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10 Years

I remember back before I came to this site. I bought quite a few bad games and felt it was a waste of money. I stumbled upon GameSpot some time later and started reading the reviews of some of the games I already played. Most of the editors seem to coincide with what I thought made a good game. Their scores were dead on with what I would have rated the games and the way they wrote the reviews just made sense and gave a lot of good insightful info. Over time I grew to really respect their opinions and trust their judgement.

Its really great to see where some of the staff have ended up. Greg Kasavin is at SuperGiant Games and helped make Bastion, Brian Ekberg is at Turn10 working on Forza and Forza Horizon and then Jeff Gerstmann, Ryan Davis, Vinny Caravella and Brad Shoemaker starting GiantBomb and this past year having them come back to CBSi and GameSpot. It just felt like it was something a hollywood scriptwriter would come up with.

Things change, staff members move on. But the core of the site keeps it moving forward. Through the good the bad and the ugly I trusted GameSpot to give honest reviews of the games I wanted to play and that is what keeps me coming back for over 10 years.

I would like to thank all the GameSpot staff for making an awesome gaming site with the best News, Reviews, Previews, Video features and the best gaming community.

So heres to another 10 years and more