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I Found The Light, In A Dark Sector

Well I figured in a few days it will be an entire month since I have posted a new blog. :o So I though I might as well. As you can probably tell I am not a very interesting person. :lol: The month of August has started pretty slowly. Nothing much going on but the same-ole stuff.

I have played through and completed Dark Sector. The one boss in the entire game that I hated was the Stalker. Had to play a couple times to beat him. Nemesis boss wasn't too bad at all and the last boss was a complete cake-walk if you ask me. I thought the game was pretty good overall. Sometimes it felt like the normal ground troops were a tab bit irritating. Also the howlers (I think that was the name) were very annoying. On the flip side the achievements were extremely easy. Without realizing it I have gotten all except eight of them. Six of the eight are online achievements that I will probably never get. The other two are for beating the game on brutal difficulty and finding all weapon upgrades.

Anyway, I wanted to go ahead and open up my Xbox 360 controller, but it turns out it uses security screws. So I had to go and order a T8 Torx screwdriver. I just wanted to open it up and clean it out. It felt like the buttons where sticking a bit. (A and X) The action and the reload buttons for my shooters! :P That is pretty much it for now. Hopefully I will have another blog in a couple days.

Five New Games

*Very Low and Short Blog Ahead, Duck For Cover*

I went to a store the other day that I haven't been to before. Called Five Below. Got four games there. (Battlefield 1943 was bought over Xbox Live)

The five new games are:
The Movies (PC)
Clive Barker's Jericho (PC)
Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway (PC)
Battlefield 1943 (X360)
The Club (PC)

I got everything except Battlefield 1943 for $5 each.

*edit* Forgot to mention I might be making blogs on the individual games, with my thoughts on how the games are. Or maybe just making reviews, not sure yet.

Lightning, Bannings, and Other Misfortunate Happenings!

Making this short like always. Sorry I haven't been commenting on blogs or in unions much. We got hit with a lightning storm in my area. It fried 2 tvs, a computer, my network card in my other computer, my MP3 player that was plugged in and charging at the time, a modem, router (sp?) and some other stuff.

Now onto my next point. A friend of mine got banned the other day. :( Ishoturface. I am not going to get into much detail, but instead just say that I am sad to see him go.

That is pretty much it for now. Besides me playing with a potato gun. :P Which at this point looks more like a cannon...:P

-*Insert Snappy One Liner Here*-

Originality. Is it really that original nowadays? Or do we simply construct everything from what we see. Gathering parts and pieces from our surroundings and ordering them accordingly? How far does the imagination stretch? How original are these "creative" pieces? Has it, in some context, been done? Humor, is it just rehashed versions of the past? Songs. Are they simply ones own perspective. Their own personal "struggle"? Music to relate to, some one singing about THEIR love life? Do we need this connection? live? What repercussions does a single action activate? Anything? Are we singular? Everything separate? Only joining to make things easier? Limitless waves of freedom? Causing....depression? Emotionless? Notes striking all the right chords. Repeating, forming a formula to follow. Hoping, wanting, striving, needing...Lets all be different, so we have something in common. Questions pile on questions. All asked before. Answered before. Debunked before. Unheard of? Ha, right.

Two New Games X2

Well I ordered two games off of BestBuy's website because they were having a sale. A couple different games for $10 each. I bought 007 Quantum of Solace, and Condemned 2. Haven't tried either because...well because I am not even sure if they shipped yet..:P

..Short blog is short..

Two New Games.

I was browsing Newegg and came across two games I wanted. So later on I decided to get them. (like most times, this will most likely be a quick blog :P)

First game was Robert Ludlum's: The Bourne Conspiracy. Being a fan of the movies, and owning all three. I thought it was a good idea to try out the game. I remember playing the demo a long time ago, but that wore off. It was a pretty short game. But very very fun. I got it for about $15. I played through the game getting most of the achievements. There are currently only 2 out of the 49 that I don't have. (pretty easy achievements :P)

One is "Hard Slog". (worth 5 points)

Which in order to achieve it you must finish a mission without using any hand-to-hand takedowns. Which actually is kind of a pain because of the boss fights. :?

The other is "Treadstone Assassin" (100 points)
You have to complete all campaign missions on Assassin difficulty. That one I am most currently after.

The takedown and environment kills in this game are awesome to watch. Slamming people on tables. Busting them into fridges. Killing them with a book! O_o Who said books don't kill?!

The other game is called Mirror's Edge. I have yet to play it. (it arrived today) but I have heard that it too is a short game. I look forward to playing it.

Addicted, to the bling a ling a ling ling.

Man...I hardly ever blog. :lol:

Anyway, I was in Off-topic today and came across this fun little gizzmo. I find it a lot of fun to play with. :D

Here are a couple quick ones I have done. (copy and paste into the labratory thing :P)





Third without the GS part



Just wanted to make a blog quick. Well I was suspended the other day and haven't been on much after that. So I might have missed some peoples blogs, sorry about that. I probably won't be on much for a little while. Going to take a break from GameSpot for a bit. :) I might poke my head in some unions but other then that, not much posting going on.

*EDIT* I got modded for jokingly saying "Kill Whitey" in an off-topic thread. The funny thing is when I was making that post I was thinking to myself "I probably shouldn't post this". I wish I went with my instincts..:x

The First of Many.

Well I decided to start in on some of the games this weekend. If you aren't sure what I mean, check my last blog

So I went with 007 Agent Under Fire. I beat the game in about 3.5 hours. I am not much of a reviewer, but I will say this.

The game was very linear. Pretty much just following a straight line the whole game. There are some extra ways to get to places that you have to use "bond moves" on. Basically just using one of the tools that you have on you. Grappling hooks, lasers, decoders. Too bad it seemed the controls were a bit awkward. Trying to get out a certain gadget seems slow and annoying. Most of the guns don't really feel too special and the accuracy seems off. (bullets flying every which way) The bullets seem like blocks. :P Another thing that was kind of irritating about it was the bullets almost felt "slow". Which I thought was awkward.

There was a couple of what I would call bosses. Basically they just had a lot more health then the regular guards. There were some vehicle missions too. The cars seemed to drive like boxes, and the weapons on the car left a good amount to be desired. These levels interchanged. Going from one or two first person missions to one driving mission then back off to first person missions. Over all I would give it between a 6.5-7.0 out of 10.

40 Games!? ZOMG!!

I have been looking over some of my games in my collection that I have yet to beat the single player aspect of. (mostly last gen games) It is a whooping total of about 40...:lol: From the Xbox, the PlayStation 2, the GameCube, and PC. (Also a few from the PSP and Xbox 360)

There are some from the Original Xbox games that I haven't counted yet. If my predictions are right, it might be close to 60 games left unbeaten....:P I am thinking about getting around to playing each and every one. I have the list on my computer right now. In a spreedsheet. (If I am bored enough I will mark down the start, and end date of each game) I might make another blog in a few days, with the list of all the games I need to beat...:P