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Hello ya'll, I'm bloggin again. Funny thing, the day after my previous blog I went to Best Buy. Since I saw the PSVita there, I played the Uncharted Golden Abyss demo. The game itself, I like. I also like the dual analog controls, I think that's the best thing Sony did. However, that touch screen, no. Normally when I play video games, I like to play with the horizontal camera inverted. So I paused the game, getting ready to change those settings. I was a bit irritated when I'd realized that I couldn't even use the Dpad or control stick to move the menu. I would of liked it if I had bloody option ._. Like the 3DS with the 3D. I had to tap that darn screen so many times just to get it to work. Don't get me started on the PSVita itself. It felt cheap in my hands. The Dpad especially. This lessens my chances of getting one.

Recently, I've bought Trinity Universe. For some reason, I've always been interested in getting that game. The name of it sounds interesting & the colorful cover caught my attention. Also, I've preordered Kingdom Hearts DDD collector's edition. I'm interested in the hard case for the 3DS xD

I can't wait for next month because of Otakon. My mum is also getting me to cosplay again @.@ As who? Rin from Blue Exorcist. That should be interesting. I'm currently watching E3 & when that's over I'll probably talk about my thoughts about it next time. Last thing, I've been watching the Legend of Korra lately.

I am back!

Well, it certainly has been a long time since I've last been on here. Let's just say that alot of events has happened in my life recently that had prevented me from coming on here. Other then that, no worries. I will now try to come on here every now & then. So no, I'm not dead lol.

I've got a 3DS back in November for my birthday. It's the Zelda edition. My friend bought me Mario Kart 7 & I've just recently got Kid Icarus. Yes, I know I said I hate 3D & what not. However, I thought to myself that I'm playing it for the games, not the 3D. So, yea. No way in heck will I get the PSVita. Even if it has the last 4 letters of my name, lol. I can't stand touchscreen & if I have to deal with 2 of them on that thing...xD Only thing that'll change my mind is if Kingdom Hearts end up on there.

Let's see...I went to Katsucon, an anime con, in February of this year. It's at the National Harbor in MD. I wasn't planning on going but the same friend who bought me Mario Kart 7 paid for me. He said he wanted all of his friends to go, lol. Love him for doing that. I also plan on going to Otakon in Baltimore in July. I went there for the first time last year. I also cosplayed. Courtesy of my mum. Seriously, I wasn't going to. She insisted @.@

The anime I've gotten into recently is Black Butler, Hetalia, Deadman Wonderland, Blue Exorcist, Pandora Hearts & Kenichi. For those that have heard of the first two, would it be shocking if I said that I'm not an yaoi fan? Yea, amazing considering those two series, lol. Good thing I've gotten into them from TV instead of popularity(if that makes sense).

Heyo, I'm not dead D;

Yea, so I kind of disappered for like a month, lol. I'm ok. I changed my avatar to Envy from FMA because I like how it says 'BBQ'(although you can't see)at the side & his expression. I decided I won't be starting college until the fall. I was already about a week late 'cause my mom had me register for classes online & the site kept on booting me off, lol. They wanted me to pay for my classes straight up. So, we went to the school. Did some talking with some random people & I was like, 'No point starting now because I don't feel like catching up & having my schedule out of whack'. I seriously didn't want to have a class on a Saturday. Does it look like I'm going to get up at 8 something in the morning to go to just one class? On a Saturday of all days? xD So, yea. I'm still free until August/September, whatever date they consider the fall. Don't mind 'cause I'm technically suppose to be in my last year of high school right now.

I think I got like 2 new games since then. Assassin's Creed & White Knight Chronicles. Haven't been able to play either of them properly yet. Not really into AC but when I saw the price at GameStop($9.99) I simply couldn't refuse. I also got to say that during the middle of last month, I've required a stalker off of PSN. Dude seemed ok at first. Played a couple of matches online together in UC2. I randomly decided to test out my dad's mic to see if it works on the game. Next thing you know, the guy sends me a message that he has a crush on me, he's...something I can't say on here & asked me to send him a pic so he could ma...yea. Anyway, I waited until he signed off to block him xD Geez, some gamer guys don't know what the heck to do around girls, they freak out.

