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Next Gen For Me

Next Gen for me:


Well its been a very long time since my last blog, and this will be a bit of a long one given its games centric.


Yesterday, I bought and built a gaming computer finally. My build is as follows:

1.      Logitech k260 wireless keyboard and mouse

2.      DVD player/burner

3.      1 terabyte Seagate 7200 rpm hard drive

4.      cooler master Trooper case

5.      cooler master heat sink 

6.      Sapphire HD Radeon 7950 Vapor-X (Graphics card)

7.      Kingston Hyperx 8 Gigs of Ram

8.      Sabertooth 990 FX R2.0 Motherboard

9.      Thermaltake 850W Gold certified power supply

10.   AMD FX 8350 Vishera 4.0 Ghz, 18 MB Total Cache

11.   Windows 7 Pro

12.   Wireless Adaptor put in

6 fans in all, can control it manually or automatically 
Option to add another 8 gigs of Kingston HyperX, another graphics card, hard drives, blu-ray drive

Still putting some games on it, see how it really fairs for me this summer. If my PC gaming experience just turns into a situation where Im constantly tinkering to get games to run on them then my backup is the PS4.


My job has me workin 10-12 hours a day. And then I got the weekend. So time is short for me, so in between working and life, I dont got a lot of time in my free time to be spending tinkering When i wanna play a game - I WANNA play a game.

Often during the week Im living on the rigs in the desert, and while I dont need to take my laptop, I do take with me 3 electronic devices in my backpack carryon. The Ipad Mini (books, a few movies, and lots of comics, and the odd game like Mass Effect : Infiltrator will get Deus Ex : The Fall), the Nintendo 3DS, and the Playstation Vita. I didnt think itd happen, but lately Im way more of a handheld gamer then I am a home-system gamer.

Anyways, gonna try to keep this short:

Watching E3 this year, I knew where my load was gonna lead me to play:

  1. PC/PS4 (at home)
  2. Vita/3DS (at night on the rigs at work)
  3. WiiU (for occasional old Nintendo nostalgia fun) + PS3 (Legacy console with 100+ games for it)

If PC works out best for me as I hope from my massive initial investment into it then Ill be going PC mostly. If not, then its PS4. Fairly simple.

Games I was most excited for per platform (colored very excited, bolded excited, normal looking forward to playing):


  1. Metal Gear Solid V : Phantom Pain
  2. Infamous : Second Son
  3. Killzone : Shadow Fall (launch game Ill get)
  4. Destiny
  5. Final Fantasy 15 (wont get too excited, because how much longer is the wait)
  6. Kingdom Hearts 3  (same as FF15)



  1. Battlefield 4 (havent decided if I wanna get this on PS4 because I prefer the console space for FPS multiplayer)
  2. Batman : Arkham Origins
  3. Transistor
  4. Mirrors Edge 2
  5. Wolfenstein : New Order (never been a Wolfenstein fan, but this game has DEFINITELY got my attention)
  6. Watch_Dogs
  7. The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt
  8. Assassins Creed 4 : Black Flag
  9. The Witness
  10. Splinter Cell : BlackList
  11. Call of Duty : Ghosts (dem dogs man, nah.. Ill likely pick up just for its singleplayer because Ive loved every single one of their single player campaigns however short they are since COD4)



  1. Killzone : Mercenary
  2. TearAway
  3. Rayman : Legends
  4. Batman : Arkham Origins Blackgate
  5. Final Fantasy 10 HD (when the hell is it coming?)
  6. Dragons Crown



  1. Mario and Luigi : Dream Tea
  2. Legend of Zelda : A Link Between Worlds


  1. Wonderful 101 (I will buy the WiiU when this comes out)
  2. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Thunder
  3. Super Mario 3D World 


For a full list of stuff Im looking forward to playing is on my wish list page on my profile, but those are the games Im most looking forward to.

I will not be getting rid of my PS3 and its 100+ games I got for it, I still go back and play the infamous, Uncharted, Journey, among many other games. The last game for my PS3 is likely to be Beyond : Two Souls, and Ill wait for GTA V to come on PC.

Aside from that, I started playing Last of Us, will be getting Remember Me on PC soon. Life is good, money is good, time is short for games :P. thats the irony.


Theres a lot I could say about Xbox One, I like Halo series, I thought Sunset Overdrive, Ryse : Son of Rome, and Killer Instinct look fantastic. But heres the thing, between the platforms I just said Im gonna play on PC/PS4/Vita/3DS/WiiU/PS3 there is no time for Xbox One, let alone adequate time for all the consoles I WANNA play on. Nevermind that I dont care for Kinect, nevermind that I dont watch TV or that that neat-o TV tech wont work over here in Saudi, nevermind that I dont support this restrictive/poorly explained DRM business they got going on.

Sonys had and got the exclusives that I love and appreciate, Nintendo wins the kid in me, and PC will finally be the muscle gaming machine that I can now afford to spend on.


Thats it for me, how about you guys and gals? Whats got you excited for next gen?