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Grand Theft Auto V Review.

Yesterday one of the biggest gaming franchises made its comeback after 2008's average game. So how was it? In one word it was AMAZING! The biggest new feature of GTAV is that you can switch between three protagonists at almost any time. But lets examine the game further.
The first thing that you will realize when you start play the game is that Rockstar has really push the boundaries of this console generation. The graphics look amazing and it is a blast to walk around the city and observe all these little things that make the world come true. In the first hours that you will play GTAV you will want to just walk around and marvel at the world that Rockstar has created. The city feels alive and the map is diversed giving you everything from deserts, to forest, to a huge city and everything in between. And as usual the loading times are reduced to a minimal. You don't have to see a single loading time when you trac=vel from one side of the map to the other. But as wonderfrul the world is you can't help but see that the current generation consoles are really cutting the games momentum. The loading time when you start the game is fairly big and if you watch far in the distance the world seems washed out. The game even gets stuck a few times if there are too many stuff going on on the screen. But this certainly doesn't keep you from experiencing the game to its full.
The games story is on the high standart that Rockstar always does. The voice acting is top notch and the story is amazing with a satisfying conclusion. This time around you control three characters. Franklin, a guy who feels trapped by people around him and he wants to escape from the hood where he lived all his life. Michael. A middle age guy who has it all (money, family ,a big house) and he isn't happy about it due to his problems with his family and his way of life. The third character is Trevor. Trevor is probably the most interesting of the characters and the most crazy. He lives in a trailer in a small town in the countryside and he appears as psycological unstable. The three characters provide a nice diversion in their ways of life. Franklin in his "hood", Michael in his mansion and Trevor in his RV in the middle of nowhere. When you switch from one character to the other you can even see them continue their everyday life and you can even found them in some silly situations from time to time. The missions in the game doesn't have repetition and its one feels diferent and unique. The heists which is one of the biggest new things this time around are spectacular. You can select two different stategies that have a huge impact on way things play out during the heist. You can also replay them several times to see different ways of doing them.
The gameplay is vastly improved since you know have a weapon wheel to quickly change between them. The car physics are also improved and it now feels more realistic to drive around the city. Most of the activities that were cut off from GTAIV are now back in GTAV. You can paracute, you can fly planes and many more activities.
Along with the game Rockstar decided to include this time around an online mode. THe online mode was due to realease in October 1. Two weeks after the games lauch so player can familiarize themselves with the games mechanincs. As probably you have heard though there wasn't even launch. THe game was so broken that people have been able to play the game for only the last 3-4 days if you are lucky and you don't have your character deleted somewhere in between. In my experience I have already created 6 characters whith each one being deleted. The little I managed to play GTA Online I have to say that the game is tons of fun. Although there are some feautures that haven't been implemented yet the mode shows great pormise for the future if they manage to stabilize the game. But if you don't have a lot of friends playing GTAV then you are ready for a rough time. I don't have a lot of friends online and the last days I have been repeteadly killed by random dudes, I have been kicked out of games and out of sessions for no aparent reason. So in my advice, the game the game is amazing but join a small crew as fast as pssible because you don't want to walk alone out there.
With every game that comes both single player and multiplayer in my opinion we need to review it seperately I am going to do just that.

GTAV VERDICT: The single player mode of GTAV is an amazing experience overall that flrts with the perfect status. You can spend hunderends of hours doing all sorts of different activities, missions or simply discovering the map. It was worth the wait and you will be playing it long after your purchase due to its immense replayability. SCORE: 9/10

GTA ONLINE VERDICT: The online part of the game is has been mostly broken and one of the most exciting feautures that is heists seem to be mising but it is overall a blast and you shouldn't miss it once things have been stabilize. SCORE: 8/10

Resident Evil 6. The beginning of a new series.

Resident Evil came out about a week ago and have received various scores from lowest to highest. Many have hated Gamespot for giving it a low score or Ign for a high score. But is it really that bad?

The truth is fans of the original won't like it at all this action focused sequel. But the newcomers fans will find as an action packed game with a movie direction. In my opinion I am not going to say if Resident Evil 6 is good or bad. That is no the case with this game. But one thing is for sure the game has lost its routs. If you look at the first two games and at RE6 it is obvious that something has changed. There is not the survival or the horror in 6 just a mix of "I am trying to be scary" with action of shooters. How did this happen? A few months ago around the first trailer for RE6 was released the developer made a statement that survival horror games are not selling anymore. That leads to the game we have now. Which the main problems is that it has no identity. The reason it attracts many newcomers is the lore that Resident Evil is scary and that if you play it and you don't scare you are badass. That is wrong. If the same game was released with another name then it would have been an absolute disaster. The game doesn't know what it wants to be. It wants to be a action game then stop using the Resident Evil label at the box as an excuse for horror! It want to be a horror game then make it so! If the survival horror games don't sell as the developer said, which I disagree completely, then start a new franchise and leave the survival horror genre to someone like Frictional games that made the excellent Amnesia.