I've also started watching FMA all over again. I have another 6 episodes to go. I've watched the series all out of order when it first came on TV years ago. Rewatching it again, I realized I'd watched the series in between large gaps. Then I'll move onto Brotherhood 'cause I watched that out of order too. Also, watching the first anime, reading the manga & watching Brotherhood really screws up your mentality once when you realize the number of differences xD Oh yea, almost finished watching the first season of the new Beyblade. Metal *cough* Fusion.

Well, that's it. Hope everyone is doing well. Just wanted ya'll to know I'm not dead.

Next blog I'll say what my other 5 fav. anime is. That way it'll be 10 ;D

December/fav anime

Hello ya'll. It's finally December. My birthday was on November 28. I've turned 18. Gah, I'm getting old now. I bought Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2. Bro sended me Sonic Colors in the mail as a present. New stuff: Storm Pegasis, Flame Sagittario & Storm Capricorn(this blade is horrible) MF Beyblades, Spyro A Hero's Tail (GC), Marik Structure Deck(Yu-Gi-Oh for those who don't know), Fullmetal Alchemist Movie Conqueror of Shamballa($5.99 in FYE, it was calling out to me), Beyblade MF Battle Fortress, Star Fox (SNES), new Dreamcast Memory unit thingy, Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Tag Force 5 & Yu-Gi-Oh Dark Duel Stories(got this used off of Amazon, it included the original box & manual!). Ordered other junk but I'll tell you about it next time.

3. Wolf's Rain.
I love the animation of the wolves. They're done pretty realistically. Music is to die for(for me it is). I listen to the O.S.T. all the time. Yoko Kanno is amazing.

1. Beyblade(includes 1st season, V-Force & G-Revolution but not Metal Fight/Fusion)
Yes that's right. I said Beyblade. I know most "serious" otakus will bash me for including a "kiddy toy based" anime in my favorites list but I don't really care. I've been into Beyblade since it first came out in 2001/02. It was a big part of my childhood. Beyblade is just pure awesomeness & still is.

2. Zoids Chaotic Century
Heck yea, Zoids! For those who don't know, this is the series with Van & the Shield Liger. Yes, the one with the crazy mofos Hiltz & Prozen. I'm lucky I have some of the DVDS considering they're expensive like heck to get.

10. Soul Eater
You're probably saying, why not Bleach or Naruto? 'Cause Soul Eater stands out to me the most. It's hilarious & the art sty'le(GS won't let me spell it) is what drew me to it. Everything about it is unique. I was a bit surprised to hear some hip-hop in the soundtrack.

5. G Gundam
G Gundam is the only Gundam anime that I was able to watch all of. It's different from most Gundams I've seen because instead of piloting like in Zoids, they use some kind of bodysuit thing to control the Gundams.

Yes, I've just got back into Yu-Gi-Oh thanks to my friend giving me a partial Marik Deck when we saw Megamind in theaters. The last I've seen was GX. I decided to skip out on 5D's when it first came out because the motorcycles(Duel Runners, I've heard) were a bit of a turn off for me. Anyway, got into my first duel in Tag Force 5 & my opponent summoned so many high level monsters right off the bat. The heck are up with these Synchro monsters? It seems a bit unfair & makes the duels go by way too fast. Don't know about anyone else that's into YGO but those Synchro monsters seem to be overpowered & a bit ridiculous. They make other cards look pratically worthless. My deck irl feels like a joke compared to these Synchros. It was like less them 5 turns my oppenent summoned a 5-headed Dragon that had 5000 atk points. The heck? I was only able to destroy it because of this trap card I had set down. I somehow manage to summon this monster with 4200 atk. Only had it for 2 turns before opponent destroyed it. Then opponent summons 3 different over 2000 atk monsters. In ONE turn. I turned the game off. Everything just goes by way too fast. Anyway, screwing my rant, hope everyone is doing well.

