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Those people need help, and ISIS is a fighting force that will most certainly wipe them out, especially the Yazidis.

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your asking me to choose between an anti-establishment revisionist demagogue vs a right wing revisionist absolutist blow hard.

I'll pass.

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Still need to see Guardians of the Galaxy. it doesn't come out until the 14th over here in the Arabian Gulf.

But out of the three just based on initial impressions,

Avengers > Captain America : WS > X-Men : DoFP

but all three are excellent super hero films.

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@GazaAli Glad to hear you are ok. Keep safe and well man.

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You should probably begin to rethink things if you have to justify the tactics used by a 21st century organization with those used by a political movement in the first century.

Also, even if I concede the ridiculous premise (I don't) - which side won, the Jews or the Romans?


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@Jag85 After reading your steaming pile of manure. I am literally wanting to give you a plane ticket to go live in the Shangrila of the Islamic states. I got the money. Get your passport, get ready to fight the good fight.

but i'm betting you'll be like the dumb hick American who defected from the Americans to the North Koreans then found out North Korea really is an Orwellian nightmare state.

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Even if tomorrow the Americans stopped giving Israel any kind of military aid, the IDF could still keep the Palestinians well in hand. the Palestinians as a resistance force are literally a one legged man in an @ss kicking contest. Even Jordan's military can keep them well under control. Maybe they could take over Lebanon if they asked Hezbollah nicely.