As the last three games like Resident Evil 5, 6 and Operation Raccoon City has shown Capcom is not going to return to the roots of the series anytime soon. All I can hope for in the next game is to know what genre is this game. Action? Horror? a game like a movie with cutscenes and full of slow time events?

Resident evil is a shinny example of the extinguish of genres we are going through. All genre will be merged to one: action.

Is the industry out of control?

All the internet is waiting eagerly the new Borderlands 2 to be realeased this fall. But I was completely stunt a few days ago when I read that the development of the game has been finished and now the studio is starting to produce the DLC scedgeluded for the game. So what? I will pay 70 euros for the game and then another 70 for the DLC? And they want me to buy it? I know that they are getting quality content as a DLC and I hope the DLC are not every two months. But even with that telling the gamers that you have finished the game two months earlier and now you are making the DLC is like laughing at their for accepting it! And I ask here if they make they complete a DLC ( of the ten DLC no doubt) before release will they add with the game or it will be a day one DLC? And I also know that the ones who preorder the game get the DLC for free but this doesn't solve anything. They just want gamers to think they are taking a fair price game. THey need to fix the core of the prblem: NO DLC'S!!!! CD Project never released a DLC and it was one of the best games ever. Don't take me wrong I am not against DLC. Actually Skyrim released Dawnguard DLC about a few yeeks ago and it was very good but they didn't announce that they are working on a DLC two months before the release of the game!

Another company that has done that is Ubisoft. Yesterday they announced that the DLC's that will be released for the Assassins Creed III will be the most the indutry has ever seen. THe game is still going to break records. Are you kidding me? They told exactly in your face that we will take every last buck, euro I don't know what you have in your place just because you like the series! Where is a real movement to stop Ubisoft from doing that beside writing comments? The gamers that will actually opose to this thing and won't buy the game are 1-2% nothing more. Where is a big movement that will freeze the sales of any company that makes DLC's and will make them release game with freee adiitional content or at least a fair bargain! The prices of the games are already high. Didn't you got your money? Activision earned 1 billion just from the sales of the game. So tell me did they need to release 5 additional collections? Let aside that they release a new game this year and all the players will move to the new game (as it breaks another record) and the old will be useless!I know the industry is never going to be the best. I know that some gamers will always by games like Capcom's which locked the DLC on the disk and the developer dare to say that he is sorry the DLC was hacked or the Assassins Creed 3 with you play double price at the end or even COD which is the same every year! Let alone the yearly releases. The new Unreal Engine said it is going to shorten the development periods. To what 6 months?

I now I wrote to much on this subject but the recent news with Ubioft and Epic really made me angry adn dissapoint. Where is the community. It is like we are sheep in a line. Almost everyone is complaing but the line keeps going and they keep taking our money. They don't care for the few who wake up and don't buy this game. They just tell to the others that whoever preorders get the DLC's free and they believe them. Maybe I told the story too bold but I want to know what is your opinion on the matter. Tell your opinion in the comments and share this because we really need to wake up the community.

A tribute to the Burnout series.

Today Criterion announced the obvious: the company will be making from now on both the Need for Speed and the Burnout series. Either the two series finally become one or the one series will be into the other. Either way one thing is sure the two series will never be the same and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

The series from now have a new face and this has first become clear through the 2010's Need for Speed Hot Pursuit that brough with it the first sign that the series is becoming more and more similar to the Burnout and the online. The new face of the series will be completed with the upcoming Need for Speed Most Wanted which the name tries to fool you with the amazing game of the 2005 that has been one of the best games in the series but it is not. The game has no singleplayer but it gives all the efforts on the autolog system. That pulls away all the good single player that few games ago the series was known for. Now the series has become a permanent online connection game with destructions from burnout and a thousands dlc's after the games launch, not mentiong the terrible way EA treats games with the examples of Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3. The truth is whoever has played the old games will feel betrayed by Criterion which in my opinion has destroyed the two series. For Burnout the series has a history of good games and should not be finished like that it has a lot more potential to give and fun games like Burnout Revenge.

As of all I reccomend EA to give the Burnout series to another company so it can move on and to tell Criterion to cut the crap with stealing awesome games from the past and just add autolog but to make a real new game with singleplayer for once to see what Criterion trully worths. For me the sad truth is that we will never see a burnout game again aside what the Criterion says and the Need for Speed series has a new face which is in favor f the newcomers, the dlc's and the internet.

