Canes:P

So anyways Spongebob Christmas Lyrics.

Sponebob and Patrcik: It's shaping up to be a wonderful holiday,
Sponebob and Patrcik: Not your normal, average, everyday.
Squidward: Sounds like someone filled my old coral tree.
Squidward: Spongebob, Patrick, why'd you do this to me?
Spongebob and Patrick: The world feels like it's in loverly.
Squidward: Go away before I harm you bodily.
Spongebob and Patrick: This Christmas feels like the very first Christmas to me.
Spongebob and Patrick: There'll be shopping, decorating, and plenty of snow.
Spongebob: Hey, Patrick, who's that under the mistletoe?
Squidward: What? Who, me?
Squidward: Would you look at the time, I should go!
Plankton: People seem a little more brotherly.
Mr. Krabs: Here's a little something to you from me.
Spongebob and Patrick: Even all the trash, on Christmas it smells so sweetly.
Spongebob and Patrick: This Christmas feels like the very first Christmas to me.
Spongebob: La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la,
Spongebob: La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la.
Squidward: What do you want? Can't you see that I'm busy?
Spongebob and Patrick: Step outside, we've got something for you to see.
Squidward: Spongebob, take this stuff down immediately!
Spongebob and Patrick: Chestnuts roasting and burns in the third degree.
Everyone : Tonight things are as good as they seem to be.
Patrick: A star on top will complete all the scenery.
Everyone: This Christmas feels like the very first Christmas to me.
Everyone: This Christmas feels like the very first Christmas to me.

Random Picture:

Just imagine the picture says something else if you don't celebrate Christmas :)

On another note since it's December, Five more months until Pokemon Platinum:D


New Banner:)

I know it's early but I couldn't resist making a Spongebob Christmas Banner (or other December holidays).

Well what do you think? I personally think it sucks but oh well:)

Hey Patrick Guess What I am?

Patrick: Uh, stupid?

Spongebob: No I'm Texas!

Patrick: What's the difference?

Lol Just making a blog because I;m bored. And that saying refers to my new avatar. I found it on iconator and I just had to have it XD.

Well it's finally thanksgiving so I can take a five day break. Which is cool since I have like 3 tests a week at my school. It's nice to take a break. I hope your Thanksgiving goes well too


So anyways randomness XD

If this is yours tell me and I will give you credit for it:)

See ya later aligator,



Editorship 2:D

I'm very happy, I got my second editorship:). This time it's for Matt Hill. He does a lot of anime voiceover work and even does voices for one of my favorite shows: Ed Edd n Eddy:).

So anyways random picture XD:

I got this picture from devaintart so if you made it please tell me so I can give you credit for it:)

Yours truly,



I have Jumped the Shark

Well I finally did it, I've jumped the shark...Well not really I just made it to Level 27:P


Level: 27 (27%)

Rank: Shark Jumper

Forum Posts: 1973


Accepted: 290

Pending: 1

Denied: 69

Total: 369


Show Reveiws: 34

Episode Reviews: 36

Person Reviews: 9

Total: 79

King of Comedy - More than 10 favorite shows, at least 20% of them comedies. Cartoon Character - More than 10 favorite shows, at least 20% of them animation. Toddler - More than 10 favorite shows, at least 20% of them children's. Shark Jumper Captain Contributor - This user has made at least 100 contributions. This user has one of the top 1,000 point scores in the community. This user participated in the 2008 Live Emmys Chat! User has submitted news links via the User Link Submission system. This user has over 20 friends. This user has over 50 journal entries. This user has contributed over 500 message board posts. This user has written over 15 reviews.

I must say I've made great progress in submissions. Over 100 submissioin since I last leveled up:D, the stats bar says differently but don't look at that since it hasn't updated my submissions.

Anyways I got a new avatar for Spongebob Squarepants from the episode Something Smells I believe. I'm not fond of the episode, but I love the pose. What a chick magnet:P

Anyways lol, I have a

Random Picture:

Have a nice day,