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Video Games are Stupid

Maybe a very few of you haven't seen my posts lately. more or less something has really been bothering me.

you see i hae a bit of a personal quirk. someone makes a slight comment (maybe it wasn't meant to be negative at all) and I take it the wrong way. been a problem, especially when i deal with my parents. and don't get me wrong i love them, but i am always hesitant when i'm in their company.

Now i do not come from a family, where you leave the house at 18. you see i'm 22. going on 23. i'm about to graduate from college, perhaps maybe looking for marriage. see i'm getting to that age where i start getting asked to drop old habits. gotta dress in prep clothes, gotta quit playing video games, gotta wear contacts, gotta start speaking in Arabic, gotta be more religious, gotta stop reading those sci-fi/comic books, the list goes on.

I guess what bothers me, is more of a personal problem, parent's trying to change everything about me just as i'm about to go into the real world. now's the time to worry.

In fact my parents take the idea that it was video games were the root for my social awkwardness. my brothers have all been in sports, the 'acceptable' thing a kid can do. ugh... I simply don't fit into their perfect little image of what they want their son to be. I'm smart as hell, i'm worldly, i am the most obedient of their sons, i'm into politics both national (of US and Saudi) and world politics. I'm a history buff. I'm into Sci-Fi, some Fantasy, some Anime. Into traveling the world, and yes i'm an avid video gamer, and movie goer. I don't drink, don't do drugs, and i don't party.

I've been raised playing video games, just as much as i've been raised reading encyclopedia's (yeah you better believe it.. i was given both on some birthdays). I can't imagine video games ever going away as my entertainment. but i do see it taking less of an impact just as i have other responsibilities come on.


This goes out to the gamers out there, that are in the mid 20's, and up. How do you take it when people tell you video games are for children. That you should grow out of it and leave it behind?

thanks and peace out...