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Scarebaby Blog

Another year gone.

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365+ days since I was last here. In case anyone is still following my blog; sorry about that. :P

Since last time: been gaming, reading, working, jogging, and writing. Hope you've all been good.

Stuffed mail box!

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Err yeah, just a small shout-out to anyone who's trying to contact me via PM's I am NOT ignoring you I am only experiencing some cookie-related issues. Tell your friends. ;)

Sporadic correspondency!

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Well I'm back again but who's to say for how long this time around? :P I'll try my hardest to get back in ya'lls good graces, but summer has come to Sweden and it lures even a dungeon lurker like myself out to play.

Psyched about: GoW:Ascension and The Evil Within for PS3

Annoyed with: Bloons TD5 because while it's not pay-to-play it's clearly pay-to-win.


What are you guys doing this summer?

Quick overview & first impressions

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Game: Lara Croft: Guardian of Light

Playtime: 1-2 hours

Difficulty level: Easy

Action: Intense

Puzzles: Adequate/challenging

Controls: Smooth/simple/userfriendly


Lacks: Mystique, scenery, depth, music that isn't incredibly annoyng

Provides: An insight into what Lara does on her 'free time', very entertaining running, jumping and puzzling

So far? 8 out of 10

Great fun! 8D

The Laze

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I am way too lazy/uninspired/content at the moment to write anything except chirpy updates about the great nothing that's going on in my life. So now you know.

Berries galore!

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Today I picked six litres of strawberries and two liters of raspberries + did some grazing while picking.


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Wrath of Malachi is ridiculously hard! Even on easy! I really like the look of this game but boooo restart after restart.