10 favorite video game characters

Hello, hello. This blog is a bit lenghty, considering the title. Consider yourself warned xP I'm being a bit lazy with the 'commentary' on my favs 'cause I don't feel like thinking at the moment. New things: I have SSBB. It's pretty fun. However, I dislike the fact that Fox looks like he has a big forehead. Also, the game is a little slower then Melee & because of that, alot things I did in Melee do not work in Brawl. Other then that, good game. I've changed my avatar from Dante to Brooklyn from Beyblade G-Revolution. Next to Kai, Brooklyn is one crazy mofo. However, Kai completely owned him in their rematch. Note: I've listed whoever came in my mind first, so whatever order the characters are in doesn't really matter xP

1. Sonic
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 will forever be one of my favorite games. Played the mess out of it on the PC. Sonic always had been a part of my childhood. From the games, TV shows to the toys. It's also the reason why I nicknamed my closest cousin 'Tails' when we were young & I still called her that today.

2. Mario
I've grown up watching my mom playing Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES. She played Super Mario 3 alllll the time. I love watching her play. I still can't figure out how she can get to the last world & I can't oO

3. Dante
The first time I played a DMC game was when my friend let me borrow DMC3 Special Edition in 9th grade back in 2006. He recommended the game to me. Couldn't get pass that reaper thing in the 2nd mission xD Last year I bought DMC1 at a GameStop seeing it was like 5 something. The AI in that game is agressive like HECK. After playing that & ordering DMC3:SE for 99 cents(yes I said 99 cents), I was able to get pass that reaper thing. For some reason, I really like Dante. Even his chessy, hammy lines. That's what makes him Dante. That new Dante has GOT to go. Why the heck did the director have Dante modeled after him?

4. Squall Leonhart
FFI was the first FF game I ever played but FFVIII is the first I ever owned. That's one reason why Squall is one of my faves. People always complain about the junction system & that Squall's too whiny or something of that nature. FFII is the worst level up system in my opinion. More like annoying. Squall seems 'whiny' because we get to SEE what he is thinking. We get to SEE how he feels. I bet if they did the same to Cloud in FFVII, then we would probably see him trippin' off of Aerith, Sephiroth or maybe Zack all the time. Just as worst, no?

5. Spyro
R.I.P. Spyro. You have taken a terrible turn when Sierra/Activision got a hold of ya. I would rather much play that horrible, glitchy ETD then any of The Legend of Spyro series. Spyro was just plain awesome when it came out. Music was great. Gameplay was great. Definitely challenging. Even the characters were amusing like heck. Those egg stealers, sun seeds, rhynocs, Ripto...alot of rememberable characters.

6. Crash
The dude never talked but he still was pretty cool. His facial expressions were amusing like heck. In the first game(i think) when you're playing those levels when you have something chasing you, Crash does this face when he looks behind him that sort of look like this O.o I don't know, I've always though Crash was amusing. One of the last games Sierra/Activison made...WTF did they do to the characters? They screwed up so many of them. Tiny makes me want to cry.

7. Fox McCloud
Star Fox anyone? A friend of mine in elementary/middle school recommended me Star Fox 64. I've bought the game & fell in love with it. I'm usually not the one for any kind of shooters but SF64 was just plain awesome. Played this late in the night so many times. Just to try out different routes. Fox is just freakin' epic. Like my friend said, 'Stupid space animals' lol.

8. Yoshi
I blame Yoshi's Island for this. It's my favorite game on the SNES. Yoshi was fun to use, lol. It was amusing to see him swallow his enemies & see them turn into eggs. Yoshi & his pack was so brave in the game o_o To carry baby Mario on their backs all through castles, snow, rain, those puffy white things with eyes that make Yoshi get all drunk...

9. Zack Fair
Nuff said >> I shouldn't even have to explain this.

10. Riku
Even though he was a major idiot in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts. He still 'sacraficed' his self to stay on the other side of that door in the end of the game. Too lazy to say more xP

This blog is epic fail due to my laziness. Next blog shall be favorite anime?


Now it's October(Halloween). Next it will be November(birthday/thanksgiving) then December(XMAS).

I've just order Super Smash Bros. Brawl off of Amazon. Can't wait to get it. It's the main reason I wanted the Wii. Got new art junk. 1 charcoal, 1 graphite, 1 sketching pencil, some weird tinted drawing pencil & 2 brushes. Now I can get around to using watercolors. I hate watercolors. I also saw that Legend of the Guardians of something movie with a friend last weekened. That owl movie. After the movie, gues what I got? A Beyblade xD Was passing the Toy's R Us & Beyblade came to mind. I bought some blade call Dark Wolf. I know absolutely nothing about the new series. However, I know alot about the old.