Is Microsoft's tablet promising?

Yesterday Microsoft has revealed in a promising mood its new tablet that it is destined to compete with the market of tablets and overthrow the Apple ipad. Their tablet is called the surface and it is definetlily has some great abilities.
The tablet has some strong specs that can handle more powerful games than most tablets including the ipad and as microsoft confirmed you can download to play Civlaization as a downloadable game on it. The tablet has a 10,6 inch hd screen that certainly will make games look great. It also makes a step forward in the more pc direction by adding a keyboard that enhances further the experience for searcing the web and helps playing games better that the touch only ipad display of ipad. But that is quite expected due to the pc views of the tablet. Also the more power will result to a better experience. But one of the most things that microsoft will count on is the windows 8 capability. One version of the tablet will come with the windows NT installed on it which also will bw the least powerful and the other will come with the new system windows 8 and a more powerful system to handle the more power that is need for every new system microsoft releases in my opinion. The prices of the two versions are not known yet but the second will defiletlily be the most expensive among the two.
The one thing that dissapoints for this tablet in my opinion is the trying to become a pc on the go. We have laptops for this job why would I want to buy a tablet for a job that my laptop can do better? Tablets in my opinion has been released only as a fashion and to be more in fashion than the laptops and the notebooks. Today we have too many types of pc's: laptops, desktops, tablets, notebooks and who knows with what else they will came up to take the money from our wallets.
All in all Micrsoft's surface is good for those who like tablets. But for the gamers Surface will not do. Whoever has played civilaization will know that it is far better to play it on a laptop rather than a tablet aside from the statements that say it is the ultimate laptop or the best way to play civilaization.

The feature of the Need for Speed series.

The release of the new Need for Speed game is in autumn and due to the bad feelings I have for what the series has become I want to share some thought here.
The series has a long history of racing games that has defined the racing genre like Need for speed Hot Pursuit 2 that has one of the best racing engines ever made. Even Need for Speed most wanted (the 2005 version) has got the engine from it. But the series after Most wanted simply does not exist. It has released Need for speed Carbon, Undercover,Prostreet and the recent stupid attempt of the 5 hour game The Run. The one good game that Criterion has released is Hot Pursuit. Criterion is the company that has made Burnout Paradise which it was crawling with DLC's and it is also making the new Most Wanted that it is to be released in autumn. Although Hot Pursuit is questionable if it really is a Need for Speed due to the destruction that puts it closer to the Burnout series. That is when people start asking "is Burnout becoming one with the Need for Speed series?". Another thing that really stood out in this game is thenocustomization that the series is known for and the too much attention on the Autolog system rather than the single player experience that the series is known to give. Now with the new Need for Speed Most Wanted coming out in autumn if you have seen a gameplay video it seems like the merging of Need for Speed series and the Burnout series is becoming a reality especially because they haven't announce a new Need for Speed since 2008 that Paradise came out. And that sorry of game Burnout Crash is not an excuse. Burnout Revenge had the same mode and it was much better. In the new game they have again gave too much attention on the Autolog system and they will not have customization again! Also that they have recreated two games from the past seem too me like a seriously lack of creativity and the sorry attempt to take the attention of people.
I don't know who to blame Ea or Criterion but I am going to play the old Need for Speed games,like the awesome Hot pursuit 2, underground 2 or Most Wanted until they finally decide to release a proper game for the series and whoever new to the series I strongly recommend playing the old games because despite the dated graphics they are way more fun than the game the series have know. As for the Burnout series I hope eventually for a sequel like Burnout Revenge which will have its own character and not a million DLC's beside it.

Next gen consoles: DO we really need them?

More and more companies lately have been rumored that they have been hiring for next gen consoles, the new unreal engine has been shown and web sites have been feeding rumors that the new consoles will be released within the next two years. But do we really need them?
First there is the graphics issue that the companies have been bugging us about. They say we can't do any better we these consoles we need better hardware yet most of the games are bad. Not in graphics but in general. We still have the yearly releases, the bad storylines and the bad gameplay. The question is "How they want to move on to the next gen while they can't make games with this gen's consoles?". The issue that Unreal engine brought is the fastest developing of the games. Which means we will have a 60$ Call of Duty with all the DLC's every six months. Hope I will not be leaving to see gaming at this mess. Another thing is that they haven't learned not to compare the graphics with the pc. Yes, the pc graphics are better. The consoles can't surpass them unless they make a console every two years with technology that will come on pc the next 2 years. The graphics in pc's are being updated each year and the consoles just can't keep up.We can still enjoy games with the current consoles. The graphic can still improve a little and the developers can keep making games for these consoles. We still get bad graphic games and they haven't done all they could yet. We have seen the rise of the indie games lately that proves people have been tired of the graphic rush and want some good games.
On the other hand the industry is not mature enough for this move. The companies have technology that can keep an eye on everything we do on our consoles and with the piracy and the DLC's issues the last weeks they will make us hate gaming. We have seen what happened with the measures on pc. The permanent online connection that is required to play some games have lead them to ruin. And there are the rumors of blocking used games. If they do that they will destroy half the industry.
We have a long way to go to be able to move on to the next gen. Unfortunately developers want only good graphics or "Bleeding edge graphics" as the unreal developer mentioned them. All I have to say to developers is this: "I want good games not good graphics".

