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Finally got a job

after nearly a year of looking for work, i have got a job. It took going to Saudi Arabia, making some phone calls to people to get my resume looked at, but i got one.


I am now a Safety Supervisor at Nabors Arabia, of Nabors Drilling International Limited. Been working there for two weeks now, doing a lot of the paperwork and training, but it's getting me fully up to speed on my responsibilities. 

work long hours from 7 AM to 5 PM, 5 days a week, with a ton of traveling. 

I was very happy to learn that the company i work for is the largest drilling contractor in Saudi Arabia, running some 36 Rigs, 32 on land, 4 offshore. Eventually they're gonna get me 5 rigs i'm supervising over, while helping out with the others whenever they need assistance. Each rig has a safety officer, and sometimes another safety supervisor who is passing through (rotational ones - i'm regular, so we tend to work differently). 


The perks?

the starting pay is excellent, even when considering that my company is notorious for paying the least, it's a great place to start. quite literally have been offered awful offers in the US.... offers i could not live on, i would be better served to work at Wal-Mart :|. So when i got the initial offer, i nearly fell out of my chair.  

get 1 month paid vacation.

relatively flexible work hours, depending on what's going on and what our client wants, and what - if anything - has happened on one of the rigs. Sometimes you get off a little early, sometimes we might be out all night. especially when i'm out at the rigs inspecting/watching the sites and going through the paperworks. 

and for me personally... I get to get into Saudi Aramco camp (it's basically a little America minus the booze mostly), and i'm right next to the Saudi Arabian air base, where i routinely get to watch the Saudi jets doing their practice runs, seen everything from the F-1 trainer, F15, F16, Tornado's, C-130's, and the new Eurofighters. 



While i'd love to share pics of me at the rig, i cannot. but you may get some pics of me traveling all around Saudi (minus the southwest part). 


but anyways that's all that's been going on for me.

seems my college book-knowledge of mechanical engineering, safety + plus numerous safety certifications have come in handy.  But i am EXTREMELY grateful for the opportunity and have been working very hard to catch up to pace, seems my bosses really like me, very prompt and i get the paperwork done very fast (i'm actually loaded up on paperwork projects that i can't finish everything, i just focus on one thing and get it done it ASAP). It's an industry i really really wanted to be a part of, way back when i was starting in college, and it's a job with a company that has operations quite literally all over the world (every wednsday we have conference meeting with the other rig managers around the world, i always get a kick watching the world light up! ) 


I do really really hope to be able to play Bioshock Infinite soon. Also with all my traveling and staying on the rigs during the work week, i know i'll be catching up on my reading. Most likely won't have any good internet, so you'll be seeing less of me most likely.