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I have heard that some of the server problems have been fixed.  So now that everything is working, is this game worth it?

I was a fan of Simcity, but did not buy because of the need to always be online.  But some of the video's I have seen posted have looked cool.  I know some people are pissed.  Any some of the reviews/scores are skewed because of the bad launch.  Would you recommend this game?

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I am picking up a 3DS this weekend.  I was already planning to get Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter.  What else would anyone recommend?

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I heard that this christmas X-box is coming out with a New type of 360 that has a built in blue ray. Is that just a crazy rumor?
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Yes my friends and I actually like to get together in person to play shooters...however now everything is are we suppose to split a pizza if everyone is 10 miles apart...or what if I bum a cig...
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Does anyone know when they are suppose to start packaging PS3's with the dual shock 3w/ rumble?

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Is there currently any PS3 first person shooter game that you can play split screen online? (4 people at once.)

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So how long does the maintenence last today?
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I am trying to talk my roommate into getting a PS3 because it has the gaming system and the blueray player for $400, which is exactly the price of the just plain blue ray players. And his girlfriend is is telling him that playing blue ray disks on PS3 screws up the blue ray player or the PS3 or something. I think she is full of it.Any of you people who have the PS3 have you had any problems like that or any problems with the PS3?
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Whats a good fighting game for the 360?
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Not for regular wii games, but for virtual console games. Like Mario Kart and Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Right now it says that I can't play certain games without either a wii classic or gamecube controller. both with a wired contoller distance of 6 feet. gamecube did make a wireless controller, but they don't really make them anymore.

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