My new puppy is a bloody pain. I left my Pokemon Diamond version on my bed, thinking she wouldn't get pass the gate my dad put up in the bathroom when we left the house. I would of closed my door but my dog was in the bed & he seemed too comfortable...anyway let's just say when I came back home there was a broken plate on my ground & my mom's Blackberry charger chewed up. Later on when I was in my room, I noticed my Diamond version was missing. I'm not sure what the heck that puppy did but I hope like crazy she didn't eat or chew the bloody thing. Then I would do my dog a favor & let her sleep out my room >> I hope it's somewhere in my bedsheets or maybe somewhere on the ground because I really don't feel like trying to catch all that Pokemon again in my Pearl or Platinum. I'll try taking everything off my bed tomorrow to see if it's there.

My birthday is next month & the only thing I really want is Naruto Shippuden Ninja Storm 2, Stomp the Yard 2 Homecoming, & to see Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 1 in theaters. Oh, & ice cream cake. Humble, no?

That's it. Next blog will most likely be about my 10 favorite video game characters or something.


Got both of my PSPs back. Yay. But unfortunately the phat PSP(one with cracked screen) still has another problem. Apparently it got this problem back when the screen got cracked but I just couldn't see because of just said reason. When my PSP fell 2 years ago, not only the screen cracked, the bottom left corner of the UMD coverloosen/risen up a bit. Same with the O button. The O button still works. No problem with that. The real problem is that UMD cover. When I got that PSP back I turned on the power & said 'I don't remember the screen being that dark', because I remembered that the slim had a brighter screen. Later on, I turned the power back on again & the screen was normal oO I then found out that if you put pressure on that corner on the UMD cover, the screen goes from dark to light or it blacks out. It also does the same if you do any slight movements. I'm thinking of going back to the same store to get that fixed before the end of this year. I really want to get that problem covered up because hoenstly, I prefer the phat one over the slim. I like that the slim is, well, slim & lighter. But I think that the plastic the slim mostly consists of makes it look real cheap. Thats why when I first got it, I bought some Naruto skin for it the next day. The glass on the phat looks much better but that's just me.

So, yes that's it.

btw, Soul Eater is awesome. Especially Death the Kid.

Oh wait, one more thing. Saw DmC trailer. Wth happened to Dante? It looks like Ninja Theory turned him into some kind of crack addict emo Twilight reject. Since when did Dante smoke oO What do they mean 'We're taking a younger Dante" that incorporates the youth culture of today, from fashion to music to street art, etc. So...because Twilight is so much a part of youth culture today, make him look like Edward? o.o This Ecplise poster comes to mind when I see new Dante. So alot of teens smoke, make Dante smoke? Oh well. I want to see gameplay first before I rage even more. Must they ruin everything? Spyro, Crash, now Devil May Cry? All because they want DMC to have a 'western' touch to appeal to western audiances? Regradless of how much they'll change, I'll still get the game.

I'm back

Yes. Finally I'm back. Unfornately this may be a long post since I've neglected to post something for so long. NEW AVATAR!!

One, I came back from Puerto Rico on August 21. Yay. I like it there. I really do. I like it because I can see the clouds much more easier there then in Maryland, lol. I keep getting lost in the clouds. Very inspirational. My cousin & I shared a seperate room to ourselves from her parents. It's funny cause we were all the way on the other side of the resort from them. We stored some junk food in the room. That included ramen too. Lots of iguanas there. They were all over the place at the resort. Saw a bunch of hermit crabs & even a small crab. I love the palm trees. I kept on thinking of Envy from FMA. Went to this mall. I was a bit upset that we only stayed on one floor in this huge mall. I can tell my aunt doesn't seem like the type of person to shop alot. She has money too. If my mom & I were there, we would go to every floor, lol. I went to Gamestop & bought Pokemon Soulsilver. As you can see in the picture on the sticker, it says 'nuevo' instead of 'new', lol. I think that's pretty cool. Went to the Borders there & picked up Bleach 22, 23, & Bakuman 1. I wanted Bleach 20 but they didn't have it. Went to this place where they make Bacardi. The place is called Casa Bacardi, I think. You can see the armband I got from there in the pic. I also bought this shirt with a dragon that says Bacardi Dragonberry. I'm guessing Dragonberry is some flavor. Let's see, my aunt seemed to have some obession with going to places everyday all day long. I must say I got very exhausted by the time it was Wednesday. Especially since she dragged us to the rainforest which we took this long walk in & out. Another day we went kayacking. Not a fan of water. I was surprise I didn't freak out. Especially since we had to pass a the dark. Twice. 4 miles total.My shoulders were sore like heck by the next day. Took pics with my cousin's camera since my mom forgot to give me hers. My cousin hasn't uploaded the pics yet so can't show ya'll if ya wanted to see.