Opposing the big gaming companies.

The last couple of months small companies have rise in the market gaining more and more support both from the gaming site and the gamers. I believe this turning of events is in the favor of the industry.

Supporting small companies will give them the ability to create more games both indie (games with old graphics that are being released by thousands lately) and big budget games if given enough money. This will push the industry further since there will be more companies in the market. Another point is that small companies don't care about money so much (at thebeginning). Consequently they innovate more often and fall in the trap of yearly releases. Supporting them instead of buying another yearly released game will also give an idea at the big companies of what the gamers want.

But what do the gamers want?The big different between developers and gamers is the lack of gamers to unite to get what they want.We have seen the companies unite many times with the last been in SOPA.On the other hand gamers have unite a few times but i believe they don't understand their power completely.I can point quiet a few times when gamers could react and turn the events but they didn't do anything.The DLC has established themselves quietly in the market and now they want to pass the DLC on-disc.It will be established quietly again.

We are gamers and we have the right to have good games.The big companies believe we are just some geeks who play games.We need to show them that they are wrong.We can turn the tables in our favor only if we unite all together.We can stop them from ruining our franchises or selling us map packs.That is why we need to support small companies and object to the big ones.Someday when the gamers have o word and an opinion i will be proud to be a gamer but right haw i feel shame for divided power.

Easter Holidays with some touch of awesome game music.

There it was.The last day of scool before the easter holidays. Now long days of gaming are ahead of me and I for you I hope(I don't know if in different parts of the world people have different traditions). For the holiday I will say a joke to laugh yourself. There mastervampire told to the vampires "Whoever bring the most blood will mary my daughter". The First Vampire went to him. He said "You brought a lot of blod how did you do it?" He said "You see that tree?Behind it there was a man". The second vampire went to him. "How did you get so much blood?" he said. "You see that tree behind it there was a group of people." The third one went to the mastervampire. "You have more blood than the other two how did you do it?" He said: "You see that tree? I didn't see it." It wasn't meant for a joke. Anyway I wish Happy Holidays for everyone. And now to fill the title here is some of my favorite music from games.The first. The second. The third. fourth. the last. Such amazing songs that really makes you to play games. And I will repeat this that Isaid yesterday. And then they say games are not art. Happy holidays to everyone and have a nice gaming time.

Developers and Gamers. The rights and wrongs of both sides.

Many times in the past few years, which during games have become one of the most successful business in the world, there have been many arguments over the mistakes of both gamers and developers. On the one hand the developers most frequent accusation to gamers is piracy. They certainly have a point there but this stops where the "right" of gamers to have cheap games and not been turned off with insanely high prices just to make the developers rich.So piracy is very wrong but only at the moment when the developers treat right to the gamers. Another point of argument is the DLC that has become a tradition to developers over the growth of the internet. The DLC are good for the gamers only if there is not a DLC every two moths or not a DLC one the first day of release. The worst possible way of selling a DLC is to lock the add-on content on the disc and you have to wait to pay for the content that is already on the disc. Another accusation from the developers is the used games that gamers sell to each other. I have a strong objection to that because no one will convince gamers not to sell their already own games that they dont want to play anymore. They even considered to force one game per account and to make impossible to buy or sell games without hacking the system.They dont appear to get though that the only thing that is gonna happen after that is insanely high piracy that is already happening with the codes they made to play online. Another thought is the recent disappointment of the fans of Mass Effect to change the story. In my opinion the gamers are right in the term that Bioware should give the choice for a different ending but even that is optional. The wrong in this story is that the developers inspiration is the game and they doesnt need to do anything to satisfy the gamers if they dont want. There were examples of games that the fans didnt like at all but the developers didnt bother to change them. In conclusion there were bad and good accusations from both sides but the developers always find a way to cooperate with each other and achieve what they want. The gamers thus far have much less examples of unite with each other for specific actions but that doesnt stop them from achieving, even this few times, what they want.