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I was replaying Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie the other day and it finally dawned on me so much of the gameplay is just based on running around and picking up stuff. Whether it be jiggies, musical notes, jinjos, honeycomb pieces etc. I struggle to think of any games they have so many hidden away collectibles any more (though some of you may think that's a good thing!). Can anyone think of anyone recommend me a game with that "old-school" style of hidden secrets and collectibles?
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Totally agree. I am sick to death of games being so focused on co-op or online play. I massively prefer a good single-player game. Note to game developers: A game does not require online play to be good. In fact, I'd argue most of the best games of all time have no multi-player options at all. I hate DLC too. I have never bought any and never plan to unless I no longer have an option. I like buying a shiny new case and putting a disc in my console and then putting the case on my shelf. Way more fun. I don't think editors should be selling points, but I don't mind when they're included. Gives me something else to mess around with.
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Yup, got Okami and Bioshock. Man, you guys are recommending great games! It's a pity I've already played them...
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Wind Waker no doubt, so many islands and so many secrets, it's like a haven for explorers.Im_single
Yup, that's why I loved it! :D
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Thanks for the recommendations guys! I I didn't like FO3 much. I found it really bland. Like someone said, I'm not really into shooters either. I have played Metroid Prime, which I loved. And I'm planning to pick up Torchlight in the next few days. Any others?
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Having been playing through Demon's Souls, I've been reminded how much I love games were you can explore. Not necessarily open-world, but just ones where there's always something new or unexpected to find around the corner. I'm now hoping that perhaps some of you can recommend me any games that feature great exploring. I won't list all the ones I've played, but a few of my favourite ones that jump to mind would be (in no particular order)... - Demon's Souls [Lots of items and equipment to find + Interesting and varied locations to run around.] - The Elder Scrolls Series [Requires no explanation :P] - Shadow of the Colossus [Although there's not much to find, exploring the world is still fun.] - The Legend of Zelda series, but specifically Ocarina of Time [The 100 Gold Skulltulas, magic bean spots, hidden locations etc.] - Little King's Story [Quest-style exploration] - Banjo Tooie [Damn there was a lot of extra stuff to find and explore in this one.] - Katamari series [Though, admittedly, this is kind of crazy exploration...] I'm sure there's more but that's all I can think of right now. If anyone could recommend me some for PS2, PS3, PSP, DS, PC or Wii, I would be eternally greatful! :D But if any spring to mind that aren't on those platforms, I'd be happy to hear about them too!
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Cool. All working now. Thanks.
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I have been trying to post a huge blog about my recent vacation and I am at wits end. I keep being told my HTML is not well formed and that no valid tags were found. And I can guarantee it is. I have been searching for close to an hour for an unclosed tag or using '>' or '[' in the wrong place and have found nothing. It's a huge blog and this is very time consuming. Can anyone advise me?
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[QUOTE="yang1118"][QUOTE="coolasj19"][QUOTE="yang1118"] [QUOTE="yang1118"]I think Sony is hacked, and here are the reasons why: 1. Many people have said that their PS3 are not working even offline. if a defected code was planned inside the PS3 from before(like a Trojan) when they were connected and the code was programmed to activate at a particular time. 2. The incident happened right after the Olympic closing ceremony, isn't that too much of a coincidence? If you are a hacker, what would be the best time to activate your code so your name could be written in history? 3. Sony is saying it's a network error, well let's say it's a network error, it still shouldn't affect worldwide, coz it doesn't make sense that Sony has only one sever to host the entirely world's database, shouldn't it be regional? 4. Slim is working!!!? Why would it be a network error if some of the systems are able to connect online??? 5. Date on PS3 changed to 12/31/1999, what kinda crazy ass network error does that? I think there is a bug with the old version of PS3, and someone wrote a code to **** it up.

what is this 1 post count business. or as gamefaqs would say. blah blah blah blah blah blah New User (1) blah blah blah blah blah blah Karma : 5

why would i get karma from saying I think sony is hacked???? its not like i did anything wrong?! what, asian guy can't register on gamespot and have a theory??

I'm just curious why you need to point out the fact you're Asian.