With the 'new' season of Beyblade that came out...well I felt like taking out my own Beyblades.

These are electronic & MS Beyblades. The extra Dragoon MS(white) & Wyvern(black) were my cousin's. Dranzer S(orange) was given to me as a birthday present. My ex-friend gave me the Dragoon S(light blue). Yes, that is a launcher behind the Beyblades. I used to use that one alot.

Those are the majority of my Beyblades. When I count all of them they come up to 94. There are a few that are missing though. Yes, I know that it's a lot. I seriously wasted my money on them in elementary/middle school, haha. But I don't regret it x3 I do have some more Beyblade junk somewhere. Not getting into that today, lol. No, I don't play Beyblade anymore. Most of my Beyblades are in a shoebox under my bed. I have some of them out on my bookshelf in front of my Zoids models & lil Digimon figures.

I will start college in the spring. Yay me. I decided to go to a community college first then transfer to a university. It's much cheaper to do that. Trust me, I had a lot of problems with the idea of going to a community college at first. Personally I don't want to see any of those people from my last high school. Don't want to be reminded of that horrid school. Good thing an older cousin of mine go there.So in the meantime I want to work on my art. Make a profolio of sorts. Hopefully I won't be a Stark(Bleach) too much.

I've sended both of my PSPs for repair at this gamestore. What happened you ask? My lil 5 year old cousin who is obessesed with Ratchet & Clank opened the disc cover on my slim PSP & put his lil itty bitty fingers all in there. The result? PSP can't read a bloody thing. That happened before I left to PR. I have another PSP but the bloody thing has been incapacitated since 2007. Someone ran into me accidently at my old high school & it fell on the ground face down, causing the screen to crack. So, I decided to just get them both fixed. I'll be picking them up on the 15. At the same store, I bought 3 Xbox games. Guilty Gear XX, Dead or Alive 4 & Halo. Never had much games for the Xbox & since they were cheap, I took it as an opportunity. Oh, got a new puppy too. Major pain. She likes to mess with my 9 year old dog alot.

Hope everyone is doing well, Bye.


Just like the title says. I'll be leaving here for a little while due to some personal issues. I won't get into much detail but I'll say this. One, I've been recently backstabbed by someone I've known for 9 years. I knew this person since I was 9. I'm 17 going on 18. This person went behind my back & told a relative of mine some things I've said about said relative. I told this 'person' to keep all the things I've told her between us several times. This once best friend of mine was someone I've confide with. I didn't neccesarily said anything bad about my cousin. I've told my friend about how things have changed between my cousin & I over the years. I told her why. I've told her that my cousin always been jealous of me(how she is i wish not to discuss). After I told her, she said I should tell my cousin. It would make things better between us. I simply said no. I told her she doesn't know my cousin like I do. I've known my cousin for years so I pretty much know how she is. I then said maybe I'll say something later. Then I said don't tell her or anybody else. This conversation stays between us. She said ok. Two days later, my cousin shows up at my house. She said that my friend was texting her. She says that my friend texted "i have something to tell you". My cousin said we should talk. I told my cousin to wait & I went outside my house to argue with my so called best friend on my cell phone. The last thing I remember what she said(because I was talking over her most of the time) that I shouldn't hold a grudge. O.o Apparently she misunderstood everything I've told her, as I wasn't holding a grudge towards my cousin at all. Last thing I've told her was to not call me anymore. Then I hung up. After that, I've talked with my cousin. She understood how I felt. I told her that Puerto Rico would be a chance for us to start over. I do know that after that little stunt my 'friend' made that it will be hard for me to trust people again. But yes. I'll be leaving gamespot for a while to sort out things in my head. Rather upset at the moment. Disturbed actually by my 'friend' as I would never do something like that to her. I wouldn't go behind her back for nothing. I've always listen to her & give her advice on stuff(like when she was asking me should she date this guy). I'm just not sure what possesed her to do that. The more I think about it...the more it bothers me. I know alot of you don't understand since I left alot of things out. But yes.

