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Just a quick comment on Call of Duty Declassified on Vita

so currently i've been using Gamefly, to play through games i otherwise would not of played or wouldn't be playing any time soon. Anyways, I just got Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified today. I know what the reviews are saying, but my mind is thinking "surely it can't be that bad right? i mean Resistance Burning Skies was pretty crummy but it at least it's mechanics made it servicable - should be an easy platinum"

Well i was going through the missions, got to the fourth mission and stopped. F this game, what a lazy hogwash put together game. I got too many games in my shame pile that are so much better then this, and deserve my time and attention, nevermind some of the excellent games coming in early 2013. I will not waste anymore time with this.


The primary reason i stopped was just how poor the level design and how poor the shooting mechanics are. i'ts incredibly hard to aim down the sights and pick enemies off. It simply takes too long to get the job done, instead you gotta use the quick-scope auto-aim mechanic (found in a lot of console shooters) in order to be able to quickly narrow in on your target and take them out. so what ends up happening is your just quick scoping the entire time. Couple that with the feeling of cheap deaths, getting slammed from some enemy you don't even see, if the enemies are behind a windowsill shooting out, you'll see the tops of their helmet and the gun (sticking through the wall) shooting at you - it's like they could be bothered to make sure their heights were adjusted properly. I didn't mind that there was no single narrative and that it's just a series of black ops missions each with it's own little intro, but the rest of it - the GAME part of it - was just garbage.


If you are a shooter fan, a Call of Duty fan (for the singleplayer or multiplayer), or a Vita fan. from gamer to a gamer. Do not waste your money and time on this game.

Nihilistic or should i say Nstigate is on my $hit list of developers, unless I hear people rave about their next project i will not ever bother with their crap.

I got a huge collection of Vita titles, 13 to be exact - pretty good for a first year handheld gaming I think. and I feel really bad that it was THIS game that was bundled on the holidays, the one with the best recognized name brand but also one of the absolute WORST games. What a crappy first impression to give to new much needed audience for the Vita.

They couldn't of picked PS All Stars? Persona 4 (with it's colorful and attractive art)? or Gravity Rush?

I'm gonna go try to platinum Sound Shapes (doing the death challenges) and re-start and playthrough Assassin's Creed 3 : Liberation.