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The Comics I'm Reading

So some of you who follow my blog my know. I read comic books, it's my second biggest hobby after video games. 


Recently i got myself an Ipad Mini and i've found i'm back to being a regular reader each week. I've picked up completed stories like Batman : Long Holloween, Dark Knight Returns, Superman For All Seasons, and Kingdom Come.

The time couldn't of been better, with DC launching their new 52 initiative, and Marvel following suit with Marvel Now!

so after a little bit of ala cart trying out first issues of the ones that interest me, these are the ones that i have been following and continuing to follow:


1. Batman


This start isn't really a new start, it just sort of throws you in, Batman still has his entire Batman family, and it's a little wierd that there is not ONE Batman comic, seeing how DC saw fit to run 4 other on-going series. however of all the ones that were presented to me, this one, just seemed like a proper starting point. I've finished the Court of Owls, and just today i picked up 4 issues of Death of the Family with the re-introduction of the new Joker. Suffice it to say it's kinda neat to actually keep track of the mainline Batman series, and seeing how he is one of two of my all time favorite superheroes I'll for sure keep close watch of this.


2. Aquaman


Holy Crap. For a character that i've always made the same jokes that everyone else has said about him. I was hooked. I loved how they have incorporated the dismissivness to the character into the universe, and yet Aquaman with his wife Mera persevere. There is something to even just the first issue that just hooked me, and suddenly made him one of my favorites of DC big roster of lead heroes. In the time i started reading it, i've read up to issue #13 so far, and plan to keep reading as well. 

 3. Batwing


Now this was like Aquaman, i took a chance on it, this one because i wanna read some different heroes. This is a new hero, Batman aides David Zavimbe giving him the funds and equipment to become the Batwing. serving the fictional city of Tinasha in the real life country of Democratic of Republic. so while yes, it is Bat-related, he's so far removed from Gotham, with a different path, different problems, very different settings, and even new and unique villains and heroes. and i've really taken a liking to it. So far have read up to issue #12, and plan on keep reading.

4. Wonder Woman


This again, like Aquaman and Batwing, I tried her out for the first time. Gotta say again, i was left wanting to read more. I never really read a Wonder Woman comic of her on her own, i've only seen her in the cartoons where she's always part of a team, or in her own animated movie. I love the art, and i love the set up, Greek Mythos meets the modern world, Apollo hanging out on a plaza with a bunch of groupie girls in Singapore is just the sort of imagry that i love. Just the stark contrasts. I just today picked up the next 5 issues and haven't finished reading but suffice to say i'll be reading them in a moment. and this is the only female lead (by herself) that i found myself really liking. 

5. Iron Man


Iron Man, a character who has been my online motif for years now. If i could put on my hipster hat on - "I liked him before he was cool" :P and unlike Batman and the other heroes i've written here, for a time i did follow comics starting with when Extremis was first introduced. That said, this Marvel Now premise is just the right sort of starting point i can get into. Someone has gotten bits of the extremis and Iron Man has to go to retrieve or destroy them before the villains can do whatever it is they want to do to them. Today i picked up the latest issue, where Iron Man heads off to space. intergalactic based stories.... i'll bring that up in a moment.


6. Avengers


I love the movie, I loved the Ultimates 1 and 2, and i've loved the Avengers cartoon series. So i should be in love with this right? well, the first three issues were good, they kick off with a god(s) who want to force re-evolve Earth in it's own preferred image, they manage send some bombs mutating and killing millions of people in a few cities before the Avengers can respond. So, the stakes are high, perfect set up for the Avengers i'd say. however after three issues, it seems that Avengers is now going to go into space. 

Here's my problem with space, often times when Marvel and DC go into space, it feels like padding. While i'll keep reading Iron Man, i can't say the same for the Avengers, unless they can effecitvely use the setting. When i was kid growing up in the 90's so many of the comics of the 80's and 90's that i was reading were happening space, and i just found it very confusing, so heavy on dialog, random, and in the end, i don't care. Especially when it's heroes that are kinda out of their element. Green Lantern fits in space, X-men do not...  That's kinda my deal.  


7. Superior Spider-Man


ah Spider-Man, one of my all time favorite heroes, and he's also the one that got me into reading comics in the first place with Ultimate Spider-Man. So with Marvel Now! i've decided to try out Spider-man again, and i gott say, i'm impressed. I love the twist of it not really being Peter Parker but rather Dr. Otto Octavius (Dr. Octopus for those who don't know). Now i'm under no delusion that Peter Parker will eventually gain back control, but to be frank, iti's a great place to start reading Spider-Man I think if you just know the very basic mythos of Spider-Man. I love how Otto has to fight his own inner villain, having to have to live as Peter Parker. I got a smile when he has ruthlessly taken down a group of villains, the lead villain puts his hands up and says "i give you you win!" and Otto replies "your right, i get to win!" :D 

I'll definently keep following this and seeing how the story develops. 


and last:

8. Saga


Saga is something out of left field, the advertisment for it's setting reads Star Wars meets Game of Thrones, in a way that's a great way of putting it except i'd also add a bit of Romeo and Juliet in there as well. Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples together make a great writing/artist combo, the characters are extremely imaginative and feel fresh. the concept of the greater conflict has me intrigued, but more importantly the center of this story is about a married couple and their infant child trying to get away from this galaxy-wide god-awful war and raise their kid. There's not much else to say, but i'll for sure want to keep reading. 



and those are the comics i'm reading, i've also tried out Justice League, Blue Beetle, Catwoman, Nightwing, and Superman. Superman, Justice League and Nightwing i dropped because they just didn't 'grab' me really. 


Catwoman i may go back to, i love the artwork, and the set up in the beginning, but three things just kept me away. First being Catwoman and Batman suddenly hooking up at the end just sort of... happens. i mean in terms of visuals, looks fanatastic, but it doesn't really fit. at all. which leads me to my second one, i don't have a problem with sexualization of anyone, so long as it fits the character, and in Catwoman's case i think some sexiness, flirtiness, and being coy fits her perfectly, but some of the poses the artist put her in just rub me the wrong way. Don't get me wrong... i like naked women, but i'm not reading comics for porn, i can get innumerable other mediums to satisy that base urge and desire. So i feel a little bit like i'm being played to too much. The third issue is, i only got so many dollars and i wanna get a nice diverse range of characters to follow, and i'd like to keep Gotham-centric heroes to a minimum. 

Besides Catwoman, I'm looking forward to the Marvel Now! introduction of Guardians of the Galaxy. Seeing how a movie coming out soon, and i know that there is just a tree-monster, and space racoon who has a rocket... so i'm gonna try it out when it comes out in March. 


So that's what i'm following as far as comics, what about you guys? anything you've been reading that you really like or don't like?