Bye for now. Not sure when I'll be back.

Puerto Rico and Despicable Me

I went to the movies. AGAIN. Unexpectedly. Like a last minute thing. To make a long story short, I went to my aunt's promotion. She's in the army or something like that. Anyway, let's just say after all that, my younger cousin ended up dragging me to the movies with her, her boyfriend & three of our other cousins. Saw Despicable Me. Thank you that I didn't have to watch the bloody movie in 3D. I also ended up getting a big box of sweettarts that my mom ended up eating out. Saw previews of other movies. One was Alpha & Omega(I love wolves) & Tangled. When I see Tangled, the first thing that came to my mind was that this movie would look so much better done traditionally. As I was watching the whole preview, I could literally picture the whole movie in traditional animation. As I mention before in one of my blogs, I prefer traditional animation. Especially when they combine it with CGI. Like most of the Disney movies in the 90's such as Hercules, Beauty & the Beast, Tarzan, Aladdin, etc. Personally I think it looks much better. Apart from all that, I think Despicable Me was pretty good. Wasn't expecting to enjoy it that much. I love the minions! I think that's what they're called. They kind of remind me of the Rabbids.

PUERTO RICO. There is a high chance of me going to Puerto Rico. Actually I am. Especially since my aunt already bought a ticket for me. Same aunt who had a promotion. When we got back from the movies, everyone at my uncle's house was already drunk off their rockers. My aunt was all like "You're goin' to Puerto Rico". I was like "ok". She said something like 'I'll make sure of it" then she proceed in trying to impress with me stuff like lst cla**, resort, blah blah blah. I don't get impressed about small things like that. Next thing you know, my cousin calls me about Puerto Rico & w/e the next day. Then meh aunt bought the ticket. I was like...dang she was actually serious. Thought it was the beer talking. So yea, never been out of the US. Except for this one time I was a number of months old to where my parents are from. Trinidad. I'm mixed btw. Don't look it. Ok, off topic. I don't remember anything about there. I'll probably freak out on the plane. Freak out even more when I get there. I'll post a small blog before I leave.

GAMES. I've recently aquired Luigi's Mansion for less then 2$. I'm going to play through it this summer. Maybe. I've finished Ratchet & Clank TOD. I'm going to beat DMC4 before the summer is over. Gonna do the last 3 missions in HTS6 & try to play some of Crisis Core. I've also been trying to encourage my mom to no avail to play the SNES for at least once during the weekend. She needs to do something better after work then besides going on the computer, TV, & then sleeping. I like watching her play video games. Especially SMB3. One of my fav. childhood memories is watching her play video games.

ART. Let's see, my cousin's husband wants me to design something, uncle wants me to draw Obama after seeing the portrait I did of him for my mom last year, Michael Jackson as a late bday gift for my mom(already promised a day before her bday), & then I have to finished another portrait of a friend. I want to get all this done before Puerto Rico. Especially the design which has to be done at the end of this month.

I know I also said that I will post a drawing next blog but sadly that will have to wait until later. I've been so busy I haven't finished a thing. All thanks to my two little cousins that been coming here about thrice a week. One's 5, the other's 2. I can deal with the 5 year old. Already have him hooked on gaming. He loves Ratchet & Clank. Kid is already on Planet Jasindu in TOD! With my help of course. He doesn't bother me unless he needs help. The 2 year old...arghhh. Too much work! Climbs in & out my bed all time. Warn him not to bother my dog or he'll snap at him(& he did). Still proceeds to bother the dog after that. My dog is funny that way. He doesn't care what the heck my mom or I do to him but if somebody else bothers him too much, he'll snap. He's also much better too ;D My 5 year old cousin sweats like no tomorrow. Seriously. I give the kid a controller, it's soaked in sweat in less then 5 min. I'm going to get a new PS3 controller since the same aunt is suppose to give me a 250$ gift card.

This wasn't suppose to be SO long so I'll mentally slap myself. I know you guys don't want to read too much. I'll try harder next time, k?

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