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Back with a BANG!

Wow, i havnt been on on Gamespot in absolutely ages. So i return to find a flurry of people posting in there blogs about GiantBomb,so i investigate & decide to make an account.:) Im the dude called Blackout

in other news ive just recently bought MGS4. Im lovin the story & MG0 is great.:D


Lookey What I Got =D

I just got this game today. Its a really fast paced shooter & the graphics are amazing!


Oh, last night i went to see Cloverfield & it was awesome!

I think it was one of the best movies ive seen in a while :)



What I got for Xmas

i had a really great xmas i got:

Nintendo Wii,3 Wii games & a Wii accssory pack.

Guitar hero 3 with guitar controller for PS3.

mini fridge8),money,clothes & other great stuff:)


wat did u guys get?


Today i spent my xmas money on:

Super Mario Galaxy:D:D

Wii play


Im happy because me & my friend will beable to play each other in Wii Sports & my other games:D

Keep on Gaming!


I got a PS3!

I ment to write this blog ages ago but ive just got round to doing it now.:P

A few months agoi went out & got myself a shiny PS3.

The 5 games i have for the system are:






So far i think the PS3 is a great console that will become even in November & December thanks to amazing looking titles coming out like HAZE and UNCHARTED: DRAKE'S FORTUNE.

If anyone wants to play me at any of the games mentioned just post your PSN ID & i'll be happy to beat you.:D:P

Thats all for today,

See you guys later!


Man, these Elite Agents have got funktastic beats!

A few days ago recieved this game in the post....

YES the game i recieved from is Elite Beat Agents!

So far i luving the game its just so much fun & the songs are really catchy.

i might do a review on it later if can be botherer:P

that all for now see u guys later


A Blog.....

My blog title is SO original8):P

Anyhoo i thought i'd give you's a update of whats be going on in my life gaming wise & music wise.

Ive been playing alot of Pro Evolution Soccer 6. My team is doing quite well, we're in the semi-finals of the D1 cup,Top of my group in the European Championships & at the top of my league:D

Just recently i bought 3 albums from the band MUSE. The albums are Showbiz, Origin of Symetry & Absolution. I already own Black Holes & Revelations.

I think all the albums are really good & i wood definatly recommend them. I really like the first song on Origin of Symetry "New Born" the guitar riff's BADASS8)

I guess thats all for now

see you's later:D


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