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My Thoughts on the Playstation 4



So while I was literally in the middle of the sky over the Atlantic Ocean on the way to the Middle East, Sony was showing off the Playstation 4. Literally as the plane was taking off I was breaking airline rules trying to get info out of New York, and right before I lost connection I got the message "PS4 announced" :P

After seeing the whole conference, and reading all the little details in the articles on Gamespot and IGN. Im really for the most happy with what I saw, and given Ill be working soon you can bet Ill buying this or preordering it if I can

I really like the jump in ram, gpu, and cpu. The background processors, the idea that you can buy your game then while its downloading after just downloading a portion of it, you can start playing it. The idea of sharing gameplay footage sounds awesome at the same time sounds like something that could really be used to spoil games like no ones business. So note to self, never go there unless I want spoilers maybe theyll figure something out for that. The idea of your friends seeing you play your game as you play, or being able to tap into take over for you to help sounds cool.

 The games that were shown off/talked about that cought my interest: infamous : Second Son (I really love the infamous series), Watch_Dogs, The Witness, Destiny, Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077. And I'm calling it Battlefield 4 (cmon.. you know its coming to next gen).

Killzone : Shadow Fall. Killzone series is not my favorite, and I thought the setting for Killzone 3 had immense potential with its setting that was never even close to capitalized. The idea in KZ3 that the ISA are stuck on an enemy Helghan homeworld trying to get the f off planet, while the Helghan are in the middle of an internal powerstruggle given the power vacuum with Visaris death. That sounds awesome cool setting and almost none of it is capitalized on. So the idea of Shadow Fall being like a Cold-War/ Berlin Wall setting sounds cool but I am not holding my breath.. but it also wouldn't make an awful launch title either.

Square Enix announcing the announcement of a Final Fantasy game for PS4. Thank you Ill believe it when it physically shows up on my store shelf.. stop pandering and wasting our time and actually finish your previously announced games damn it.

The one big con, which I guess I was fully bracing myself for. No backward compatibility, I was take a back a bit about how it extends right now to even the PSN library. I really hope that the almost 100 pieces of software Ive bought on my PS3 over PSN will be able to play on my future PS4. I really think every developer should make an effort to make at least the last gen product games work on the newest machine to help leverage people to buy your new console.

Given that con, Im pretty excited for the PS4, at the rumored 400 dollar price tag, I think is a good launch price. Even as people complain about that price tag, I kinda wanna ask, exactly what is a reasonable price for your gaming machine to last you for 5+ years? 200 bucks? If you wanna wait so be it. But I think for a launch price $400 is good, especially in a world where people drop hundreds of dollars each year for the latest tablet/smart phone model. and even within the console space given what your getting from the WiiUs $350 sku equivalent.

So I can see myself having my PS3 and PS4 for a while, while weaning off the PS3 if and when Sony fully figures out and details how its gonna use its enormous back catalog. but yeah i look forward to more news. 

I'm a near-for sure buy for the PS4 at this moment